Why people don't want omega males near them? (self.asktrp)

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The only purpose of omega male is being the laughing stock of a group. I had this guy who lives near my house and we started going to high school together, my father would take us to school and take back everyday. Well, I used to do homework and gym with him and he was an outcast like me. He had no friends except his cousin.

I tried to be gentle, outgoing and I treat him really like a brother. When he was with me he acted like we were best friends but at school when other guys used to humiliate me he laughed at their jokes.

That summer he started to hang out with his cousin friends and when I got back at school he wasn't the same. He was cold and even if I asked him to take a beer together he told me he was going out with OTHER friends.

My father died in 2012 and he didn't make a move, he never asked me to hang out with him.

What do you think?

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He does not stand up for what he believes, if he has any value at all. He goes with the flow, freerider. If he gives you no value, don't let him be in your life.

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yes. this conclusion seems so obvious it leads me to question whether OP has a different issue, i’m reading from the subtext. loneliness and scarcity complex.

OP — take a class, join a meetup group, hang out at a café and read a book. meet more people and you will think about this douche bag no longer

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Next him. Why is this even a question? If you are the one who is asking out all the time ask yourself if he is your real friend.

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I think you should get over this specious and immature notion of "friendship". You were convenient for him for a while. Your utility ran out.

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Friendships are one of the few things that make life worth living. They obviously have to be friendships with the right people!

TRP puts emphasis on male bonding for a reason.

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Friendships are relationships, and any relationship is predicated upon usefulness within the relationship.

A friendship only lasts as long as there is something in common and both parties benefit.

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Well duh, ideally we do not make friends with someone who does not bring something positive to our lives.

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Ergo friendship is transactional.

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Yeah, it does not need to be a "oh friendship does not exist" dark thing.

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Dark? No. This has nothing to do with being dark or not. This is an amoral truth about human relations.

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We most likely have different experiences and circles of friends, so I don't see the point in arguing this with you.

Agree to disagree.

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I don't have a circle of friends. I don't need that in my life.

Ultimately this boils down to our respective condundrums of philosophy, not unlike "what is beauty?".

Agree to disagree is really the only way for this to end meaningfully.

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Do you need friends for existence? No.

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Do you need friends for existence? No.

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Same reason nobody wants fat girls near them: no value, plus they are painful to look at.

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Demote to plate status

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Pump & dump

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Stop being an omega, and you won’t have to worry about this.

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Wtf is an omega male? This isn't on TRP glossary of terms.

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It is supposedly under beta male. Society's equalivent to the Ancient Indian's Caste System Untouchables.

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So an outcast? Like someone nobody wants to hang out with because he is weird?

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I bet if he had told the story, it would have ended in "I'm happy I found some better friend and left that attention seeking omega cuck behind eventually"

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Because in a hunter gatherer society omega males are literal dead weight to the group.

Usually too weak/scare to hunt.

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Why the fuck are you still thinking about this turd of a friend when your dad sided 6 years ago and he didn't make a move. You should have cut him off then, you're weak, op.

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Guys who don't get it are annoying.

That itself doesn't bother me as much as guys who actively refuse to get it.

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    Wrong. He should go out and practice, painful as it is. Go somewhere you don't know anyone, if you want.

    There is nothing you can read that will directly improve your social skills.

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    can't make friends because he's an omega

    Can you explain what this means? More generally, what makes you anything?


    At what point are you "alpha", "beta" or "omega"?

    After how many weeks of Mass are you "religious"?

    How many people a day do you have to talk to for you to be an "extrovert"?

    (There's a point here, I'm not just being an obnoxious pedant.)

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    Read Mark Mansons, The subtle art to not giving a F***.

    Take what he says to heart, it'll help you tremendously.

    Best of luck. It's a hard road that'll take months to years to fix--but if you want it, you can do it.

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    at school when other guys used to humiliate me

    Next time crush their faces with something heavy, and everything is going to change...

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    Or just shrug it off and focus on your own life like a normal person. Attacking somebody because of an insult is one of the most beta things you could do.