[FIELD REPORT]The sub has changed me and inspired me to become a better woman. These theories and ideals WORK. (self.RedPillWomen)

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I feel very lucky to have found this sub while I am still young (18 years old.) It has seriously taught me so much. I used to be a mess...a loud, obnoxious, smoking teenager with neon hair, piercings and ripped clothes. I partied and smoked pot. I ate horribly. I had no confidence and was a bitter person.

This sub opened my eyes. It has transformed me into a pleasant, amicable woman. I have since then dyed my hair, started wearing feminine clothes, stopped drinking, and just recently shredded my cigarettes into the garbage. I have embraced my submissive nature, and have become more soft spoken and feminine. I have also started working out, lifting and eating well.

At first when I found this sub, I was angry. I thought it was stupid, misogynistic...you know the drill. But I became obsessed with it. I read it every day. And eventually, all of the truths started to hit me, and I realized what I had to do. That I had to accept it and use it to shape myself into a better person.

This change has done nothing but good things for me. It has even helped me strengthen my relationships with my family and friends.

The wishy-washy, demotivational messages of feminism and modern lifestyles would never give me the kind of confidence and happiness that this subreddit has provided for me.

I just want to thank all you great ladies (and men!) for persevering with this subreddit. It gets a lot of hate, and always will. People misunderstand it's message and get angry at its ideas, no matter how true they are. But it will remain. My success and joy shows how much of an amazing, inspirational, and truthful place this is.

So I just want to encourage you guys to keep on going through, no matter how much hate and bitter slander you guys receive. Because in the end, we are the ones that will continue pursuing fact, not fiction, when it comes to our lives and relationships. And we will come out stronger.

Ya'all rock! :)

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Hey welcome :) I'm new too and very grateful I found this sub while I'm young (21). I also first read this sub and thought "wtf" but now I can't stop reading it. I'm glad you're having a good experience here too. This sub really has a way of makjngyou reflect on yourself!

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I thought the exact same thing when I first found the red pill. I was thinking hey, this is like SRS for men; just read it for shits and giggles. But the more I read about it the more sense it made to me.

Unfortunately the rest of reddit just skims through the sensationalist headlines and decides the whole thing is misogynistic. If only they actually read the posts.

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Unfortunately the rest of reddit just skims through the sensationalist headlines and decides the whole thing is misogynistic.

Ugh, not just the rest of reddit, the rest of the world! I was talking with my sister the other day about self improvement, trying to look good and cook for her husband... she goes off on this rant about misogyny, and how she should never have to try to impress him, he should just love her... but if he pulled that love-me-even-though-I-don't-try-to-make-you-happy thing she would lose her shit!

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Poor husband

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I'm 22 years old and this short post has just revived a bit of faith in humanity. Thanks.

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Its always wonderful to hear how RP is improving lives everyday. Restoring faith in humanity, one lady at a time.

I could have easily written this myself. I'm 22 yo former party girl. Yaay! /o

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Can you go into depth what made you realize it? I want to know what was the turning point for you and some real life examples of how it positively changed your life.

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I'm not OP but one thing that turned me on to this sub is I've noticed while I browsed more feminist sub's, the ladies and a lot of the posts came off as miserable or angry. Whereas here, I rarely see a negative post. Mostly asking for guidance/suggestions.

Edit: maybe negativity is the right word...not miserableness. I feel like I see lots of negativity in feminist subs and that turned me off to them.

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Good point. For as much criticism as this sub gets it is about a life choice that very few people here seem to regret. I'm pretty new to this sub too. After dating guys who made me want to take control, it's refreshing to be in a relationship with a man that I am very happy to be with. because I have the upmost respect for him and trust his decision making ability it really is no problem for me to let him take the lead.

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Feminists beat their methods into the ground even when it is not working. It is hard to take a step back and be productive because they might be acknowledging men in the process.

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Welcome and don't be shy to contribute! This place is like an oasis of reason for us women. It's refreshing to share ideas frankly without all the usual female judgement and condescension.

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Welcome. I'm sure you will love it here :)

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The wishy-washy, demotivational messages of feminism and modern lifestyles

What kinds of things did you notice?

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You have made noticeable improvement since you have been here; I'm really glad that you found this sub and are taking steps to improve your life!

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Stay around :) There's a great...pure feeling I get from looking pretty and feeling feminine, that's why I love this sub

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Why do you ask this?

Yes, I go out with my friends quite often. I don't drink that much or go to bars, but we usually play music, hang outdoors or cruise around and talk.

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He/she is a troll. Just ignore it