Shit test: "What do you do for a work?" "How much money did you make" (self.asktrp)

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I'm in property management but that's boring to talk about. What is the correct response here?

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-her- How much do you make?

-me- How much do you charge?

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I'm stealing this

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too bad they never ask for how much you make but what kind of job you have. its more vague and its enough for them to categorize you

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"I'm a gay pornstar", "I'm a professional crocodile wrestler"

Use your imagination

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gay porn star is a quality line.

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If a girl asks you how much you make outside of a serious relationship, that is a hard next. It's a rude question to ask. Like asking her how much she weighs.

If you are talking about your jobs and she asks it playfully like "I bet you make a lot of money doing that!", then you answer it equally playfully. "Oh yeah, I had to start burying bags of it behind the shed!"

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ya, you can answer that if you're gonna get married, otherwise, nuner bidness

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Like asking her how much she weighs.

I often ask women how much they weight, and they proudly tell me. That's because I mostly meet fit women. It's like asking shredded guy how much he bench presses.

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I disagree. It's a pretty standard question to ask someone what their occupation is when trying to get to know them or having casual conversation

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Occupation yes. Salary no.

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For the love of God, do not answer these questions directly. In fact, don't answer any question from a THOT directly

"I'm a horse jockey"

"I make one thousand penny farthings per fortnight"

And if she pesters you "We can talk about boring shit later"

You think she asks Chad these questions? Up your SMV

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    Things you're passionate about. Things she's passionate about. Crazy stories from the past. That kinda thing

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    Things she's passionate about.

    LOL no. The vast majority of women have zero interests and passion past anything like the Kardashians.

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    Whats THOT?

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      If she breathes...

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      My grandma doesn't breathe. Checkmate.

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      She thots

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      Means whore

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      "I get paid a ridiculous amount of money to teach ants how to line dance for movie scenes."

      Bonus points if you can keep a straight/serious face through it.

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      Just make shit up.

      My favorite: ”I'm an arms dealer.”

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      Milkman. Mattress tester. Retired stripper. Undercover reporter

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      Ding Ding Ding Red Flag

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      What is the correct response here?


      How much money do you make is pure gold digger stuff. Ditch her.

      What do you do for work: just make it sound awesome. "I enable people to live in their dream home" or something like that.

      If they ever get a whiff of money, you get instant commitment shit tests, which you handle by not committing and being ready to ditch them the second they try to get future date commitments out of you, or "make him wait" or "pretending to not be a whore by withholding sex".

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      "Why? I'm not paying for your services."

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      "I make enough to pay for this meal and write it off as a bad investment and learn from this experience."

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      It's funny but would go over most women’s head.

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      Why do you feel the need to validate yourself by answering this?

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      Gynecologist or uhhh a Pediatrician or uhhh a Pediatric Gynecologist I don’t remember.

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      Keep talking like that and disney won't be able to hire you

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      The Game.

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      Killer movie.

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      Don't ever answer this seriously. No one needs to know that.

      "What do you do for a work?" "How much money did you make"

      "Im walking butterflies, they pay me in bitcoins" or "Im a stripper" "Garbageman" etc.

      This shit ain't anyone business but yours. Potential gold digger.

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      What do you do for work? / what do you do for a living?

      "I make women happy" + deep eye contact and a cocky grin.

      How much money do you make?

      Red fucking flag. She just shot herself in the foot. Now we know she's a gold digging whore.

      "That's personal." Then move on.

      If she persists later on:

      "I told you, that's personal. If you really want to know, you have to get personal with me first."

      Pump her, then never tell her.

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      While people are saying next for gold-digger symptoms ... I would also next for poor English ... "What you do for a work"

      Have standards when choosing your pussy.

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      To me this question alone is a ghostable offense. However, I have a good deflection. Do a pressure flip on her credit score, and work credit karma in there somehow.

      Change the subject quickly after she reveals she doesn't have the app.

      This tactic works on repeat very well.

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      What do you do for work doesn't have to be a shit test. Could just be making conversation.

      If someone asks how much you make tell them you're an investment banker, Walmart cashier, Obama impersonator, coke dealer, or than you get paid to shave boxer's chests before a fight

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      Its ridiculous how people view that as a shit test.. its seriously just small talk conversation type shit.

      Now a girl asking "how much do you make" is completely different. That implies gold digger, or at best a shit test.

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      Yeah this sub thinks anything that isn't "do me now" is a shit test.

      "Im not interested in dating I was just diagnosed with cancer"

      "How do I pass this shit test???"

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      If a woman is asking how much you make she can never be promoted above a plate.

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      No. But asking her what is her N count can produce some funny results, since it is the same as asking a man what he does for a living or how much he earns.

      Men generally want women with as little N count as possible. Women want men who have money or at least can support themselves.

      Society made us believe that it is okay to ask men what they do for a living, how much they earn yada yada (usual hamster is "we are just wanna have a conversation that's it!!) but society also says that is is wrong to ask woman's her N count.

      Fuck society and its stupid rules. Change starts with one.

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      You must be new around here if you think a woman will tell you her n count.

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      It's not whether she will tell you but about seeing her reaction

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      [email protected] for how much I make. I'd get a fiver for the coffee out and throw it on the table. "Enough for this." Then leave without saying another word.

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      I don't think I'd continue a conversation with a female that acted that. I might respond that I make eounght to have to worry about gold dihmggers and move on.

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      In in property management then start talking about your passion and your mission.

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      This is a good one, since my mission is to own and renovate tons of properties like a guy I know. Its not lying, and its a good mission.

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      I just have a lot of passion for things in my life and like talking with passionate women.

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      Only problem is these questions, especially the second one will be coming from a gold digger and don't deserve a straight answer.

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      Enough to comfortably support myself and do the things I like to do. How much do you make?

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      "I'm a loan shark debt collector."

      "I sell drugs."

      "I'm a professional world of warcraft player."

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      Tell the whore to quit asking questions

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      "that's a bit personal... but for spending change, i sell cock by the pound or by the inch-depending on what you can afford."

      then, i would SERIOUSLY ignore just about everything she says until she actually FEELS that i want her to get the fuck away from me.

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      “Not your fucking business “

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      "I just earn college credits"

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      No girl has ever asked me how much I make, but what I "do" all the time. Like they won't fuck me if I'm a driver or something. Lame

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      Well, are you?

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      Nope, I pass that test easy

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      I like going with “I run a business....” if she asks what type, you can say real estate. Youre not lying, but it’s also vague enough that she has no idea what you actually do....not sure why everyone thinks you have to make up something outrageous. You don’t have to talk about your work or reveal anything about your income, but you don’t have to make something up either. Just know its not worth your time to delve into it beyond a one or two word answer. Change the subject immediately.

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      Because they read it on some PUA site where dude doesn't want to relay that he works the fry station at McDonalds while sporting a Rolex knockoff and $400 sneakers which he saved up for all summer.

      The women I meet will instantly auto-reject some dickwad that says something stupid like "gay pornstar" or other shit...of course, they aren't the dance club ave chicks so perhaps it works there.

      Just say something vague...I usually say consulting which is true then move the fuck on to more interesting banter....women are usually attempting to figure out what this random dude in front of her is actually like and since work is where the vast majority of people spend their lives and focus...it gives them a sense of your work ethics, intelligence and focus. It is not some grand gold-digging scheme to loot a betabux, you fuckwads, that is unless you are picking up in a stripper bar or such.

      NEVER tell any person, female or male how much money you make. That is a very uncouth thing to ask in most societies. Never had a girl ask me this question in years of meeting women.

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        Business Systems.....

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        Glad I saw a reply like this because i share the same belief. Sucks that i had to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to find it though.

        Lots of redpillers think "where do you work?" is a fucking shit test.. wow. Its basic small talk..

        Now them asking "how much do you make" is something else. That implies gold digger or at best, a shit test.

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        I'm superman. in a serious yet joking manner. be fun.

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        One has got to put a lot of fantasy in there to make that a shittest. But, no matter how you call it, as long as you're not feeling confident to talk about your job, your only choice is to dodge the question... I only ask myself why you want a girl with such a big red flag.