Anybody else notice that lifting made your standards for women go up a lot? (self.asktrp)

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So I'll cut the bullshit. I've noticed many girls who I would be attracted to before are not as attractive anymore. This is all from me lifting and eating healthy.

Just noticed that many girls don't take care of their bodies, especially diet wise. This is what I think of more when I want an LTR. I see the girl and think there's no point since she's gonna just get fat.

But ya, I don't know if I'm making a point, just wanted to know if you guys felt the same. Did you standards go up since lifting even to girls that were really attractive to you before.


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My hatred for fatties of all gender persuasions grew

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Now that I quit gaming (not quit, I just got bored of it) and started lifting, eating healthy, doing sport, my view of what I want has changed massively.

Smoker? No. 100% no.

Main things I look for is girls who are into fitness and sports and just being healthy. Someone who wants to get up at 9am on a Saturday to go hiking or go try out a new exercise class or even just explore the city, as opposed to sitting in bed all day nursing a hangover.

Its a hard thing to find in todays society. Girls just want to have fun, and fun these days is all about consuming massive amounts of alcohol

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This is also true for men in America now too. Travel, exercise, healthy habits are all replaced by alcoholism and overpriced bar finger food.

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Yes of course. Although I have a much larger potential pool now (as in girls who are attracted to me), it was probably easier for me to get laid before when I was super skinny because I'd fuck pretty much anything.

I'd put up with more bullshit before too, pretend to be interested in subjects I didn't care about (e.g. feminism) and stuff like that, just for the chance of getting laid. I was on a date the other night and the chick was talking about "toxic masculinity" and "bro culture" and stuff, and I just straight walked out on her even though I'm 95% sure she would've put out that night. Nowadays I value my self-respect more and there is very little stupid shit I'm willing to put up with.

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Wow, sounds a lot similar to me. The skinny before part. I actually did put up with a feminist once and she talked to me about her sexual past and I told her I won't slut shame her. Exact words hah. Cringey blue pill days are behind but yeah, before I felt entitlement that I didn't earn. And now, it's just taking what I want.

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I told her I won't slut shame her. Exact words hah. Cringey blue pill days are behind but yeah

That's not cringy. You should always come from a place of non judgement. If she is afraid of you judging her she will hide anything she feels will threaten getting in your pants/wallet.

You need to know how big of a slut she is.

I'll all for walking out on a chick below your standards, but don't tote around the holier than thou mentality as a triumph, it hinders a lot of RP guys and will actually bite you in the ass later when you thought you bagged a good one only to later realize she's a super slut that gamed you instead.

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You are also seeing more fit women at the gym.

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I use my 5-10 minute daily warmup run as practice raising my standards. When I first started, I averted my eyes from all the girls. Now I just look at whatever I want. I don't stare. but there are some hot cardio bunnies every day, like at least one internet famous media chick. When I go pretty much anywhere now, I can honestly have the thought "I am around hotter all the time" and not feel like there's a snowflake in the room.

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Pre RP, I never considered myself "self-absorbed," for lack of a better word. Now that I have my lifting and BJJ and diet on lock, I look in the mirror and KNOW that I am superior to who I was and to 80% of the men my age... More if you only count married men. Women I know I may have wanted to fuck 2 years ago are women I consider below me... Women I may have considered 7-8 before are 4-5s now. I treat those types of women like I do old women are my grandmother; they're sweet, but not for me.

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Yes. I joke with my friends that crossfit has ruined normal women for me.

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"Crossfitter" here, yeah the women in my box are pretty insane. Not to mention very friendly and successful to boot. 45 year old women with squat booties and abs looking better than most 18-25 year olds with slight muffin tops and fat girl titties. Not to mention they actually have interesting things to say because they do more things than get drunk and ride the CC.

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It didn't change my standards, but it made me realize yet another way that American women have it easier in life.

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You're basically around more high value woman nowadays and possible those show you signs of interests. So subconsciously your standards went up. Hooray for you.

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No. Sex drive went up, cared more about quantity, less about quality. Massive boost to testosterone. I just wanted to spread the seed. Although, I'm more likely to attract a better looking woman, so my quality pool went up.

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Same as before. But I'm talking about "I'd fuck her" attraction.

For an LTR, my standards are unbelievably high now, thanks to the whole RP awakening. Not sure I'd even need it in the near future.

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The last thing you want is your Fetas Baby Alpha to be floating around in Mountain Dew and French fries.

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It makes you more confident and assertive too. If you're doing your squats and deadlifts like you should be you're noticing more testosterone and hgh flowing through your body. That will have an effect on your mind as well.

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Internal value increases, so does confidence and Self respect, then follows expectations.

Pretty normal reaction to improving yourself in any measurable way. Especially one that has visible positive effects on the smp.

You're fine, just don't quit. The higher you go the more stringent your requirements, and that's great. You've put in the work to build a better life for yourself, that includes the quality of woman you desire.

Especially in relation to this sexual strategy centered praxeology.