[FIELD REPORT]My husband loves the new me (self.RedPillWomen)

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Specifically my cooking. I've recently (within the last month or so) have made more of an effort to cook 6 meals a week (the 7th being a "cheat" meal/takeout), and to make more effort into the kind of meals I'm making. My husband said this to me last night:

"Even if my work puts me through the ringer and I feel exhausted, it gives me the strength to keep on going knowing I'll have a great dinner on the table waiting for me."

My husband is a carpenter, so he has a pretty labour intensive job. He went on to thank me for being such a great wife and mother, and making his life that much easier. The RP has done nothing but help my relationship with my husband blossom and grow into something so fantastic!

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Fantastic update. The way to a mans heart is through food! (and sex!) (why not both!!)

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/u/NorseLady are you George Costanza?

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Congratulations on everything! This is wonderful news, amazing how much of a difference something so simple can make. Keep up the good work and please share some of your recipes.


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Thanks! If I ever see a recipe thread around in the future, I will definitely throw out some of my recipes. :)

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Gasp! I had no idea this existed! When I have more time today I will definitely be posting some recipes!

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I don't know if most people know that having a well cooked meal after a hard day's work is one of the greatest sensation to men. It feels that what they accomplished that day was fulfilling. There are many times where, Ive gone home tired as heck and had nothing waiting for me to eat. It might be simple but it makes all the difference.

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This is so sweet! I love RPW success posts!

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It's great to hear you got some positive feedback from him outright. The way to keep a man's heart seems to be through his stomach :)

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I never had the traditional mother role model. But this was something that my grandma always told me!

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I love these RP success stories. They are a great motivator. Keep doing your thing OP.

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Your husband sounds terrific and you sound like his lovely oasis from the tough world.

It really is stunning and sweet how delighted men can be by a delicious home-cooked meal.

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This made me smile. I wish you both all the best.