Are we limited to what we can do based on our income? Dates, networking, freedom? (self.asktrp)

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I think this is a maybe. I had a friend who was fwb with someone around his age with a masters and a very stable job, but he lived in a lower tier apartment.

I'm starting to think since I can't afford high-end foods, I think my health will always stay below what I want. Yes, there are ways to buy and cultivate cheap food but even then, you trade time and energy.

A measly 5'7 guy working 40 hours per week won't be able to compete with someone who has a house and the parents money to buy the protein shakes. Not to compete but just to make an example.

If you're low income, you've cut off travel, and other auxiliary opportunities, no dating app memberships and the like. Well, maybe just less of.

What is some workaround for this? I tend to frequent frugal topics in gainit for example. But are we really that limited, are most of us fighting a steep climb?

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I make a lot of money, and my dating strategy must require weeding out gold-diggers. I dress nicely, but cheaply, and my dates are activities that cost nothing, or close to it. I avoid talking much about what I do so they don't get a clue, and I vet them.

Somehow, women always seem to get the clue that I'm high value.

Dating apps are no good, travel doesn't help (long-distance relationships don't work) - you don't want any of the things you say you can't afford. Becoming a high-value man is what matters, even if you don't have the trappings of one.