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I was at the gym today and was having some trouble setting up the equipment - the pins on some of the benches/racks have been slightly bent out of shape from use and so it takes a fair amount of banging around on them to get them to move sometimes. Both times two guys emerged out of nowhere to help me. The first guy didn't say a single word or make any eye contact and just walked away after (presumably because he didn't want to be "that guy" haha) and the other one was friendly and then just went back to his business. I was very grateful for their help and was thinking about how nice it is that we live in a world where men actually want to help us since it makes them feel good. It makes me feel like no matter what there will most likely be someone out there who will want to assist me if I'm in need and that's an amazing privilege to have. For a long time, I was annoyed by the guys around me for being so sex-driven - I hated having random guys stare at me, make creepy comments, or attempt to touch me. But today I am very grateful for the male species and appreciate that they feel this instinctual urge to protect or help a woman in need. These two guys clearly wanted to help just for the sake of it, since neither of them attempted to chat me up and I am very thankful for that. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside!

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Agreed. I was going into a doctors office a couple days ago when I smiled at an elderly man who was leaving while I was walking in. He smiled back and said "Hi gal, thank you for that smile!" Men spend their lives helping us out so much that many women have forgotten to just be decent pleasant individuals. To the point where this man thanked me just for smiling.

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yup, when I was at the dentist an elderly man was coming out of the door, he held it for me and said, "beauty before age!". He had the biggest smile on his face. I looked him in the eye and smiled, said thank you. I'm sure it made his day (it made mine, too!)

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haha that's really sweet.

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Elderly are the exception :) sweet.

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So I get to be creepy when I get old and the ladies will love it.... good deal!

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Yes, indeed! I work at a retirement home and some of my favorite residents are the men. They are always so sweet and funny, unlike their female counterparts who tend to sour with age.

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I walked by a mailman who had a ton of amazon packages in his sack and I thought about how much harder it is on them these days. And so I thanked him for all of his hard work and he really appreciated it. I'm male and so was he.

This is an even greater reminder for females to support each other too. These random acts of kindness aren't solely a male-driven phenomenon, it is a human phenomenon. And we must all take the time to pause ourselves and appreciate what others have contributed to help shape our daily lives.

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I love this post. ❤️❤️❤️

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This <3 vs "But you are not damsel in distress. You are a independent women who dont need men. Their help project their patriarchy!"

Hmm, i hate feminists.

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Yes, my original intent in writing this post came out of the desire to appreciate that men have this built-in need to assist women around them. Of course, nothing is black and white and when it comes to gendered motivations the idea of sex is usually in play, but I think in general men are taught to physically protect women and I am grateful for that. Looking forward to the day that I meet someone with whom I can build the type of relationship that you're describing! Men provide physical security and women provide emotional security, tasty food, and a comfortable home - it's a pretty equal and wonderful exchange when it's balanced and done appropriately.

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This is so well observed.

I try to always thank guys when they hold the door for me, even though it's such a simple thing, I want them to know it's appreciated.

A more relevant story though is my car once broke down in a busy intersection and I stepped out obviously panicked. Two guys jumped out of their truck, told me to get back inside and steer, and they pushed me to safety!

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I really think it's so amazing that guys are so eager to help. Of course they do it because we're women, but that doesn't always mean they're trying to get in your pants as it was implied elsewhere in this thread. Maybe most of the time, but not always, and not in the case of what happened yesterday. I hope that other people reading this will trust that I have enough life experience to know the difference.

As a side note, in public I always let other women go ahead of me, open doors for them, push the buttons in the elevator for them, etc. And some of them are really quite entitled or completely lack manners - they'll gesture for me to do something for them or forget to say thank you afterwards. I understand why guys see women as entitled or stuck-up sometimes.

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It is such a blessing. We need to appreciate men more.

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I appreciate women very much. And for every 1 nasty woman I meet, I seek (and usually do) to find 10 lovely ones.

I appreciate you women on here especially. It is really lovey to see such a community. :)

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I remember a few months ago, trying to load a few bags of mulch into my trunk. Though they weren't too heavy for me, I was having a rough go because they're awkward to hold. A nice man walked up and loaded them up almost immediately without a word and even put my big cart away. I thanked him and smiled and he as well, then he walked away .With the way feminists have belittled men as a group for so long, I can only imagine how much strength it takes to still be civil to women. But it makes me happy they are willing to go out of their way in this day and age.

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Guys are so willing to help. I've had three different incidents with cars + guys helping. Every time - a guy as helped. Once - these two different men (different cars, didn't appear to know each other) COMPLETELY went out of their way. They went above and beyond trying to do their best to help, and even show me how to jump start a car so I knew how.

Even a man who was clearly more..girly and didn't seem to know much about cars at least made the effort to give me an attempt at advice. It isn't even that I'm just ~ so pretty that they wanna help. I'm really not. They were just all very willing to help me out.

Even once when it came to a simple thing like me overfilling my tire with air and not being sure how to let it out lol.

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I agree, men are way more willing to help in general. I think I had one woman stop to help me put my luggage away in an overhead bin on a flight once (I'm 5'1 so I couldn't reach!) and afterward she kind of laughed to herself like, "I can't believe I just helped someone put their luggage away." Haha. I was still very appreciative of her help since I really couldn't do it on my own, but it just speaks to how much women are used to be taken care of in this way.

Yesterday was proof to me that gentlemen still exist. Whether or not they thought about the interaction sexually later is not my business in my opinion - they didn't act on it nor did they intend to. One even went out of his way to make it clear that it wasn't sexual by completely avoiding eye contact. I even took out my earbud to say thanks but he didn't look up at all.

Generally, I've found that the good guys are very aware that it's impolite to approach a woman who's at the gym. That isn't to say that creeps don't exist. Just that I think that it's important to not write all men off as sexually motivated when they try to help. I see that as just discouraging men from being helpful or from being gentlemen; and while I think it's wise to be realistic, I also think it's more productive to acknowledge when people are actually being good people.

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I was taking the train with a big piece of luggage and upon embarking (the train has a little step which is pretty high), a man asked me if I could use any help with my bag. I let him help me, but he blushed and even seemed ashamed, avoiding eye contact and walking away quickly after it was done. I barely had the chance to say thanks.

It makes me sad that men and women are so aggressively taught that women have to be independent and that asking to help a woman is almost associated with belittling her/outrageously flirting that it made him seem ashamed instead of proud. I can only imagine how many men would like to help, but are too afraid to even reach out to ladies.