[16M] How to not be the stereotypical feminine guy when in drama club? (self.asktrp)

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I joined the drama club in high school. I am masculine so I don’t really have an insecurity except I am the only straight guy in the drama club. (I joined only for girls LOL)

Is there anything I should do to not be seen like the feminine gays?

(I do lift and am masculine)

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You joined ONLY for the girls.

Never do anything only for girls. If you don't like the class, get out of it.

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I will quit if I don’t like it tho. I just wanted to participate in something and there wasn’t something I liked so I picked this.

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say no homo before you do anything remotely gay and you’ll be in the clear

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That's why it was invented.

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Why not actually enjoy acting? Shakespearian acting is actually very enjoyable but in High School we think it's gay and stupid and boring. If you're masculine you have nothing to worry about. Don't do shit just because girls are there.

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Mention that you think a popular female celebrity is really hot and wished she was your girlfriend.

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Have fun with it. Lift weights. Flirt back at the girls.