Better question, if she cheats, does it matter? (self.asktrp)

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If i found out, she'd be gone in a heartbeat, however, "what mama don't know won't hurt her"

If she's incredibly supportive, gorgeous, incredible in bed, and caters to me constantly (plus seems to love my daughter) and i don't ever actually find out, does it matter?

Should i even care whether she's cheating or not (until i find out and hard next her, obviously)

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Yea the thing is, to have a mindset that she is capeable of cheating.

Doesn't mean she will 100% sure cheat.

I guess its like driving a car. If you're driving, there's a risk of you getting into an accident or getting a ticket. Are you worried about that everytime you get into a car?

If it happens, it happens and you deal with it from there.

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Awesome, thanks

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Exactly. AWALT, but as long as you're doing what you're supposed to be doing (sidebar stuff) there's less chance.

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It can be a good thing sometimes. I love being single but I also love my gf. If she cheated I get rid of her but same day I'd be out with my buddies having fun. It doesn't really matter negative emotions are usually just ego investment in a certain outcome. I've loved many women I've had many amazing gfs. There's so many more to be had. Nothing is permanent in life. Let go of the ego investment and just glide through life.

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Man, this is a great mindset. I hope to reach this level of enlightenment someday. My Ex didn't even cheat on me but I beat myself up for months after the breakup because I knew I had irreversibly lost frame and she was bound to cheat on me someday because I had been such a bitch. How did you get to accept life and relationships this way?

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People always just say "let go" but don't elaborate on what that means. You got duped? Don't be butthurt and on edge next time. Just think "meh I'm not actually mad I just hate being wrong or fooled" think about why you attach negativity to a situation. Don't just dwell on the negativity. Eventually when you have the anwsers to hundreds of situations negative emotions don't even come around anymore and you won't even care about situations you'll just shrug your shoulders and continue on with your day. This morning some motherfucker cut me off and forced me to slam on my breaks to a full stop. Instead of being butt hurt I was right next to a McDonald's got a milkshake and the drive through chick offered me her number because I was being goofy. Good shit is always right around the corner even after bad shit don't even pay negativity any mind.

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That's awesome man, I appreciate the feedback. Great story about McDonald's, similar thing happened to me the other day. Girl cancelled a date on me, I was pissed off as hell and went to a cafe to get some coffee. Wound up getting a phone number from the waitress. It's truly all a learning experience, and you're exactly right, as long as you have your eyes open, good shit is always right around the corner even after bad shit.

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great advice, thanks!

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emotions are usually just ego investment in a certain outcome

This is really powerful.

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    There's alot of amazing parts to life in general. But the hurt will disappear with time and chances are she will appreciate what you did later on in life. Im still thankful my first LTR dumped me it set me in motion to become a man. I was angry and hurt at first but now when we catch up I'm thankful

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    Does your health matter to you? If it does, then cheating should matter. If she does cheat and the guy happens to have an STD, it can affect you for the rest of your life. With that said, you can't have the mindset that she's cheating on you because it will drive you nuts. If you see signs that she's acting weird (hiding her phone from you, lying about things that don't make sense, hanging out with a new guy "friend" all the time, etc) then you need to keep an eye out. But in the end you need to trust her.

    If you find out she has, leave without a second thought and find someone who's loyal.

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    i appreciate the constructive anwer

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    leave without a second thought and find someone who's loyal.

    There is no such thing. All women have the CAPABILITY of cheating for the right man. You can only reduce risk. So go with a girl with as few red flags as possible.

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    Hanging out with any guy alone should be a red flag.

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    Almost every girl you date will have guy friends. Some will be gay, some will be straight, some will want her, etc. If you're a catch then she won't even be thinking about anyone else but you. That's the mindset you need to have. If she cheats, so be it. Find another one.

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    Every WHITE girl will have guy friends. Which is probably the only thing you have your mind set on.

    I don't allow my ltr's to have them. And I tell them- how would you feel if I had female friends? Men and women cannot be "just friends" you fucking idiot! It's usually the male with intentions of nice guying his way into her pants.

    If any female has a problem with that they can go find a cuck like you is is more than willing to graciously accept that.

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    If that tree falls in the woods you won't hear shit. How many guys get cheated on and never find out? Im not saying it happens every day but Im thinking it happens more than some of us would like to admit. Even if it's just some social media bull shit sexting sending pics what ev. or grinding and making out with some dude on a gno. Shit happens. The reality is if she wants to fuck with another guy she will and you'll never know about it. Ya if you have high smv and she's a decant girl, these incidents are probably few and far between. But shit does happen. She's gonna do what she's gonna do and so should we....

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    And how many women get cheated on and never find out? Plenty. People are sexual beings. I'm in a relationship and I would never consider cheating on my girl. She says she feels the same way and would never cheat. Does that mean she'll never cheat on me? How the fuck should I know? She might... but I'm not going to live my life worrying about what she's doing every second of the day. That's not healthy for anyone. You set boundaries in a relationship, spoken and unspoken. But you can't have that thought in your mind. If you do, then your relationship is doomed. If you want to cheat then go ahead and build that pillar of mistrust up in your own mind. It will reflect in your actions, and if you're in a monogamous relationship you're going to ruin it because you'll project your unfaithful guilt on your partner to the point that you'll be a controlling ass, which will end up with her either cheating on you or leaving you. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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    It matters but I think what you mean is- should I be on the lookout for it and the answer is no. Reason is bc it's not worth your time. I could elaborate but this statement sums it up regardless.

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    beautiful, thanks

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    That is PRECISELY the point. It REALLY shouldn't matter if she cheats. Here are the reasons.

    You will not stay in an unfulfilling relationship because your partner is faithful. Women can suck without cheating and relationships can suck without people in them sucking at all. You will leave, and therefore you will not resent having "tried to make it work" in vain with a cheater.
    Cheating isn't personal. Maybe something made her too sensitive to Chad's t-shirt and he led her along. It's pretty easy to hack a committed chick's "defenses" and seduce her even if you're a piece of shit. It says nothing about you, it says a lot about her. It doesn't hurt you (unless STDs, but worrying about that is rationalizing insecurity), it hurts your relationship.
    And you won't stay in a relationship that might make you regret later. The chick has to be worth it for the PRESENT, not for the future (and damn, these ARE rare). If she cheated, it's a shame but it was nice while things were ok. If you can let go of it and give her a shot, good, if you can not, good too, it doesn't really matter as long as you don't NEED to give her a shot because you're weak and need her.

    In short, if a chick has given you proof that she is relationship material and you want a relationship, it doesn't matter whether she fucks up later because being with her has to be better than the alternative (and you HAVE to experience the alternative before committing, that's non negotiable), there will be nothing to regret there. She fucks up and you act accordingly.
    Now, if you're anticipating her fucking up and worrying, the relationship is making the wrong thing hard, and for whatever reasons, hers or yours, you're not supposed to be in a relationship. And here's a catch, even if you're an insecure creep worrying that you'll destroy something great because you're weak, it's still the best choice. Men can't tackle these particular issues and worries from within a LTR and no LTR is worth living in angst.

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    this is a beautiful answer. I don't need her and will drop her regardless of her being awesome. There's a billion more out there. Thanks man!

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    and i don't ever actually find out, does it matter?

    "If I'm a cuck and I don't actually know I'm a cuck, am I still a cuck?"

    That's essentially your question and it kinda answers itself. It's a simple matter of self-respect. The Red Pill will never endorse a position like that.

    Being able to cheat doesn't mean she will. But that's not really the point when you're running a successful LTR. There's a reason we do trust but verify on that and don't give a shit when it's a plate. (Though personally I've always had my plates give commitment to me without getting it in return. It's just a power play, running the dynamics how I like them.) Run your dynamics however you like mate, but the idea that she gets to run her sexual strategy without any compromise is totally unacceptable for the successful dynamic we preach on here.

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      I share the same view these days, and although I can't speak for them, I suspect they do it for the same reason I do: the peace of mind.

      I cringe when I think of the days when I'd walk around all day with a knot in my stomach and a war in my head, plotting my next move to uncover the truth ("do I straight up ask her if there's someone else?" "do I try to break into her phone when she's in the shower?" "was it me or was that a suspicious reaction when she got that text?" "should I start asking her who's texting her more often?" "can I rig her laptop?" "should I camp outside of her place the next time she tells me she's staying in because she feels sick?" "what is my girlfriend truly up to?" So on, and so on, and so on...

      Speaking of feeling sick, this kind of behavior itself brings about a sickness, a self-cannibalizing sickness of insecurity and incredibly unattractive weakness that repels her and destroys the concerned man from the inside-out. I've experienced it before, and never ever plan to go through it again, and so I do this by concerning myself only with the time I experience with her, meaning if I have a generally good time when she's around, she doesn't cloud my days with any drama or negativity, and provides sex regularly, then that's all that matters.

      Snooping is like scratching an itch that eventually turns to more and more flesh being ripped off in the process, a maniacal quest to get to the bottom of things with little to any awareness of the self-damage caused along the way. Fuck that noise.

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              They can do whatever they want, I can replace them at any time, but add long as I'm getting the pussy and no diseases, I really don't give a damn what she does when I'm not there. Hell I share them with sone of my friends.

              So what do you mean "TRP cant endorse that" LOL man.

              There are levels of stupidity. Then there are levels of unjustified arrogance. Then there is you.

              First point, you obviously missed the sidebar material on showing respect to ECs. People like you are why many ECs leave.

              Second point, you obviously have not read anything on LTRs and have not grasped game differences. The hilarity of you trying a gotcha on an EC with material on the sidebar of this sub is almost too funny. If you had any level of respect about you, then instead of behaving like a beta bitch towards me, you would have asked why I disagreed with the other members. The answer is: I do not.

              Third point. You are quoting Matty, Vassily and Vengefully when they are discussing plates. (The use of the word "they" in your quote makes this painfully obvious.) I advocate the same approach when dealing with plates unless your game is seriously next level like mine is. Then you can have a different approach because you've written what others consider to be the definitive guide to the nuance of tests and then have written the only guide on commanding. This allowed me to mould the dynamics with my plates to suit me and my lifestyle more comfortably. In short: I can do shit most others can't so I get to play with some extra rules enabled.

              Fourth point. This discussion was about an LTR. If you were to have done any basic reading from the sidebar on LTRs then you'd be aware that gaming and managing plates is a completely different type of game to gaming/managing an LTR with different rules and different things you will and won't accept.

              Fifth point. TRP, Matty, Vassily and Vengefully will all agree with me here (feel free to ask them) that TRP will not endorse you condoning a woman you have LTR'd cheating on you.

              Sixth point. Read more. Based upon your account, you are the equivalent of a scrawny guy who just walked in the gym a couple of weeks ago and just challenged one of the heavyweights who has been there years. You need to lose your ego before you humiliate yourself further. Be thankful I'm too busy to get you banned for raising the noise level and lowering the signal. Use this good luck to your advantage and don't lash out like a beta would.

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              People like you are why many ECs leave.

              If a special snowflake Endorsed Cucktributor decides to leave because of some comments, it means he shouldn't be endorsed in the first place.

              Unless you meant something else, but that's the first thing that came to my (possibly very ignorant) mind when I read that sentence.

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              He probably means burnout.

              Or like the law of power, avoid the unlucky and unhappy. The charity of man isn't limitless.

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              Ah. The fact that the main subreddit has become the PHP of manosphere is more and more obvious.

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              Dude, the ask subs are cancer. I have to believe it's dedicated trollls

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              Wanna host a red pill version of stackoverflow?

              They do have the “interpersonal” stack or something

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              If it pays better than my day job.

              Protip. It doesn't come close

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              I guess. On the other hand the original stack overflow curated questions are pretty good. Maybe we should use something like that as a part of trp.red.

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                  Be thankful I'm too busy to get you banned for raising the noise level and lowering the signal.

                  Get the ego in line


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                    To clarify I was laughing at u/nightwingtrp demonstrating his super inflated ego then telling you to get yours in check

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                    Where does GLO rank in trp? Who is the head cheese around here?

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                    He's just here to self-promote and sell tee shirts.

                    Kidding aside, I think he's considered a vanguard.

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                    you obviously missed the sidebar material on showing respect to EC

                    Holy shit, man. Are you such a crybaby that you can't take him asking a direct question? This is askTRP, after all. Nothing about his comment was disrespectful. I can't believe someone with such thin skin is considered EC.

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                    Incredible brother! You killed this prick with that response. All of your points make perfect sense as well. Nicely done.

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                      Little brother, you are a pristine example of the concept: projection.

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                      Little brother, you are a pristine example of the concept: projection.

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                      Little brother, you are a pristine example of the concept: projection.

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                      see, you would have had to see my other post. I DO*** trust her, but for whatever reason the thought pops in my head, i can't help it. I originally asked if there was a way to get the thought out, only to be followed up with shitty responses like "She's already cheated".... so that's why i posed this question.

                      and you should really learn what a cuck is instead of just saying it cause everybody else does. I'd have to know and accept being cheated on to be a cuck

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                      Bro, cuck has become basically a meme. Originally yeah, cuckolds are the ones who like and accept seeing their girl with another man, but the term has somewhat evolved for anyone who gets cheated on.

                      Either way, if she gives no signs that she's cheating and you're still worried, then that's your insecurity speaking. It's always good to keep an eye out, but if even without signs on her part this thoughts still consume and annoy you, you should work on yourself. Game other girls just for the sake of doing it, have fun and do nice stuff without her, be independent. It's much easier said than done, I know. But that kind of insecurity only pushes women more towards cheating, instead of stopping them.

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                      "if she gives no signs that she's cheating and you're still worried, then that's your insecurity speaking"

                      That part!! I agree with you completely, and i trust her, plus, i've passed every shit test with flying colors and the last thing i've come off as is insecure, but sometimes can't help the thoughts that pop into my head. I like the advice of gaming other girls without getting physical, preciate it

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                      but for whatever reason the thought pops in my head, i can't help it.

                      The gut tends to be a good tool for guys. There's a reason so much of culture is trying to tell men "don't listen to your gut. Be more trusting. It doesn't matter if there's no evidence either way."

                      I originally asked if there was a way to get the thought out,

                      What do you mean by this?

                      I'd have to know and accept being cheated on to be a cuck

                      You have entertained a scenario in which you are being cheated on and have suggested you could accept this - i.e. you are aware and are just ignoring it. That's a cuck.

                      Interesting side note about the top end partner dance community, it is very sexually charged. At least where I'm from it is. Many have slept with each other when away simply because they felt horny after all the rubbing up against each other. You should read RedPope's classic FR "Dirty bedsheets" to remind you just how willing women are to throw everything away for a bit of cheap dick just because they feel like it. Never forget how women are feelings-driven.

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                      I originally asked if there was a way to get the thought out, as in, i didn't know if anyone would have some helpful psychological tools to release that thought because i don't really believe she will (or at least i hope she won't so much that i've convinced myself it's what i believe)

                      I would never accept her cheating on me. I'd drop her in the blink of an eye and go back to cold approaches, tinder, and bumble.

                      Again, i'm aware (especially with her profession, even though her actual dance partner is gay, not that she can't find others at competitions) that she has all the ability to cheat, but i fuck her reeeeaaaallll good, so i just gotta hope she doesn't wanna lose a sexy guy with a nice body who treats her well and has balanced a perfect amount of danger and rebellion and push/pull just for some dick that might not even be that good.

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                      I would never accept her cheating on me. I'd drop her in the blink of an eye and go back to cold approaches, tinder, and bumble.

                      This is the correct attitude. I strongly advise you to go read this. It will answer your following point:

                      but i fuck her reeeeaaaallll good, so i just gotta hope she doesn't wanna lose a sexy guy with a nice body who treats her well and has balanced a perfect amount of danger and rebellion and push/pull just for some dick that might not even be that good.

                      Anyways, it's up to you what you do. But given the information you've given me, I would never have LTR'd this chick in the first place. Situation you're in is basically trust but verify. Can always hire a PI for a week or two for peace of mind. But if your gut tells you something is up, then it's likely something is up. Time and again this gets proven on TRP. I think you've proven to yourself in this thread that ignoring things is not the answer you're looking for.

                      Best of luck to you.

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                      Sometimes "gut" feeling can be a result of paranoia which could be a result of too much caffeine. I've had situations where I've been cheated on by one female in particular as a youth. I was in denial about the situation and afterwards I certainly accepted the truth.

                      This caused me to be weary of all women. For good reason obviously. But because of the one girl cheating on me I will second guess any woman for the rest of my life. I certainly trust my ltr more than any other chick, but I would never pledge 100% trust to anyone in the world. I believe, from seeing, that everyone has a price and if that right price comes around they will sellout in a heartbeat.

                      Example- if you had a crush on Selena Gomez, hypothetically speaking, and you found a good mate that you decided to LTR. If the opportunity were to present itself, hypothetically speaking, that Selena was dtf and you were in a committed relationship with a wonderful ltr, yet the circumstances were right so that you could safely fuck Selena. Would you do it?

                      Put any woman in the world in that same position with comparable stakes. Would she do it? To me, taking the red pill is accepting that it could happen, but not giving a shit because you've raised your smv so much that if it does not only can you find another "perfect" girl, you can turn ANY chick into a perfect girl. This is true abundance. Seeing exactly what you want and taking it with no compromise.

                      I truly see myself as one of the most attractive men I've seen in my life. I was not like this prior to reading the sidebar. I've putting lifting on a higher priority and changed my attitude completely. I've always been physically attractive but I've maximized my strength (have certainly not piqued yet) and corrected my posture. I'm no longer afraid to proudly display my highly intelligent mind.

                      The result from taking this red pill is that I get iois from women whom I consider to be cream of the crop produce. For those that say iois aren't the same as fucking- this is very true and also goes without saying. But do you remember the unattractive girls in your class?... exactly, because they're invisible.

                      I feel so fulfilled with my life now and no longer lost as I was. Whenever I'm around a super hot girl, 8 times out of 10 they are nervous around me. Although my SMV has been noticeably higher (than it has been my whole life) for almost a year I still never fail to impress myself with the what I've reaped from all this.

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                      thanks so much for the advice and the link

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                      In any relationship that's enough of a relationship to count something as cheating? Yeah, it matters.

                      If someone wants an open relationship or a casual arrangement, that's different. That's also defined at the outset.

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                      depends if anyone is around to hear it : )

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                      These kinds of if statements always seem weird to me because they don't seem based in reality. A woman that cheats on you most likely won't (I'd argue CANT) remain as you put it "incredibly supportive, gorgeous, incredible in bed, and caters to me constantly".

                      If she knows she has cheated on you, it will soon start showing in many unpleasant ways.

                      EDIT: Warning: Reddit admins deleted me after 2 years of posting, even with current gold on my account, just because I posted a link to a youtube account that was easily available if you took a name news organizations were giving out and typed it into google yourself. The bias against Trump and the_donald is real.

                      BUT, the reddit morons forgot to lock out EDITING your previous posts as part of the permanent ban.

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                      agreed!! thanks man, my SMV is pretty high, and i really put in work in the bedroom, plus i treat her pretty well with just the right amount of dickheadness. I don't think i have anything to worry about, just wondered if it mattered even if i did

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                      All women are capable of infidelity given the right circumstances. As a man you should never be surprised or upset when it happens. This is why you never over invest emotionally or financially into her. She is always just your turn.

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                      IDGAF attitude is the best. You should be spinning plates yourself so the STD angle is a red-herring.

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                      I'm in that same mindset with my girl. Who cares what she does? I got banned from TRP for saying this same thought. A guy was going through his plate's phone because he was weak. I called him beta for caring. He didn't have abundance mentality because he was being insecure and checking up on her.

                      I have plenty of women that want me constantly. I don't have to worry about what my girl is doing because she knows that a bunch of girls would line up to get with me if she messed up. I don't have to check up on her because I'm confident and don't care.

                      The fact that I was banned from TRP for holding this mindset tells me that at least some of the mods are not red pilled. Trust the sidebar, not the sub.

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                      dude this is incredible, thanks

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                      Exactly, if she cheats then she cheats. Big deal. Nothing to get hung up over especially in this day and age. It's sex. It's not a big deal so don't make it one and you'll be fine

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                      If I disrespect you - and it becomes obvious to you - does it matter for you?

                      If I disrespect you by lying straight to your face and you never know that I lied - does it matter for you?

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                      I have always treated all women as plates. My LTR's have been nothing but plates that everyone knows I am in a relationship with. If they live with me, they are live in plates. If I find out they cheat on me, I immediately live somewhere else.

                      /u/Nightwing is correct when he says that it is a matter of respect. It is not the actual cheating that bothers me, it is the act of disrespect that cannot be overlooked. This is the reason why it is irrelevant whether she let a guy fuck her or swapped spit with one of her friends somewhere. The actual act doesn't matter, what matters is how she made you look when and while she was doing this. Even if nobody saw her, her respect for you during whatever act must have dwindled to the point of nothingness or she could not have brought herself to that circumstance. She would have avoided it, because she would be thinking of her respect for you.

                      Once that line has been passed, and she has ignored her respect for you, it's time to go. She will never gain that respect to its full measure. She has already seen that there were no consequences for disrespecting you. The only consequence for a lack of respect is losing you. There can be no other.

                      To OP, you say: (plus seems to love my daughter)

                      Nothing baffled me more on this than the fact that she knows your daughter. If she knows your daughter, then stop trying to act like she's a plate. She is not a plate, you have allowed her into your home. Plates don't know your inner circle, they spin independently of it.

                      You are in love with this woman, and you are trying to hamster her infidelities. If you like fucking her, plate her. No need to hard next, plates aren't supposed to be able to affect your SMV. They are there for your enjoyment. But in this case, you my friend, are already in love. Stop trying to hamster/rationalize her disrespect. If you have to think about her being unfaithful, then it's too late.

                      [–]i_forget_my_userids 0 points1 point  (1 child)

                      My LTR's have been nothing but plates that everyone knows I am in a relationship with. If they live with me, they are live in plates.

                      Utter nonsense. You're only kidding yourself.

                      Everything else is fairly on-point

                      [–]topapito 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                      Would you care to tell me why you consider this utter nonsense?

                      [–]oscarkool -1 points0 points  (1 child)

                      LMAO so you get to fuck multiple women, but your women can't fuck other guys? Hahahahaha funniest thing I've read today thanks. Stop being such an insecure beta

                      [–]topapito 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                      Dogs bark, the caravan continues...

                      [–]Art_is_it 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                      Let me just get one thing straight. Is everyone here faithfull? Or guys can cheat? Legit question.

                      Cause from what I've read here, man don't cheat but woman do even though all my male friends cheated, and like 10% of my female friends did (and without sex as far as I know)

                      When I'm with a girl the problem is always me. I'm always unhappy in a monogamous relationship. That's why I tried to open for me but not for her. She accepted at first than she couldn't handle, now we're in an "open limbo" which she faces as a close relationship till we decide and I face as an open relationship until we decide...

                      [–]Etlloidgroer 0 points1 point  (1 child)

                      If she cheats dump her ass immediately and never look back. Until then, don't even worry about it.

                      [–]JvSOUL 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                      As long as your fucking/messing with other girls, it's cool. At anytime she should NOT be your only option. If she is, and she's CAPABLE of cheating, Your a CUCK. Get ready to be cuckolded.

                      [–]LordThunderbolt -1 points0 points  (0 children)

                      Wrong sub r/cuckold