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Today is the 14th of March so Steak and Blowjob Day! Ladies, remember to give your man a big juicy steak and a big juicy blowjob ;)

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We're long distance right now, so I can't do what I really want... but I arranged for a crate of craft beers, four burgers and sides (wings and sweet potato fries) from our favorite place to be delivered to him and his flatmates.

It took some effort with an ocean between us, but everything should show up at their door in about two hours. :D

Edit: Burgers and beers have arrived for my lovely man and his excellent flatmates! "You're the best. Also marry me. The flat are cheering your name."

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Also marry me.


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Heh. :)

It's quite nice actually. We definitely will get married, but the situation is tough right now since I had to leave the UK and he's finishing his PhD. I don't want him to get me a ring until he's working, and I can't go back to the UK until we're engaged.

But lately whenever he's really pleased with me he's been asking me to marry him. :)

Met him a few months after I started reading RPW...

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But lately whenever he's really pleased with me he's been asking me to marry him. :)

I figured as much :)

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Thanks for posting this! I almost forgot... I'll definitely reward my honey with an extra juicy one this weekend :)

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We need Hallmark to capitalize on this.

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Do we really?

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Fuck yes.

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So funny! In Japan it's actually a legit holiday today called "White Day"

On Valentine's Day the girls give the guys presents. A month later, on white day, the guys reciprocate (usually even bigger/better) if they're interested ;)

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Three times better if you want to be a stickler, I'm surprised it never caught on in the West with all the commercialization of holidays

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:D I didn't want to sound pedantic. Agreed!

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Oh man, guys! So I had been debating whether to grab a steak to cook for dinner tonight. My narcissistic vegetarian father-in-law is coming to stay for the weekend, so we've got to finish all the meat in the fridge before Friday (I wish I was joking). Inspired by this post, I decided to pick up steak - got filet mignon, as it was the only steak at Trader Joe's that came in a serving size of two. Cooked it up along with roasted broccoli, roasted butternut squash, and some leftover mashed potatoes. Husband also requested a salad - so I threw together the odds and ends we had (arugula, blackberry, cheese, crutons, made a lemon vinegratte).

He got home and he was so impressed. He wanted to go out to eat, as he has been interviewing for new jobs and just finished his last interview. He thought I made it for him as a celebration of sorts. I didn't correct him. Not only did he feel SUPER loved, I'm also happy because (even after eating filet mignon) we saved $30 at least by eating at home.

Thank you, RPW!

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If only I had a boyfriend.

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    How sweet of you

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    I'm not on the marriage market but If I ever find a woman who celebrates this day I think she'd definitely be up for consideration , and those of you who will be celebrating are heroes.

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    Should I stop by the store on the way home from work? He more than deserves it. I don't even remember what we did for Valentine's Day but steak sounds good. Hmm.

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    I've never heard of this but it's easy to do. My boyfriend loves getting head

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    Last year I called my favorite steakhouse for a reservation, but they ran out of steak.. I thought he was teasing me. I asked him if he knew that today was steak and bj day, so how can you run out of steak?

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    going to let everyone in on a little secret: guys who only have sex with condoms will generally prefer blowjobs over PIV.

    also, if you're looking for technique, go onto pornhub and look up jenna haze. i'm sure your bf will enjoy it when you practice on him.

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    I went with a bacon wrapped pork tenderloin, but he'll be surprised nonetheless. I don't think either one of us have celebrated it before and I've got a variety of things up my sleeve. ;)

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    Awe.... nice!

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    Thanks! It went really well and he was surprised and quite amazed and happy. I even lit candlesticks on the table, ran a bubble bath for two (he'd never taken a bath with anyone), and then served chocolate pie for dessert to also celebrate pi day :) Then we started watching the last Harry Potter after all the excitement died down.

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    That sounds so sweet!

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    I get more excited about this day than Valentine's Day to be honest. Our day was very busy (we're both on the couch vegetating and redditing) and will "celebrate" this weekend instead!

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    Sounds like a fun night. Too bad I'm out of town! It'll have to be next week for me.

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    False, it's PI Day.

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    I'd totally forgotten steak and bj day!!

    My boyfriend took me for the most amazing meal I've ever had in what's probably the nicest restaurant in our city. I can't quite match that but I've still really stretched my budget for an nice steak restaurant. X