Girls less friendly As smv rises ? (self.asktrp)

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Over the last year, I've lost 20 pounds , put on muscle, got a house and got a new corporate job (I'm 27). I've noticed that As my smv goes up, girls show more iois , but seem less "friendly". Kind of hard to explain, but has anyone else experienced this ? It's very strange.

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If anything, they can end up more shy than the average chick because they have less experience in real flirting.

Most of their flirting comes in the form of, "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?/Fuck off creep."

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When there is a near difference (+/- 1 point) she sees you as being attractive but not "hot." She can get better than you if she wanted. She is friendly here because if she is a bitch to you then her social status drops (why is she such a bitch to him... he's a great guy!) and if she gives you IOIs, then she is leading you on. This is the place where her active orbiters sit; these are the orbiters that she may text or call when she wants validation or "cuddles" or "hugs" or "friend time." She will frame these encounters as such and do the very least to keep you strung along.

When there is a large difference (2 - 3 points below her) she will likely just ignore you until she needs something fro you like a favor or physical labor and only after the guy above her isn't available. She will not text or call you at this level for hang out time or anything listed above. These are are her passive orbiters; for these men she doesn't have to do anything and they keep showing up to do things for her without asking. She will thank them for these things, with a smile, but it's not a real smile and she really doesn't want to thank you. (why should she thank you for something she didn't even ask for?)

When there is a stark difference (at least 3 - 4 points less) she ignores you altogether. Your presence bothers her and is well into creeper mode if you have a conversation lasting longer than "hello." If she doesn't want to be involved in a conversation with you and you insist, she will feel unsafe or "harassed." She will avoid eye contact but instead of looking down (submissive) she will avoid contact levelly (dominant.) She sees herself above and better than you. She will try to avoid contact with you at all costs. If forced to be near you she will still try to level some sort of orbiter status out of you. She will accept all the things a 2-3 point difference does, but reluctantly.

When there is a huge difference (5 or more points less) you are nothing to her. No amount of attention, friendliness, or servitude will do. You are beneath her and your attentions, in any form, constitute outright border-line microaggression pre-rape. This is a hard place to be because it means you may have trouble being hired places if the initial HR contact is a woman because a 5+ point difference means she is a 7 or higher (there are very few "2s" for men and women) so if you are a 2 or 3 in the SMP, then your life is likely difficult already.

When you are 1-2 points ABOVE her, she sheds her friendliness to you because she doesn't want to be your friend. She wants to see if you are fuckable and she doesn't fuck her friends. She gives IOIs as an invitation to engage her and then she will start "testing" you to make sure your 1-2 points is real. For each little test you pass, she will become a little more submissive. This is shown through being shy, playing with her hair, looking to you for any direction, doing things for you, bringing you gifts.

If you look like an 8 but then your mouth opens and you sound like a 5, then you are no longer an 8 for long term physical engagement, but you may be an 8 for at least a night (she thinks you look "hot" but the "chemistry" isn't quite there, for her and she may keep you around for a once in a while good fuck (basically her plate). If you can't fuck her good, then she will lose interest (applies to anyone, though.)

When you are 3-4 points above her, you can basically get away with murdering her family members and tee hee, he's so hot... my family sucked anyways.

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Word. I notice if I make the effort to talk to them, there super receptive but I don't get girls coming up to say hi to me and shit anymore. Once again, it's weird.

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I encountered this after packing on quite a good amount of muscle. The intimidation is actually a good thing because if you smile at them they will most likely feel obliged to smile back and at the same time, makes you a tad more attainable. That's the perfect moment to open them.

Now if they refuse to look you in the eye, it's probably they have confidence issues and they probably aren't worth approaching in the first place.

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Wow you are huge. Are you clean?

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Yes, I'm clean. One thing to note is I said a visible six pack at 190lb but I didn't say shredded at 190lb. I'd say that I'm fairy lean around 180-185 l.

Still pretty big though.

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You might be aiming too low

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This is a real thing I learnt

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The other explanation would be now you're a "serious contender", so the girl has to behave like she's actually being hit on - the whole deal with approaching, dealing w/ unfriendly girls sometimes, etc.

Maybe before, your SMV was so much lower than hers, that she risks nothing by being friendly because she was so out of your league, and you both knew it - almost like Beyonce being friendly when being approached by a fan, but has a higher bitch shield when approached by a "real contender".

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You are choosing a dvd for tonight

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Are you eye-fucking then like a homeless junkie?

Cos that would explain it.

Normally they are much more responsive, even excited by interaction.

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Women have friends (beta orbiters), and men that they are interested in sexually. Looks like you jumped ship from one camp to the next.

I would say congratulations. Women aren't see you as friend material anymore, all you really have to do now is work on approaching.

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Omega's also fit that category though.

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Did you become an arrogant asshole?

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Not that extreme , but I don't take as much shit as I used to from people.

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I don't know where you are on your TRP journey but I can tell you something about my experience. After discovering TRP I only read the daily user posts and comments and a little bit of sidebar material. It turned me into an emotional ice block. I felt like people respected me a little bit more but also that they where more distanced. Then I began reading "How to to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie, "No More Mr. Nice Guy" buy Robert A. Glover and "Models" by Mark Manson. Especially the last book helped me to get back a positive attitude towards women, which TRP had destroyed almost completely and instantly women began to be nicer to me. I guess it's that most women have very good intuition when it comes to reading other people, so they may show IOIs at first (when you look good) but when they get the feeling that you are arrogant they will back off (at least most emotionally healthy women will do so).

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Good job on escaping the "anger phase"

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He looks at the stars

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I thought it was good but it didn't really tell me anything I didn't already know. YMMV

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When you were fat you got friendzoned and you were friends, now you are a "sexual candidate" and they are shit-testing you

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One is that girls that see you as above them will self-reject.

Two though is that there are no longer as many just the jolly fat friend syndrome because the girls have turned on their "I am just about to get fucked by this hot dude, is this a good thing" defense shields.

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My guess is you're now being seen as a sexual entity.

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I'm 20, 6'3, an amateur boxer, a part time male model and an electronic engineering major with a 3.9 GPA.

I've never had a woman be really friendly to me. However I get iois from almost every woman I meet.

I'm an intense, aggressive person who hates losing. That probably makes me intimidating. However I like being this way and I'm not changing for anyone.

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As it happened to me as a youngster (but didn't understand until much, much later)...

A girl in our group was always touchy-feely with every male of the group, but when it came to me she said "not you, you are dangerous".

They instinctively know you are not to be messed around so is "all or nothing" attitude, if they want to fuck you they will get friendly, if they don't, they will take some distance, less games being played with you.