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Guys I need your advice in this one particular case. I’m currently studying with this one girls who’s like a solid 10 in all categories. Looks and brains. Ever since she came to my class we have been talking but I can’t move up to the next level with her. She’s super friendly for the most part but the problem is she’s extremely friendly with everyone, me, all her girlfriends, some extremely awkward dude who everyone thinks is a weirdo. We are all equal in her eyes. Plus all of her conversations that she starts with me are about school and work, never anything personal. This is the first time I’ve seen a girl who’s so cold and “uninterested”. I’m a great looking guy as far as I’ve been told and definitely am sure I’m enough to pull her off.

Have you ever had “Don’t care about relationships or anything personal” type of girl and how did you deal with her?

Also I should mention that’s it’s very hard to read her emotions, so I’m really not able to tell if she’s shy or just doesn’t give a fuck when we interact.

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You’re in her frame heavy. She perceives you as a beta orbiter.

Ignore her. She’ll have to come to you if you have any chance.

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This. Every guy who says a given girl is a 10 is in her frame and has oneities for her because 10's don't exists like unicorn.

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Exactly. You’ll enjoy my elaboration on my theory posted above.

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Just curious, why the fuck do people say 10s don't exist? I define a 10 just as a top 10% girl. Now I understand why people say perfect 10s don't exist because no one is really perfect yada yada, but even then I feel they are taking the statement too literally: I consider perfect 10 as someone I couldn't even point out what could be better.

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10's don't exists for the same reason as Chad thundercock don't exists.

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    What? No it wouldn't. Hb10s accounts for 10% of the population. Hb9 accounts for 10%. Hb8 for 10%.... HB1s account for 10%.

    HB10s happen to be the top 10%. Not 1%, where did that even come from?

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    I fully agree with you.

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    Anytime you see a beta with a hot girl out of his league, it’s because she targeted him. It was predatory.

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    Seen this shit time and time again.

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    True. Walk away and play a game you might actually win at. If you're a great looking guy then the last thing you want to do is be her fucking friend.

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    Terrible advice. There's nothing bad about having hot friends that are girls as long as you aren't an orbiter. If you are a great looking guy then she can be a resource. Not every relationship is plate or orbit.

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    Not sure about this guy's ratings but if she was an actual 10 then it'd be very tough to have her "as a friend". More than likely he would slip into being her provider as he is already doing with schoolwork.

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    If he is steaming this chick hard and not getting the job done, he's launching himself into orbit. She's not giving him any feedback despite his investment in interacting with her, he needs to fall back.

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    Fuck her sister / best friend

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    The thing is that, I’ve been playing her extremely hard since she came. Never been her bitch and was quite good in terms of keeping my own frame. She does come to me, and pretty often, but it’s usually all about school and work. Never anything like “Hey, how are you doing” it’s always “Hey, did you do this essay?”. I’ve been thinking about dropping all contact with her but that’s a bit too hard considering we see each other mandatory many times a day.

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    Have you ask her to meet you x at y?

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    Yep and she agreed, but the day before I text her to check if “we’re up for tomorrow” she had something else come up. Doctors appointment so she rescheduled it to this Saturday. Didn’t mention anything about going out in 4 days now tho. I haven’t either because I’d seen a bit needy.

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    Irrelevant. If she likes you, she feels awkward about showing any excitement. Just keep distance until Saturday. Check day of. If she shows up, you’re golden. If not, you know where you stand and should soft next.

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    Follow this man’s advice.

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    You texted her and then she told you something came up? Drop her like a bad habit.

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    She ain't interested. Move on.

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    She treats you all the same (professionally, distant, surface friendly) because, to her, you are all the same. She is most likely highly aware of her looks. Just being a good looking guy from class might not be enough to satisfy her hypergamic needs.

    If she really is a 10 (model face, fit body, young, feminine, perfect dimensions and everything being "perky") she will be drowning in offers from guys.

    Focus on yourself, treat her like all the other girls and if she really is interested in you she will give you IOIs.

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    You described it perfectly, she is exactly like you said it. And she really is, in fact I’m pretty sure she’s signed to IMG models and travels to different countries for shoots.

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    Then she is obviously used to lots of attention from very high value and alpha men. She likely has multiple dudes on tap, all day every day.

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    Yeah she does, oh man I saw her Snapchat inbox, you probably would be able to scroll fast for a minute before reaching the bottom of all her pending images and messages. Yet when I send her something. She opens it within a minute. The feeling a got is that I am in her frame but have every chance to get out if I play my cards right, that’s why I am here.

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    I think what everyone is saying here is that the way you're going about getting her is fear-based. You are afraid to escalate, you're afraid of what she will think of you and the possible rejection. You need to treat her like you would any regular girl. You need to step back, realize that it doesn't matter if you fuck her or not, and just let everything flow. Don't think about playing your cards right or wrong; if you actually have a chance with her, you should feel like it, and not feel like you're playing a hand of cards and any bad word or move could ruin it. That's a beta way of thinking.

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    Oneitis unicorning

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    already here.

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    "Guys, there is this one special girl I have class with. She is not like any other girl and my situation is totally unique. Tell me the magic trick I need to attract this special girl and make her my girlfriend."

    Read. The. Sidebar.

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    This entire sub

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    There are no 10's, if you think she is then you are putting her on a pedestal, if she's uninterested then that's all she will ever be, she'd be sucking your dick if you were of high enough smv.
    Game other girls, ghost her and close her file.

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    I usually do this. Guess this could be a start up of oneitis. But the problem is I’m about to see her for almost everyday of he working week the next 1.5 years. Ghosting would be hard. And of course she’s not my only plate.

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    This follows shitting where you eat rules. You fuck her, you can cause problems for yourself.

    But if you wanted to get her attention, then don't treat her special. Treat her like every other girl, or maybe even a little less. That will get her hamster spinning. Tease heavily. Act like she doesn't mean anything to you but sex, get distant if you're not getting it.

    You're the prize, not her. Make her realize you don't find her that special and let her try and change your mind.

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    Right, thanks for your advice. About the “Don’t shit where you eat.” This is the first time in my life that I’m willing to break that, and by breaking it I mean try to get her. If somehow all works out and we date for a bit, I’d want it to be all civil that if we break up we can still function around each other.

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    I think you've already married her in your head.

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    He's even got the"if we break up scenario" played out in his head where they are both civil but mess around a little bit whenerer he is horny.

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    speaking from experience, very much likely this guy is already done. Hasn't even gotten on a date with her and thinking about scenarios where he dates her and what would happen if they break up...bad sign.

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    Right, thanks for your advice. About the “Don’t shit where you eat.” This is the first time in my life that I’m willing to break that, and by breaking it I mean try to get her. If somehow all works out and we date for a bit, I’d want it to be all civil that if we break up we can still function around each other.

    Want it to be civil? Sure. We all would. You don't get to decide that. Chances are she'd get pissed at you, have you kicked out, and tell people you harrassed her.

    Don't play the future with a woman out in your head ever. It never goes the way you want. Hope for the best, assume the worst.

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    Ask her out and burn the bridge i guess.

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    A 10 is just an 8 who happens to tick off all the right boxes for you in terms of type.

    Also, there's the ironclad rule of internet self-reporting. Take the report and subtract two automatically. So, again, she's an 8.

    First, let's be clear, you're being a fuckin pussy. Even by the most blue pill standards, you're being a pussy.

    You've literally done nothing to warm her up. You're just hoping that she magically drifts toward you by virtue of how your useless fucking mass bends spacetime to cause her to slope down into the gravity well you've created by barely existing.

    Yeah, she's uninterested. Guess what? Even if she were interested, you might not know it because she might be waiting for you to unfuck yourself and show some interest.

    This is why women place such a high premium on social savvy: it weeds you the fuck out of the potential breeding pool, reducing the chances her kids will end up with low-function autism.

    Find a way to shape the conversation. By hook or by crook. Bad boys win because they don't fuck around waiting for the conversation to come to them.

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    EGG-zactly!!! listen to this man.

    when asked why she prefers to date bad boys, my sister responded:

    "i don't like to date bad boys, but when all the other boys sit there with their dix tucked btw their legs, the bad boys approach... they ASK... and i'd rather be doing something than doing nothing."

    so, grow some testicleeees and tell her you find her attractive, you're not interested in friendship, and tactfully suggest that you'd like to bend her over.

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    This is one of those things that kills me about game, so-called.

    Most people are praying that someone -- anyone -- will break the conversational ice. People are thankful for someone to step up.

    "Hello" is powerful simply because being confident enough to do it has huge benefits. Clearly stating your intentions is powerful because people rarely do it.

    One of the reasons women select for such a small sample of the male population is that 80% of men are too chickenshit to engage in the basic act of seeking what they want.

    People, in general, amble through life hoping for something to happen. This is why stories like Harry Potter and Star Wars are popular. They're always about some boring fuck who finds out that -- GASP! -- they're the fulcrum of fucking history. It just falls out the sky and lands on them. No need to set out on an adventure . . . adventure comes to you.

    Except that's not how it works. It's just a fucking wish fulfillment fantasy for the timid.

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    I'm a woman who occasionally contributes here. I agree so hard with this. My husband was a bad boy. I had a bf when we met, but one day he leaned in, looked in my eyes, and said "you know I'm going to fuck you one day, right"? SO HOT. I saw him again later when I was single and jumped his bones.

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    While she's right its also true that she has no idea what she actually wants. It's equally appealing to women to reject a guy for social tingles.

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    This was hilarious.

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    This is literally the first entry in the FAQ.

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    One day you’re gonna look back at this post and see the obvious answer that you can’t now. You’re in her giant planet of beta orbitary.

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    I know I will. Have many times already thinking about my past situations, even with my very little knowledge and experience I now am able to see what I did wrong and where I could have done something much better that I have. It’s just a bummer that it will happen in the future where’s I might have been able to do something right now if I started earlier.

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    In all honesty, I hope I’m wrong. I’ve been in your spot too. What’s your plan tho?

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    I feel like ignoring her or treating her like she ain’t shit but not being flat out rude is a good way to go for now. I’ll see how and what goes on in the future. But I’ll definitely try to up my frame in the next days. Will Listen to the Audio version of No More Mr Nice Guy.

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    She's holding her cards close. That type has her pick of men and is probably fucking at least one or two guys.

    Remember, she's a slut for the right guy.

    Now. YOU have put her in a pedestal already. Being all chivalrous and shit.

    Bro. Listen. Women need to be challenged.

    You sound SO underconfident. You need to bang a 10 and then you'll realize that all women are the same. There's no such thing as a 10. Get it?

    Start treating her like she's a 4, and see where that goes.

    That's my advice. Treat EVERY woman like a 4.

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    Oh my. I’ve thought about doing this. And the thing about there being no 10 is so true to me now. This is probably one of the most helpful posts I’ve ever done on reddit.

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    Is anyone truly a 10?? If you think of her so highly it'd probably be healthiest to focus on other women

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    you've already lost

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    After reading the first sentence I feel like you are developing oneitis for her

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    I feel like that too.

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    Mythical HB10 will only be attracted to someone with higher SMV than herself, so that she can submit to him. Imagine what kind of guy that would have to be. It isn't anyone in your class.

    To even have a chance of it being someone in your class, that person would likely need to have the highest SMV out of everyone there, and the respect and admiration of their peers.

    If she's HB10, you'd need to be an 11. Which is one more.

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    Eve, who by definition of being the only woman alive would have been a Ten. She was offered eternal life in Paradise and still tried to Branch swing....on God. True or not it's still the first story about human interaction written by men thousands of years ago so yes hypergamy is a thing.

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    Agree with you. Our class isn’t big, and I’d probably say I have everyone’s respect apart from hers. It bothers me since this is the first “code” i don’t have a single clue at cracking. Wish I really did though...

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    Wtf is this? I just read 20 comments of good advice, plus a link to a FAQ page to perfectly answer this, and you’re still saying you don’t know how to break the code? There are no 10s, and only excessive ignorance of the pill could make you believe she can only be “won” by an 11.

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    Turn it around. Act towards her as if she is the one that needs to win you over.

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    you are just an interesting creature to her. she sees the pupil dilation.

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    Read the fucking sidebar, pay particular attention to "there's this one girl" and all other oneitis comments.


    Game this girl, but game all the other girls too. Stop trying to make it work with this ONE SPECIAL GIRL.

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    while you're praising her as a 10 on the pedestal you built with home depot's HOPE wood, there's a guy near her... near you... somewhere close that's fucking her relentlessly when you're not around.

    and more than likely, he's tired of fucking her... thinks she's a 7, and treats her like option #3.

    and because of how he treats her, she's not going ANYWHERE.

    move on, dude.

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    i'm assuming you're not in orbitor stage yet...if that's the case, then you should ask her out just you and her, grab drinks. If being too direct will scare her off, then make it very casual. sounds like you already have the odds in your favor if she is willing to spend extra time with you over others. Maybe she's out of your league but you can easily win her over through maintaining frame, being the cool alpha, and being dgaf

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    this one girl

    Ahh it never gets old. Sidebar my dude.

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    These comments just show lack of empathy and general misunderstanding of female psychology. Find a girl who's decent looking and parade her own n front of this one, test her resolve and watch her fold like a cheap Walmart suit. Test the 10s and 9s, do what every women does to men its that easy. If I where are you? You I would just keep her as a wing woman if she's that hot

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    Yeah Jew girl isn’t a 10, you’ve put her on a pedestal.... go read Mein Kampf should cure you of that. (Second Part is joke....)

    [–]mrrooftops 7 points8 points  (2 children)

    Oder ist es...

    [–]Yngwie_is_god 2 points3 points  (1 child)

    Ich werde dich raten lassen

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    Dein geheimnis ist bei mir sicher

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    A hole is a hole

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    For attraction to work man must be a bit cooler than girl.

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    She has her bitch shield up. It's to filter out guys who are after her pussy because of her looks. And if she's a 10, she'll be getting a lot of unwanted attention so she needs the bitch shield.

    You can break the bitch shield by negging her hard. Demonstrate that you are, unlike the other guys, not impressed by her looks (even though you are). Make remarks about her averageness to kick her off her pedestal.

    Once she lowers her bitch shield and warms up you can run normal game, but be aware that you don't ever put her back on the pedestal.