Why do girls have one night stands? Why won't they fuck you again after the first time? Girls never want to keep in touch after we fuck and I'm starting to think I'm a fucking weirdo. (self.asktrp)

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Where am I fucking it up? I can't turn a girl into a plate if my life depended on it.

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Not enough info.

You could be

  • cumming in 2 minutes and going to sleep.
  • saying shit like "I love you" during sex.
  • needy.
  • asking the for cuddles after sex.
  • opening up and showing emotions (I used to do this gay shit).

They could be

  • drunk/high at the time.
  • cheating on their bf.
  • just need a one night stand to get it out of their system.

Possibilities are endless.

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  • cheating on their bf.

In my experience this is what makes girls ghost more than anything. Not just legit boyfriends but guys they are talking to that they see as a better long term partner than you.

They slip up and get horny and fuck the guy with smooth game then realize they messed up and go back to the safe choice (beta provider)

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It’s called being her cheat meal homie.

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amount of bitches on tinder with bf is repulsive and they all go ghost after you fuck them then they post some happy go lucky picture with their betabuck bfs

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We were definitely fucked up.

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A woman deciding to have sex with a man is a line that once crossed, she'll always do again if the sex was good and the cost was low.

So either you aren't fucking them good enough for repeat business, or you're making it cost to much for them to come back.

Fuck her like a sex God, then treat her like that's all you want. If you get needy, pushy, or beta, then shell not come back because she just wants sex too and doesn't want to "lead you on". If you fuck her like shit also no reason to come back.

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This guy knows his stuff. Pay attention.

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What if you fuck them good but they just find someone with higher SMV?

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Obviously a scenario. But OP is seeing consistency, which would be the worst luck ever and highly unlikely.

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Frame 101. You are questioning yourself based upon THEIR actions. Doubting yourself based upon how THEY behave. You are operating in their FRAME.

Operate in your own frame my man. Pump and dump, then disregard. If they come back for more then great, if not then continue as is.

Frame is fucking powerful.

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I just out of a 3 year relationship a month ago so I already know my frame is fucked.

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SO work on it, instead of asking how to work in theirs.. If you fuck a girl well enough, they'll call.. Don't contact them after it, they will.

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You see, I like the idea of not contacting g the girl after you fuccked her and letting her contacting you first. But there's a lot of people here say to text her that you a fun time so she replies positively and save it as a false rape accusation insurance..

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or record the sex on your phone so bitches can't do that to you..

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You have a point there, but I generally try to have the sex partners consent to having a 10-15 min video of them sucking my dick in which I ask: "You like that sugartits" or smth of the like and they confirm.. Hotter for her and for me and I guess that should cover it as well..

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Lol how do you convince her to videotape her sucking you? Or you just dont and film away?

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you don't need video... microphone will suffice since they are time stamped as well..

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You know any books that are good about frame?

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Fuck them better.

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Shit I thought I was. I've never had a girl give me a sign the shit was bad.

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Sex God Method. Read it. Apply it. After that you can assume you are fucking them well enough.

Then if you still can't turn them into plates it's just because you are too needy.

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I am fucking needy man..

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well there's your fuckin answer didn't need to post

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Neediness management is the first thing you should understand and do. Neediness translates into beta behaviour aka unattractive trait

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Can you elaborate?

How long has it been since you've seen her?

What did you do in that time that made you come off as needy?

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I know I just acted needy for affection. In all reality I don't need to see the girl but I'm sure I came off like I was trying to fall in love with her or something.

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you're not telling us the whole story, maybe you're too needy and in a rush to hook up with them again and they can sense it and label you as desperate.

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I've had a girl tell me I gave her the best sex of herlife before ajd she said she cried on the way home cuz she missed me.

She told me never to talk to her again the next day.

Their feeling change ALL the time. And it can be hard to understand that because most of us aren't like that.

If she just wakes up tired, then everything in the world seems terrible to her and she won't second guess herself

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I had a girl text me that I gave her butterflies in her stomach the day after we fucked. Two days later, she wrote me a bullshit were not compatible let’s be friends text.

My response? “I have enough friends”

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Good response.

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Ask and you shall receive. Blackdragon released a post on this literally about an hour ago. Enjoy.

When women one-night stand you

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This is a great article, I hope Op finds it useful.

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we live and in stressful times where the majority of women out there are either boozer or pill poppers or sluts. Sex is a EZ drug that fills many holes.

These women are not fucking you because they like you they are fucking you to get HIGH. they are just like JUNKIES. They don't give a damn about who you are all they want is that orgasm THAT OXYTOCIN, THAT DOPAMINE and if you can't give it then the next guy is just one swipe away.

Hold frame all you want but you will never win against a JUNKIE>

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Maybe your genitals smell.

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You care too much. Fuck them and move on. They'll come crawling back to you

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I can't turn a girl into a plate if my life depended on it

Try fucking them second date rather than first.

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Mind going into the thought process there? In my experience every time I don't at least go for the lay I end up empty handed.

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It works for me..... the idea is to get them to invest more and enjoy the process rather than get validation, feel slutty, and hate you for it.

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My experience is that girls stick around for years, and I never fuck them on the first date.

You have to go for it... but to tease too. Escalate but maintain sexual tension and plausible deniability.

Apparently you shouldn't kiss on a first date, but I do and it's worked out fine.

How are you meeting these girls? Are they sober?

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Yes they're sober. I don't think I'll ever not go for it though. There was a chick from my gym that was super into me that was sexy as hell and a bit of a freak that I decided not to fuck. We got along really well and we were both really attracted but I swear me not fucking her screwed my chance cause after that she was as good as gone. So, after that I swore, never again. Worst case I don't feel like I'm wasting my time.

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Usually in all honesty. It'd be shit sex or heaps awkward afterwards.

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Regarding answers in this post as well as BlackDragon's post, there is one more obvious answer.

She's not into you but you're attractive enough for her to fuck you. You came off as a toolbag tryhard but have nice abs. So, she'll give you a toss. There are so many other men out there that there is no need to go back to you!! She'll continue trying to find "the one" and humping bros that don't reach the ever lowering bar.

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Not worth worrying about. Don't start asking why women throw their pussies around.

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Not high value enough.

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Improve your sex game. If you rock a girl's world, she will fuck you again. Period. I'm a woman and can absolutely verify this.

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Can you give us some numbers?

Maybe a quick field report?

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If it's as recurrent as you say then it's very likely an issue with you. We would need a lot more context to help tho.

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Reading this post and then your comments it is extremely obvious what your problem is.

You're attractive enough to get chicks to fuck you. This puts you ahead of 80% of the men on this forum.

But your frame is as pathetic and broken as any beta virgin Incel. Your neediness is overwhelming.

This is what TRP is really about. You need to do the real work.

Stop looking for meaning between a woman's legs!"

You need to work on becoming self-validating. Most men are forced to go through this painful process before we even get a chance to fuck chicks. You're attractive enough to skip ahead to the fun part, but on the inside you're still just a child.

Time to grow up. Find your mission in life and take pussy off the pedestal.

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I think you hit the nail on the head. I've been seeking validation through pussy. I can usually pull 7-10s but I can't make them stay. I have some issues with my mom and crave nurturing. I'm funny, smart, and pretty decent looking but I can tend to act like a bitch when I start getting any attention from a woman.

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Most likely, you're bad at sex. Either that or you've got some hygiene issue. I've found that the most important thing to good sex is that you (the man) do to her the things you want to do. Don't worry too much about her pleasure (although you have to make sure she's wet before you stick it in (or use lube)) but just focus on doing what you enjoy, and she will enjoy it in turn. If she does not enjoy the kind of sex you want to have, someone else will.

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ONS is completely situational. She was horny in the moment and she fucked you in the moment.

The next day when she's sober and has a logical moment, she'll either regret the encounter or just tell herself that it didn't happen. Remember, sex is the only thing that girls have that we want. When she gives it away that quickly, she feels powerless.

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Cuz either you aren’t good enough to remember or they’re riding the CC. Probably both.

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Not sure if anyone has said it, but a lot of girls have buyer's remorse after. Not necessarily because you were bad or whatever, but because she regrets fucking a random dude so fast and is embarrassed/ashamed. Nothing you can do about it most of the time.

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Did you write this for help or pity?

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Why would I want pity? I need advice.