Did I make the right decision pushing this guy last night? (self.asktrp)

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Last night out at a bar with a group of friends when a scrawny guy walked past me and grabbed my ass. I smiled at him and said come here then pushed him on the ground. The bouncers looked at me and I said “this faggot slapped my ass”. He was out of the bar and we carried on with our night.

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Coulda got your dick sucked you fag smh

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Nothing gay about getting your dick sucked.

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Hahah that's perfect

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I think it's generally the right decision to defend yourself against someone who has sexually assaulted you.

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hah I love how blunt the advice around here is

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True but them it can go wrong pretty quickly. You shove him a little too hard, he looses balance, hits head and seriously injuries himself or even dies. You are now either broke from paying his medical bills or in prison. Was that really worth it?

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Straight males age around 18 to 45 is minority thesedays. He was opressing him. And it was self defense. The fag would enjoy jail anyway more.

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You should have told him you're not that easy.

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Personally, I don't think there was any need to go out of your way to push him to the ground. You easily could have looked at him and said something along the lines of "hey man, don't you ever do that again". Simple. Powerful. That is you in you masculine presence.

Now if you told him that and he didn't apologize and instead got into your personal space, then your actions would have been warranted.

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Georgia both white

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Are Americans really this easily offended? especially by words.

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No, not really. Most Americans don't give a shit. A portion of them pretend to care.

Calling out a guy for calling a gay guy "faggot" after sexually assaulting him is the kind of anti-hate speech virtue signalling many Americans seem to love. Of course, that one that got assaulted can't be a victim if he pushed the faggot, so clearly he's the victim for being pushed and being called a faggot.

Shame is the new in thing to sling.

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I don't think you made the right decision. Here's why:

  1. You feel the need to mention he's scrawny. I have to ask, would you react the same if he was jacked? I'm tempted to grab your ass if I ever see you just to test if you're a big man around everyone, or just a bully. Based on this post you sound like a bully.

  2. Where would you be if he'd fallen on the ground and hit is head, or broken an elbow? And before you try to claim self defense it sounds like he had already walked away and you called him back to fight. He could probably press charges without being injured, but imagine if he had been. Does being and jail and being broke sound like fun to you? Some of the comments have an interesting view of self defense. Take their advice if you want to end up in jail getting much worse than groped.

  3. You lost frame. Not the worst on this list, but you definitely did. Someone crosses a line and you over react. Shows weak frame.

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An ass slap is not sexual assault, he was just performing kino.

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Sucker punching pushing is not a defensive move. Unless OP saw the faggot trying to make another move, which OP does not mention, then he was not defending himself.

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Nothing wrong with defending yourself, don't think you needed to call him a faggot. Just a smirk with a "Guy grabbed my ass" would have sufficed, but whatever

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would the smirk have worked without an avocado?

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The only issue I see with what you did is that he could've been carrying a weapon and you could be dead right now. If you're escalating a fight one step, be prepared to go all the way, especially in a bar.

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you reacted like someone who's massively insecure would react.

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Or, like somebody that has been sexually assaulted.

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getting your ass grabbed aint good but making a fight about it? Just doesnt worth it, especially in a club/closes area with bouncers. You can pat yourself on the back how tough you were but thats it, you could have gotten into a fight, he could have had buddies to fight, a knife. Not saying to act submissive, just seems like a stupid idea to make such a scene.

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Wow what a pathetic pussy you are

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No, and the next one might hit you over the head with a beer bottle after you pushed him. Or better yet the bouncers throw you out on your ass for starting a fight.

So cute fucktards come here asking for confirmation bias from other fucktards.

Funny thing is most people here are scrawny fucks who couldn't fight if their life depended on it.

The truly good fighters and martial arts masters know how to avoid a fight and only fight when it is absolutely necessary which is just about never.

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Minimal force necessary or something like that.

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While the tough guy in me is fine with what you did and I would have said something if that happened to me I’ll answer this as someone with experience in the legal field and who’s seen this happen. For one, it’s no longer considered defense when you ask the guy to come back over and then you shove/push him. Plus, it’s in public and most (reasonable) women don’t want to deal with that shit, especially when it’s clear that the other dude is much smaller than you and then calling him a faggot to the bouncer. At that point you just look like an ass (no pun intended).

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no, that's battery in a public area ya idiot

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Probably would have been better off imagining it was a girl you were trying to fuck last night and leaving the guy be.

You’d at least appear a bit more confident, and probably would have left there with some actual pussy instead of looking like one.

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Could have stabbed him in your "defense" and that would have been fine.

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Not to bad, for someone who acts on feelings. I hope you did not ruin your fingernails and nylons, happens so fast in a catfight.

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You should be careful these days... if he injured himself after you pushed him and called him “faggot,” they’d probably charge you with a hate crime or something now.

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Fuck you did the right thing! It would infuriate me if that happened to me!! Fucking faggot deserved it! No offence to anyone but The rise in the whole LGBT stuff makes them think that they get a free pass for anything! The slightest issue and the whole queer community gets involved! You get labelled as homophobic.

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you broke frame like a little pussy

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I personally would have punched that faggedy face in.

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Nah that's fine

He's lucky he didn't get beat on more

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I don't think it was the right decision. Violence should always be used as a last resort, and in this situation, you could have dealt with it in a non violent way.

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I smiled at him and said come here then pushed him on the ground

unprovoked (and likely you can't prove he started it) physical assault is very risky.

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I could of got my dick sucked fag

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Yup, good move. That dude sexually assaulted you.

I would have created a reason for him to have dentures.

Seriously tho, be careful in what state you are in. The push could be seen as assault since he had grabbed you seconds prior and didnt hold on or.anything.

States have a " only defense is legal if you are being assaulted currently" and currently could have ended when he let go.

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seems like a bit of an overreaction to me tbh..

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Starting fights creates danger and if there's no safety reason to fight then there is no point, especially in public. Control your urges or be a fucking weak minded animal

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Hmm, it really depends.

The most secure men wouldn't frown and tell him "I'm not interested, don't do that again." but in a bar setting I don't think there is anything weak or wrong about shoving someone who touches you in a way you don't appreciate.

And afterall, it's your world. Let everyone else deal w the fallout🤘

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There's a severe issue with your frame and how you carry yourself if you're getting your ass grabbed in public.

No man grabs the ass of a tiger. Be dangerous.