FIELD REPORTThank you, Ladies! From a very long time lurker. (self.RedPillWomen)

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My whole young life I was a pretty shitty woman. In retrospect, every relationship I ever had was based soley on my need for an emotional conquest over others. Or for personal validation. I didn't want a man, I wanted a heart receptacle. Many a night was spent anguishing over my failed attempts to secure one rather than examining all the toxic stuff I was doing.

Then I found Redpill. Your posts forced me to begrudgingly take a look at myself, and my lifestyle.

Over the last few years and with your ideology in mind I cut the crap and started exploring who I was alone. I focused on school, got my looks together, and started a business that I believe in instead of chasing yet another self serving "relationship." That was a hugely rewarding challenge.

I didn't date for a long time as I delved into the roots of my bad habits. I forced myself to read old cringey messages, dripping with ugly need, that I'd sent to ex's. It opened my eyes to how shortsighted, selfish and unfair I'd been to EVERY single man in my life. I never wanted to be like that again.

I also realized that my deeply submissive "bedroom" self was just the woman inside me trying to seek light. I began cooking both for the joy of it and for my family, started taking actual pleasure in cleaning, and found a feminine love of presentation and decor that I didn't know existed. 3 years ago I lived in a dumpster. Now people audibly wonder how I pulled my home together. All it took was having pride in womanhood rather than shame over the possibility of domestic contentment.

All these efforts culminated into a self that I was ready to share, and about 9 months ago I met a fellow entrepreneur with whom I hit it off with. We're in a relationship now!

I focus only on facts, or on him, his efforts, and his work. Never feelings. He takes genuine interest in me and my interests, surprises me with silly gifts or treats that make me smile (which I would have declined in the past due to bullshit principals), and tells me nearly every day that he appreciates the few free moments we can spend together. Probably because they aren't filled with me saying "why can't we hang out more, I'm sad, blah blah." He isn't preparing for an emotional battle every day when he gets home, and that has allowed us to connect on a much more intimate and personal level than I've ever experienced.

So basically I've never had such a wonderful life or relationship and it's all because I stopped whining and started listening to you folks. So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, all of you, for going against the grain and encouraging me through your existence to take this journey on. It's paid off in spades.

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So happy for you OP! Keep up the amazing work, you deserve good things!

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Good for you :-) xx

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Really interesting post.

The bit where you say, 'i focus only on... Facts and efforts'; drew my attention

I'm not sure what you mean. Would you mind explaining a little further Or perhaps direct me to more information.

Thank you

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I’m an occasional lurker that has never posted on this subreddit but your post drew me in. I’d also love to hear you elaborate on “I only focus on facts and efforts”. That sounds like something I need to be doing.