INSIGHTFULWhat Exactly Is A Red Pill Woman?--Good Stuff from Athol Kay (self.RedPillWomen)

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“So what is a Red Pill Woman?” in response to someone I didn’t know describing herself as a “Red Pill Woman.” I have to say it’s a great question, I’ve written a lot about Girl Game and Sexy Wives for a long time now, but never actually thought to define what the idealized Red Pill woman is like. Anyway… let’s have a crack at it.

  1. Understands that physical appearance and her looks are what attracts men’s sexual interest. She stays in shape and while every waking minute she may not be dressed to the nines, neither does she get mistaken for a slob. She “looks good for [insert age]”

  2. Understands that all her skills, effort, kindness, intelligence and “inner beauty” et al, is what creates relationship comfort and makes her someone capable of having a functional relationship with.

  3. Understands that what she does with her vagina always has some sort of consequence.

  4. Understands that there is a sexual marketplace, and that women have an earlier peak of sexual desirability than men do. That the point (1) stuff comes very easily to young women, and that the point (2) and (3) stuff pays off over the longer term.

  5. Understands that men are the gatekeepers of commitment and that committed men place extreme value on sexual loyalty.

  6. Doesn’t need a man to save her from her own folly. Will not tolerate a relationship with a man that requires her to save him from his folly.

  7. Is aware of her own sexuality and understands what in a man attracts her and turns her on. Namely hypergamy, Alpha Traits, why she may Fitness Test and so on.

  8. Can delay gratification. Can pass on someone or something that is fun for now, but painful later on.

  9. Can articulate things that she did wrong in prior relationships. Even if the guy was clearly the greater cause of relationship failure, she can acknowledge things she could have done better, or differently. She can think consciously about her relationships, rather than simply follow her emotions from moment to moment. Has a learning curve.

  10. Understands that relationships are not static, that effort and intention to maintain them is an ongoing requirement. That while she can reasonably expect the man to take the lead, that doesn’t mean he’s the sled dog and she can curl up and take a nap on the sleigh.

  11. Expresses genuine relationship discontent, clearly and directly, allowing time to correct the relationship issue. Does not complain to everyone else but her husband, does not act out instead of addressing problems, does not plan and/or execute an exit strategy before stating her discontent.

  12. Lets go of resentment for relationship issues that are now resolved.

  13. Understands that divorce sucks and is more akin to getting treatment for cancer than having cosmetic surgery.

  14. Likes men in a general sense for who they are and what they do, rather than detesting all men in general and making an exception for the tiny few in her nuclear family.

  15. Understands the risks both men and women take in having serious relationships, and is willing to negotiate ways to verify trustworthiness in each other. Sees doing this as evidence of true commitment rather than an insulting invasion of privacy.

  16. With her chosen partner, is deeply and passionately sexual.

  17. Is aware of her own personal kink and can communicate her sexual desires. Takes responsibility for receiving her own sexual pleasure.

  18. Has a sense of humor.

  19. Respects the boundaries of other peoples relationships and doesn’t attempt to mate poach.

  20. Doesn’t keep the Red Pill a secret from those that need it.

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Thank you for this! Very enlightening!

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This is excellent. Very well thought-out and explained. I actually prefer this to the guidelines in the side bar (my apolgies to the lady who wrote the guidelines in the side bar).

Edit: words, mmmkay.

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No worries, which post(s) on the side bar are you referring to specifically? I've been thinking that some of the threads may need to be updated and re-worked a bit.

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How to be a good first mate.

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What about the post didn't you like? Was it just that post? Did you read the other posts on the side bar?

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    If you like us and would like to stick around - please stop for a minute and consider you just got here and are still learning. Several of your comments and your first submission were removed because your content goes against ours.

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    You don't get to change RPW to meet your personal standards :)

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    And I don't expect to. I'm going to accept what I can, and just ignore what I can't.

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    It would be great if you did start doing that instead of complaining all over the sub about basic RP tenets.

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      You are the only negative voice on this sub. Why are you so concentrated on holding your boyfriend of five months accountable anyway? That is a very new relationship, and you already have a kids of your own to contend with. Why does he need to be accountable to you? You two aren't married.

      I'm beginning to think that you are trying to lock down your Beta Bucks.

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      Can someone explain #15 to me?

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      Understands the risks both men and women take in having serious relationships, and is willing to negotiate ways to verify trustworthiness in each other. Sees doing this as evidence of true commitment rather than an insulting invasion of privacy.

      Men have a lot to lose in serious relationships: they could be used for their money, end up trapped in a sexless relationship, they could even get married and then be divorce raped.

      Women also have a lot to lose: they could be cheated on and emotionally devastated, they could be led to believe that the relationship is headed towards marriage and then dumped abruptly (this happened to me!) meaning they wasted time finding their true captain, they could be abused, they could be left a single mother unable to support her family

      A man might want to know how many men his girlfriend has slept with, a woman might want to know if her boyfriend has ever cheated on someone in the past. These things could be seen as invasions of privacy, but they are likely just something they need to hear to feel comfortable and trusting of the other person in their relationship.

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      I never understood this: "Understands that men are the gatekeepers of commitment..." Can someone EILI5?

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      Basically, men want sex with multiple women more than they want to commit to a single woman and women want commitment from those men. Women are the ones with veto power over whether sex will happen, absent rape, because they have the monopoly on what MEN primarily want and men are the ones with veto power over whether a woman gets a commitment, because they have the monopoly on what WOMEN primarily want

      Left up to their own devices men would not commit to one woman, but have multiple wives and concubines, male fidelity is in the female interest (and the interest of her potential children) and is part of the negotiation between the sexes

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      As a guy who has been in 4 LTR's (and 3 times said "New Year's eve is when I give her a ring) only to have things go south this is quite refreshing to read. While I now know where I failed in my actions this list also gives me a good idea of what to look for next time if my current LTR ends. Some thoughts on mutual bumps

      5 - Willing to commit to one - just need to know that most of the time what we had day 49 is still there day 393

      6 - A man needs to continue to improve his (and his womansfamilies) life. If your taking the reins of leadership occacional mishaps will happen and many lessons we need to learn from ourselves. You will do both of us a favor by not seeing us as a "fixer-upper". We will most likely get better. If we are at a 7 we might get to a 9. If you think we are at a 2 move on- it does not matter if we think we are a 2 or a 10- the likelihood of that level of change is small and we would not be the same at the end.

      1. - Please like men. We all kid around with sexual stereotypes but being with a woman who says "Men" with that low hiss whenever behavior is spotted that she find disappointment in becomes tiresome.

      A couple from me

      1. Understands that men will never care about some things as much as you, and you need to not get upset about this. There are things we will care about much more than you. This will not change. We might change our behavior to show respect or keep you happy but we don't do that because we just became enlightened. Go furniture shopping with a guy- he sits in it, lays back, props his arm like he has a drink in his hand. Checks to see if the couch sticks to his skin or feels funny. I have no idea how it will look next to the lamp you saw at my cousins house last month. I promise not to get mad if you are not as into the NFC wild card game as me- don't be surprised when I really don't know or care much about the color of the new couch.

      2. Make short apologies. A novel length apology makes you feel better. If you want to make it up to us, food sex and top-shelf liquor work great.

      3. Men learn by doing and figuring things out. Changing my first toilet took a few hours and 3 trips to the hardware store. I got that down to 20 minutes or less now.

      4. Lead with the point or the question. Your odds of getting an honest, unfiltered straight answer go down with each sentence. Don't make the question about motivation- it means you don't think we have your interests in mind and it's insulting.

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      Can somebody explain the second part of #13...

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      Women tend to think that divorce is a panacea. That it will cure her ills and she will afterwards, be able to meet a handsome man who will sweep her off her feet a la Eat, Pray, Love. This would be the cosmetic surgery.

      In reality, divorce is more like removing a limb to cure a scratch, in most cases.

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      Thank you :) I am not an english speaker and figurative language does not survive Google translate :P

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          I asume that this can be adjusted for whatever situation, but as I understand it, RPW is designed for women seeking to find a committed relationship with a good man, and the myriad ways she can work on herself and her "girl game" to achieve that end. And since men are highly sexually driven, there is a lot of emphasis on improving one's sexual market value, to make one as appealing as possible. As laid out in this (I think) stellar guideline, there are other aspects than just sexuality, but sexuality is a key characteristic.

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            Not at all. Question. If you're bound and determined to be offended by what's said here and offensive to those who take the time to respond to you, then why are you here?

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