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Theres so much of information out there, so many gurus telling you to do 'X' so 'Y' will definitely happen. So many websites teaching you the behaviour of a High Value Woman... there is this one thing almost all the Gurus teach. "By not caring for the relationship, you hold the most power"... "Do not care, be busy, be high value" mantra is blatantly taught by all the big names ( Brian Nox, even Sherry Argov... in their bestselling books.

Well, congratulations, lady, you just answered your own question.

In. Their. Bestselling. Books.

When you go to Brian Nox's website, here is the first thing you see. Scroll down a bit and you get to read this:

Some men are silly to say the least. They don’t treat women with the respect they deserve in relationships, at work and even in their family lives. Sure, not all men are like this, but you might have noticed life is not always easy, as a woman.

I’m on a personal mission to change that. Being a man I get why men do what they do. Consider me your “insider” who is not afraid to share the truth about men and their ‘interesting’ behaviors. I share important strategies with women that will help them get what they deserve, in their love life, in their career, wherever they need it.

Yeah, right. Mr. Brian Nox, your personal white knight, is going to treat you with the respect you deserve, by giving you inside information on how men are silly and what you should do to get everything you deserve from them.

Just click here to buy his book.

I swear, if I ever get sick enough of working for a living to be willing to sacrifice my self-respect, I will take a fifty milligram dose of ondansetron hydrochloride, and start penning "Coughing Up The Red Pill: How I Rejected Misogyny and Discovered Women are Wonderful", full of every platitude I can think of about how women are perfect, how anything they do wrong is men's fault, how they deserve a Nobel Prize and a Congressional Medal of Honor just for breathing, and how it is morally imperative that every man they encounter should devote his entire existence to satisfying their every whim, but never dare to speak in their presence unless given permission.

Then I will buy a small Caribbean island, have a palace built on it, and never do any work again, unless flinging the ice from my martini glass off the balcony counts as "watering the lawn".

Because hordes of women will buy enough copies to kill a small forest, then read the first three chapters and collapse on the sofa in a drugged-out stupor of ego-gratification, oblivious to the babble of daytime television or the fact that their bag of potato chips has spilled into their unwashed hair.

In case my real point isn't totally fucking obvious, anyone who makes money giving women relationship advice is really being paid to tell women what they want to hear.

It must be quite tough to be a woman sometimes (and here I am no longer being sarcastic), because women are constantly surrounded by a perfect storm of misinformation, blowing from overprotective busybodies, and dudes who will say anything if they think they'll get laid.

Let's face it: If good relationship advice for women affirmed what they already wanted to hear, they wouldn't need any. They'd already know it.

All growth, by definition, happens outside your comfort zone. This is common sense. If you want better results than you have ever had, you are going to have to learn things you have never known, think things you have never thought, and try things you have never done.

If advice tastes good on your tongue, spit it out. It's full of sugar and it will make you fat. Anyone can make long lists of what they they deserve, and seek out people they can pay to agree with them. But if you think you deserve something, and the world isn't offering it to you, then it has a different opinion of what you deserve.

And you can work hard to change yourself, or you can pay people to tell you the world is mistaken. Guess which one of these will get you what you want?

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I agree with you, I commented on deadbedrooms about how a woman should try to look attractive if they want to be desired. Apparently, you should just be desired regardless of appearance. Who knew ...

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These "relationship gurus" mostly tell women what they want to hear versus what they need to hear in an effort to generate and secure interest, commitment, and marriage from High Value Man.

It's basically the only way to make money in this profession. I suspect there are a few who REALLY want to offer hardcore and truthful advice, but by the time the book goes thorough edits and eventually gets to print it's a watered-down version of what could have been very useful dating techniques and solid principles.

I saw a video where "specialists" were offering dating advice at a conference filled with mostly women. The one panelist who offered the best and most truthful advice - one nugget of which was "you have to BE the person you're looking for versus being a 4/10 woman seeking an 8/10 male" was met with audible groans virtually every time he presented hardcore truths and actionable, practical advice.

In short - people want the High Value Mate, but don't want to exert the necessary effort to achieve that result.

There are no shortcuts - you have to do the work.

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This! You want Prince Charming? You gotta be that sweet, beautiful princess. Princes don't date fat, ugly crones lol.

But seriously, you definitely have to take care of yourself, put effort into your beauty, skills, personality, etc if you want a high value man. If you don't bring anything to the table, you're not worth it. High value men KNOW their worth, & they know what they want. Which is why I feel VERY blessed that my husband chose me- he's very picky! He knows he's a high value man, a catch, a "Prince Charming", if you will, & thus he expected a high value woman in his relationships. I must be doing something right- we just celebrated 2 years married last month ♡.

I have a "friend" on fb who's a bit of a "ham planet" so to speak, who's definitely swallowed the blue pill BS spewed by the rabid feminists. One day she'll post a meme of how she so badly wants a relationship & how she'll be the perfect partner (take your pick; we've all seen the memes) & the next she'll post one saying how women "don't have to have sex with you, don't need to be thin for you, don't need to smile for you, don't need to have long hair for you, etc." Standard "you should adore me because I'm a woman, even if I'm fat & undesirable" BS. The only reason I haven't unfollewed her is because the hypocrisy is entertaining.

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I think a lot of issues that women find in relationships come down to societal problems of the gender roles. Women being brainwashed by the society/media to want to be accomplished and work hard, but this is not how most women derive happiness and self esteem. It’s basic gender psychology. Most women derive happiness from spending time with loved ones, feminine geared hobbies like reading, art, aesthetic styling etc, and nurturing others (children, animals). Women don’t get genuine satisfaction from getting promotions and hustling to make more money in the way men do, yet women are now expected to work just as hard as men, and stress themselves out by doing things that aren’t natural to their gender. It’s very unfortunate. And since women are so independent, men think they’re not needed in a woman’s life, and this causes resentment for both parties. It’s tough out there for everyone, really.

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Years ago my dad told me that women are stressed out due to working, and it’s harder for us. That he understood that and offered my mother the choice to stay at home. It stuck with me and rings true in my adulthood. I wish it were okay to openly admit this.

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Thank you for this! Being a young Asian daughter of immigrant parents living in the San Fran Bay Area, I get looked down on for wanting to be a housewife ONLY and dropping out of college(only a year after I enrolled at age 16). Now, not only are we expected to get married and raise children- we all also need to be white-collar professionals with prestigious degrees?

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Also fellow Asian here. I second everything you say. They want us to be traditional yet modern at the same time- they want everything and are quite hypocritical. So money-centric too.

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The idea is that men and women share the housework/child-rearing responsibilities. Not that women do it all and have a thriving career.

Also, whatever works for you, but don't underestimate having a degree under your belt as a back-up plan. No one should be entirely dependent on another person. If you have a degree, then you have something to go on if the marriage falls through or, worst case scenario, your partner dies.

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Preach. Every bit of this.


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And since men and women are the same, women make the reasonable assumption that what they want in a partner is what men want in a partner.

The problem is that the underlying assumption of gender equality is incorrect and teaches us to not trust our own desires and instincts.

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My first thought when I saw his picture: doe he even lift ? Definitely not Chad material.

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He's too busy "empowering women".

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"Coughing Up The Red Pill: How I Rejected Misogyny and Discovered Women are Wonderful"

One day I awoke in a tangle of nubile limbs. As I watched the still sleeping women I had brought home the night before, I thought my life is so empty, there is no fulfillment left in casual sex. Rereading my extensive posting history on The Red Pill, I began to realize, there is more to a woman than her outward beauty and femininity. What I really need is a woman who will fight with me, challenge me and guide me in the social sphere.

As I gave up the notion that beauty can be defined, I began to notice the stunning jewel toned heads of the women protesting outside my house. I approached the largest one ... "I...I never realized how lovely you are." She scowled at me and her ire was intoxicating. I understood what the feminists in their wisdom had been saying this whole time. Women are glorious earth mothers. They cannot be held to the standards of beauty that men have created and enforced for all these centuries. Their rage is the lifeblood of civilization. Without women, men would be nothing. They must shape us into what we are meant to be. It was then that I knew in my heart, how wrong and misguided my time at TRP has been...

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If you keep writing, we'll keep reading and laughing :D

Love it.

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My god this is horrifying D:

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Lolololol reddit needs a vomit option button XD

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I hired a love coach once. Her advice certainly didn't taste good. It was worth it though and I've turned a few of my friends on to her. The gurus aren't all the same.