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Hi. I just came across this sub a few days ago. I'm f/22 and got married 2 years ago. My relationship fits almost perfectly with RPW ideas already (I feel lucky regarding this) but I've gotten some good tips from here.

One thing I've realized recently is that I need to dress for my husband, not other women. I should take cues from what he likes, not what my friends or FFA are suggesting.

My husband loves all sorts of things that are "no-nos" among other women. He likes it when I wear strong eyeshadow and a strong lip sometimes. He likes it when I sometimes wear a bra that is not well fitting according to ABraThatFits (dat butt cleavage). And he sure as hell doesn't give a fuck about designer brands. A feminine purse from Target is as attractive (if not more) to him than a Chanel bag. He likes it when I wear a belt to emphasize my waist even though according to FFA, that's so out of style. He doesn't like twee things that show up there all the time, like cat bags and such. Most men tend to like classic styles more, especially once you're already married. He loves it when I wear leggings as pants. He likes it when I do my nails, but doesn't really give a shit about fancy designs or ~holo~. Red is ideal.

These are just a few examples. Overall, I would say that you should dress in a way that men like, not women. Realizing this has really improved our marriage even more. Once I changed to this mindset, he was all over me. :)

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I remember asking my boyfriend what he likes in a girl. He told me her personality. For then I thought, I shouldn't have to work on my beauty. However after reading these sites I have started dressing better, my man started liking my clothing. He doesn't like makeup much but I love dressing up for him. This is a good post.

Men don't care for materialism however they do care about youth and beauty. And us women should do our best to make our man happy.

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I remember asking my boyfriend what he likes in a girl. He told me her personality.

Ha! A 'trick' question will get you a 'trick' answer.

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Less is more

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If you try too hard, men often assume you have a toxic narcissistic personality and will intentionally avoid and refrain from flirting with you.

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Amen to that. My husband's favorite thing of mine is a black jacket. He comments on it all the time. Anytime he comments on my clothes I make a mental note of it. I try to wear my hair and makeup how he likes it too. He told me once that it makes him feel loved that I look nice for him and that stuck with me.

We dress modestly as part of our religious beliefs (it honors God and others) so I have to save the sexier things for home alone time :)

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I remember 10 years ago, when "boho chic" was popular, and there were girls walking around New York looking like bag ladies in potato sack dresses and over-sized sunglasses. I would always get hit on wearing clothes that emphasized my silhouette and accessories that complimented rather than overwhelmed me. I almost wanted to thank those women for making it so easy to stand out, since I'm sure many of them had superb figures hiding underneath those ugly rags.

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That's how I feel about guys who do not groom or exercise religiously. I look so much better, thanks to them.

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I couldn't agree more! We need our own FFA, but it would be Feminine Fashion Advice.

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Yes please! Can we make this a thing?

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It would be so amazing.

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I'd really like for this to happen. Perhaps it could also include feminine makeup advice, hair advice, and other grooming habits?

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This! One of the ways that I caught on how destructive and distractive intra-female culture was was seeing how we encourage each other to dress and look for each other not for our partners.

How many times have I seen someone's male partner not very excited about how they dress, or their hair or their style. The woman resents it and says "my friends like it!"

So date your girl friends then!

I always suggest to look at it another way. Suppose your man started to dress like a slob and you brought it up and he said "well, my friends like it so why should you care?"

Double standard ladies. Dress for love.

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I dress how I like. If he likes it, that's nice too.

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What is FFA?