Why are other reddit forums so heavily geared to deleting male oriented content? (self.asktrp)

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Just recently went on the Askmen forums to inquire why they so readily delete content geared towards male experience from male perspectives and unsurprisingly it got shut down withing less than an hour with the flaccid explaination "I'm suspected of pot stirring or pushing an agenda." If it's a forum about asking men questions why the hell is it taboo to inquire something meaningful regarding relationship advice or share experience from a mascular polarized perpective? It's like the BP paradigm is realer than I could've imagined!

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Morpheus: The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it."

There's a reason we use the Matrix analogy.

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Perfectly sensible in a sobering way. Rough when those who require exposure to TRP the most perceives us as an enemies. Beginning to understand why it's encouraged to keep these principles to oneself now.

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It is good to remember that most of the time this innate adverse reaction is actually born out of decades of conditioning, in some cases since the very birth, and that they are our adversaries out of ignorance and not downright hatred.

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That's a fair point. Just as with enlightenment it can't be spurred from the outside. It must come from within.

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Instantly thought of The Trumpening.

Who does the news label a misogynist, bully, and so on? Trump

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    Trump's view of gender can be summarized in his response to a feminist inquiring about the wage gap and equal pay a few months ago. He said and i quote "if you do the same work as a man you'll be paid the same"

    Shut her up, he didn't skip a beat and completely avoided her trap.

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    Agreed 100%

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    While Hilary gets a free hall pass when she incited conflict against Libya, practically comminted treason with her e-mail scandal receiving only "bad PR" as a result, call Blacks animals that need to be curbed at her SC rally while guising as an altruistic figure by building Habitat for Humanity houses in low-income communities. She's a snake! At least Trump is upfront his views. Immigration being a prime example.

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    I'm still baffled by how people are still voting for her over Beta CuckSanders.

    People voting for her want to see America burn. There can't be any logical reason for having her in office after the shit she's pulled. And that fucking voice of hers plus her yelling. If I were Bill, I'd be high all the time just to stay sane.

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    I just took a look at the top posts in that forum. What useless drivel. "What are the most cringe-worthy things women do?" Blue-pill indeed.

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    There's literally a war on masculinity, traditionalism and if you are also white you are definitely racist and oppressing me and should check your privilege.

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    That's true. It's becoming increasingly evident as the days pass. The fact that male role-models in pop-culture have been replaced by androgynous she-males speaks volumes for the times.

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    check your privilege

    They want to insert the censorship into your own mind, so they have to do less work.

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    The thought policing is getting out of hand... You know what's awesome about that though? It's helping men unplug. We're getting past the point where we can put up with it. Guys are rejecting the system and finding places like this, listening to Milo Yiannopoulos, Thunderf00t, Steven Crowder, and all the masculinist bloggers and vloggers. Women are also trying to distance themselves from the cancer that is 3rd wave feminism and sjw culture.

    It's fun to watch it implode. At some point we'll hit critical mass and there will be an explosive influx of new members. I hope we're ready for that.

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    should check your privilege

    Most importantly, you should never check a woman's privilege. Women Must Be The Victims At All Costs.

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    Yup, that also extends to male dominated philosophies like fiscal conservatism and on hardwork (business)

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    It's like the BP paradigm is realer than I could've imagined

    That's a bingo!

    A lot of people still have the wool pulled over their eyes, and you're presenting a "radical" idea to them. Most respond with hostility to ideas and philosophies like that.

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    From my personal experiences TRP just naturally resonated making it easy to adopt as my own. The fact that people are willing to step out of bounds to censor, block, and omit anything centered from a masculine perspective "just because" is unreal. It's deeply disturbing especially when men opt to push the suppression.

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    You'll have a lot more success if you envelop your questions in a BP friendly ideology.

    Don't go raising AWALT. Say "I've been cheated on and my friends blame me". That sort of stuff.

    Also, the Matrix analogy dies in the first movie. There's no centuries old supercomputer architect behind the blue pill (ok, there might be some, please no tin foil hat), rather, just a bunch of decade old memetic repetitions. BP's Matrix doesn't correct itself. There are flaws all over it and if you point them without overtly attacking the system, you see people getting intrigued by the desert behind.

    Do you want to see RP truths pop in a SJW environment? Ask: "Why do gay men fuck so much?"

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    Ugh, that's a perversion of RP. Get what you mean. Nudges seem much easier in concept than in practice though.

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    Ugh, that's a perversion of RP.

    I did a couple but, where? On the Matrix analogy dying out on the first movie?

    Nudges seem much easier in concept than in practice though.

    It's not nudging. The enveloping is common in political propaganda, there's a RP post about it too. There's use in making enveloped questions.
    When you CHALLENGE someone's standing they'll defend it and attack yours if they know it and it is antagonistic to theirs. It's annoying. Enveloping is a good way to have people exposing their ideas.

    As for the questioning stuff that causes people to point to RP truths, there's not much use but it's funny to see. If you challenge you'll probably see a double standard or some dissonance take place. Some folks take the hint though.

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    Do you want to see RP truths pop in a SJW environment? Ask: "Why do gay men fuck so much?"

    This^ . The day I see this is the day I'm giving up the internet.

    Enveloping sounds effective since overt expression is bluntly rejected. Might have to browse around to see a few examples. The first time I've heard of it.

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    This^ . The day I see this is the day I'm giving up the internet.

    lol. You don't surf a lot, do you? Just kidding.

    It's personally a bit hard for me to address RP's anti feminism because, while I do see the strong need for it on what seems to be the environment for most guys there, there is unreasonable stuff going around me somehow often. So the topic isn't actually as polarized as in the sub.
    Because of that we use this kind of strategy a lot around here. We still have debate over progressist agenda, and it is common to raise a question that will cause the person to expose the double standard, or just ask a question in a context the person is likely to agree with you.

    Here, the progressist agenda was appropriated by some awkward communist parties on the last decades but was (obviously) relinquished in favor of some weird autocratic agenda, so, lacking strength to impose shit, they're still prone to debate a little.

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    I'm still swallowing TRP. Enlighten me. What sort of response does this question draw out in a SJW environment?

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    Why do gay men fuck so much?
    Because they can't get pregnant.
    Same reason we all do these days huh? (...)
    So, tell me, to get pregnant we should actually fuck less?
    (Exclusivity begins to pop out)

    Don't seek SWJ environments though. We don't speak English here, SJW is strong in universities only and they have not enough money to produce mainstream media content (Harvard has alone like a quarter of the whole country's education budget). Hollywood worries us more than femen. They have harder battles than more women CEOs here too.
    I guess that's might be really poor strategy. Might stick to enveloping. lol

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    Sidebar shows the moderators in a subreddit. Note how many subreddits have the exact same guys moderating, which makes it the perfect way to spread SJW philosophy while making it seem grassroots.

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    while making it seem grassroots

    I'm savvy enough these days to be skeptical of any mod that mods more than a few subs. Certainly, a mod position is a great way to increase SJW influence in a given by, by finding excuses to throw people out, and drawing fellow travelers in.

    However, I am entirely uncertain of what you mean to regarding grassroots. I grasp neither your logic in reaching the conclusion, nor what that conclusion actually means in this context.

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    By allowing or disallowing content of a certain kind across several subreddits he moderates, a mod can make a position seem as if though it's widely accepted and recognized as true, without actually offering any proof to support the position. How this works is by 1) artificially inflating upvotes and 2) making the comment section into an echo chamber.

    We know that submissions undergo "vote fuzzing", which is an intentional manipulation of upvotes it has, supposedly to 'deter the bots'. You can confirm this by finding an obscure submission and repeatedly hitting refresh while watching its upvote count. You'll notice upvotes fluctuate even though there is no activity on the submission itself. My theory is that it goes far beyond that and the mods can actually "flip the switch" to push a submission to the top of any subreddit, as it were.

    I'll take the vaccination/anti-vaccination circlejerk as an example. If you're subscribed to default subreddits, you probably noticed an unusual number of highly upvoted submissions that support vaccination.

    These posts appear with worrisome regularity in subreddits where they have no business being in, such as WorldNews or Videos.

    What betrays the method is that all of these submissions posted across weeks or months have a similar number of upvotes, regularly hovering around 3-5k. My supposition is that very few people actually upvote these submissions - they are pushed to the top through astroturfing of some sort.

    We can debate whether vaccinations are wholesome or not; that's not what comments in these submissions do. They viciously attack not only those who are anti-vaccination, but anyone who dares to question or debate vaccines in any way.

    There are actual and blatant calls for violence against people who refuse vaccinations for whatever reason - not just one call but hundreds upon hundreds of them in a single thread and mods do absolutely nothing about it. I can find you plenty of examples, though I'd prefer to never venture into such comment section ever again, as it makes my stomach churn.

    In this way, an echo chamber is formed in a subreddit where there previously wasn't one and the people who enjoyed visiting the subreddit either conform or leave.

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    That's a wonderful and subtle point, and one expertly communicated if I may say so.

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    Their are feminist and SRS leading those subs

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    There's literally a self-proclaimed woman on the moderator panel. It's ironic considering the sub is titled "AskMen". Some backwater bs. No integrity.

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    They banned me when I pointed out it was retarded that women were answering questions on askmen.

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    Well, if they ban you there's little chance any of us will make much leeway on that sub. More disturbingly than their willingness to ban completely appropriate questions was the unwillingness to carry any discourse. When called on it the best the mod could do was reply with this. It's the epitome of social regression. I know to avoid that sub now. Just makes me appeciate finding TRP all the more. There's no equal to it on reddit.

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    Reddit doesn't delete "male oriented" stuff. They delete stuff they think is likely to attract our attention because we're supposedly notorious trolls and brigaders. They don't want red pill subscribers harassing their users.

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    We are missing the context here because OP didn't explain what did he say

    This is just a trash post preaching to the choir. Not even an actual asktrp topic seeking for advice

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    It's like the BP paradigm is realer than I could've imagined!

    Welcome to the matrix.

    The narrative is enforced from all sides. The more ridiculous our society becomes, the harder the enforcement has to be.

    People are waking up.

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    I hope so far all men like in Industrialized societies and underdeveloped nations alike.

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    Because the idea of real men, as in men who do not buy into PC and groupthink, are not controllable. When you take away the means to control you, you become truly free. The PC thought police want to control free speech by indoctrinating everyone to their narrative. Those who see it and call things out, namely trump, or Milo, or anyone who opposes them, are called racists, sexists, etc. all while ignoring the same thing in the name of diversity when it comes to Muslims. When men say they are Egalitarian, or support equality for all, feminists label it as sexism, because anything that isn't aligned with their views is wrong. I believe Sargon of Akkad best said it when he spoke of viewing things with an ideological lens. It blinds us to reality. To truly "unplug", to further use the matrix metaphor, you have to not buy into ideology politics and identities. The red pill is unique, because it gives men truths, and what you have to do. It isn't an ideology, because they are simple truths. Self improvement, thinking for yourself and accepting personal responsibility for yourself, and also, being yourself, and becoming more masculine, you are becoming your ideal self. TRP is to me, realizing that there is all of these things, and you can test it. It's provable. I feel it is the best hope for men as a whole, and the reason the media and SJW demonize us, is they know people are waking up, and are trying to slow the tide, kind of like the machines. Just my two cents.

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    I was banned from /r/askmen because in my post I asked that only men replied to my question that was geared towards men, since I was asking for men's experience on something.

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    You are not banned from AskMen. But anyone's welcome to comment on a post as long as they follow the few rules we have.

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    Different username. I change username ever couple of years.

    I was banned because I stated that in askMEN I was interested only in responses from MEN since I wanted to hear about experiences from MEN

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    Because there is no thing as the patriarchy. It is the matriarchy. And you know the best method of being able to due nasty shit like this in a position of power, AND get away with it? Saying it is NOT a matriarchy and projecting all the issues into something else. Because we all know the world is run by women. We all know women are experts at social media. The execs are women or feminists, which are essentially girls.

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    Women and weak greedy men who hold most of the world's resources. Most of them probably wouldn't last a day if their wealth dissolved and were forced to toil like the lot of us.

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    Stop with this retarded victimization and rhetoric questions you already know what answer you want to hear.

    Focus on yourself. Stop distracting yourself with who does red tit censor.

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    It's one thing to take it for granted that people will retaliate against our views it's another to see it play out. There no victimization here. I'm just stunned witnessing the dynamics.

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    There no victimization here.

    I'm worried about nuances, and how some people might use that as an excuse not to do great things

    Our views aren't the ultimate answer to all problems in the universe either. We just embrace rationality and stoicism, compared to emotionally manipulative SJ crowd.

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    That's a fair point. So long as an underlying sense of self-accountability is expressed false feelings of victimization should be no issue. My mistake if this came off as an "Oh my god! Woe to TRP we're being persecuted" type of post. This was meant to be more of a "So this is how people really behave exposed to TRP principles, eh?" type of post.

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    It's like telling a christian "well your religion is the opium of the masses, without it you faggots would kill each other over anything and your mom would be a whore" it just won't click to MOST people

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    Even though it's a fairly probable reality? Peachy!

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    This is thoroughly fucking fascinating. Askmen seems like a 'play nice' playground for both men and women. And you know what that means.

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    pushing an agenda

    That's a convenient suspicion. Everyone pushes an agenda with every line on their face, every movement of their lips, every nuance that they have.