LTR was acting strange, so I checked her phone ( I know beta move) and she has been texting an old boyfriend, and talking about meeting up. I confronted without letting he know I read her messages, she denied it completely. What now, dismiss it as AWALT hypergamy? Break it off? (self.asktrp)

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"Hey we need a break"

Ignore all her BS crying and shit tests.

Go fuck other girls.

She will be hitting you up down the road again (like shes doing with her ex)

You still retain what you are considering saving, which isn't worth the effort honestly.

Stop investing so much.

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This is the correct answer.

Say you're gonna take a break with bored nonchalance, and then ignore every text message and phone call she slings your way.

This relationship is over. Time to move on.

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this is literally the only thing you should do OP. if you do anything else youre a bitch real talk

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she denied it completely

This is one of the highest possible forms of disrespect, she's literally calling you a liar!
Other Men gave you solid advice. HARD NEXT.

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You know what you should do, why are you asking us?

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Break it off? No way dude! You just have to marry her, and then she will only love you, forever!

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Yes and listen to all of her problems and make sure you go with her when she gets waxed before she goes on GNO, and you won't be going with her!!

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Don't forget the expensive engagement ring! Your commitment to her will only increase her love for you!

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She is lying to you, she's getting involved with someone else.

It's over.

Yes most women CAN behave similarly.... but this is actually happening, it's happening to you, and it's happening to you NOW.

I figure any woman I am involved with will.... sooner or later... fuck things up so badly that it's over. And when she does, it's over. I don't say "AWALT, so I'll stick with this shitty situation". I say "AWALT, it was going to happen sooner or later, but now it's happened and I am done".

She is behaving like a fuck buddy undeserving of your commitment. Treat her as such. If you're living together, move out ASAP.

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Next the whore.

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Come on, man. Really? What's the benefit it hanging around?

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    Well done dude, great achievement. Some men have self respect and the ability to find new plates without getting treated like a turd.

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    So your girl is about to cheat on you, what do you do? You stay quiet and get cucked? Or you grow some balls and dump her?

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      You're both very shitty people with terrible morals and psychological issues

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      Thanks great feedback.

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      update :)

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      You caught her cheating basically and want advice?

      I'd preferably plate her and move on. In fact...just leave. Don't say anything.

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      demote to plate and get other girls

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      Whether she pursues her ex again or betrays your trust more is irrelevant. The thing you really have to ask yourself is: do you really want to be with a woman who actively yearns for another man?

      You got a bad egg, throw it out before it stinks up the place. It's what she wants anyways, just expedite the process for her and yourself.

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      Why do you think she's trying to meet with him? For cupcakes and icecream?

      Seriously op the bitch is setting up to cheat on you and you're asking us what to do?

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      Why do you think she's trying to meet with him? For cupcakes and icecream?

      Which brings up an interesting point: If a girl is in an LTR, and wants to meet up with an ex for cupcakes and icecream, you should DUMP HER WHORE ASS!

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      She lied to you about it. When someone lies to you about something important, they have disqualified themselves as long term relationship material:


      Hard next with ghosting, ASAP, no waiting. This is sick day from work to change your locks material.

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      Thank you so much for advice, it really helps.

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      Dude break it the fuck off she lied to your face. She doesn't respect you at all. Fuck that bitch

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      lol. try to be THAT guy instead of the guy you are.

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      Think about this. She will not care or cry, until you find out and show her evidence. Then she will act like she can't believe she did it and have more waterworks than a waterpark in the summer. She was sober and in the right frame of mind when she did.

      Don't bother man. Soft next, turn to plate and go find another dishwasher. :)

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      Don't forget to fuck her sister and or best friend.

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      So she has an Apple Watch that has all the texts, not password protected.

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      Gents, I am ready to do break it off, I'll let you know how it goes.

      Fucking sucks.

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      So been dreading, but I think instead of making her jealous and making her hamster work for me, it's telling her to branch swing?

      The dreading is pushing her to explore options. If I ask for a break it could push her over the edge.

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      The ship has sailed man. Save what's left of your dignity and leave without another word. At this point, the longer you stick around the worse you'll be when she finally leaves you.

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      Exactly this. It also takes time. When she branch swings it won't take long before she wonders why you didn't give a fuck about her and bailed. Then she comes crawling back; exes are exes for a reason.

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      You're no longer Chad in her eyes. If you don't break it off and ghost her, you're a pussy in her eyes.

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      I believe you should be straight up with her. Tell her she was acting strange, and you knew something was up so you checked her phone and seen the messages. It's not beta move, you did so because you noticed something was weird not because you're insecure looking at her phone every other day.

      Confront her about how she is feeling and ask why she is feeling that way. Look deep into yourself, and ask her to do the same. Lay it all out. Ask her what could be done to make her more happy, and in return you to tell what she needs to do to make you happy. If you guys reach a common ground, great! If not, then you have to ask yourself if, are you guys both not happy and together for the wrong reasons?

      That's what it sounds like it could be. Better to keep it real , and break it off, than to cheating on each other back and fourth. Unless you guys are open to an open relationship, it seems like the best case if both sides are not satisfied in the relationship but don't want to leave due to the kids and resources. Hope this helps.

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      You can't negotiate desire. This seems pretty needy.

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      It's not negotiation, It's open communication. People can't read your mind. You can't expect people to just know what you want.

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      you understand men process logic different to how women process logic yes?

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      What kind of broken record bullshit is this? He checked her phone. What fucking difference does it make how he did it?

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      She has an Apple Watch

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      So I get it: lawyer up and leave is the consensus, plate.

      The only thing that is nagging me in the back of my mind is that I have cheated on her in the past, but did not get caught. That would make me a hypocrite right?

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      So yeah, be a sad cucked non-hypocrite man, that's definitely the best option.

      Srsly bro? Grow some fucking balls and dump her

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      When you cheated, you ended the relationship. Everything afterwards was a fairy tale.

      Bail out, and don't cheat next time. You'll attract a better mate if you respect yourself enough to have integrity.

      Have boundaries but never lie. Deceit is a feminine quality.

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      Yeah he has zero moral high ground to stand on

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      Whether or not you're a hypocrite is not the issue; the issue is "What kind of a relationship do you want?" And, as it is, it seems as if you have a terrible relationship. You have an LTR with a lying whore. Do you want that? She will probably try to divorce you with a common law marriage clause, and get a lawyer to suck you dry. Not to mention the child support, when she leaves you to live with her bf. Hopefully, you won't get an STD. Let's be charitable and hope that they don't try to murder you for your insurance.

      She's fucking him and lying about it. Do you want to win some morality debate about hypocrisy or do you want a happy life?