DISCUSSIONDoes anyone else find feminist men unattractive? (self.RedPillWomen)

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Maybe its the college environment that leads me to meet so many feminist men--many of them pretty strong in their beliefs. But I find them to be unattractive and to eager to win the favor of women they are interested in with supporting or trying to perpetuate feminism. I also am turned off by some of them trying to be politically correct or accommodating to women's possible becoming offended to the point that it seems absurd.

One guy who was more a friend of a friend got really annoyed because I used the term jerking off. It was in a certain context I don't remember and was specifically referring to a man masturbating. I don't usually talk about sex or related stuff so casually (its not my thing is all) so I don't know how we got there. But anyway his argument seemed to be that jerking off only refers to male masturbation and women masturbate too so I was excluding women and implying they can't or don't masturbate.

I was like, "huh?"

Another example one guy who is of the belief that sexual assault--and even if its less than rape--is worse than murder. He said it in those exact words. I mean yes sexual assault and rape is bad, but I disagree that it's worse than murder. Also he agrees with everything any feminist article or person says seemingly without even thinking about it.

Many more of these guys are all about "you can't objectify women ever" or tell them "anything is impossible or they can't do anything (even if they really can't cuz of lack of talent etc.)

Anyway I am very attractive to the guy who's dominant and in control--but not controlling if you see the difference, and not abusive of course. I like being submissive to man, especially sexually. I find it hot.

I like being objectified sometimes. Especially when I'm about to have sex. Why wouldn't I want my bf to appreciate my body? Isn't that how he's supposed to get hard in the first place?

What do you think? Also how common are they (especially outside of college?)

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I find any extremist unattractive. It doesn't matter which side of what gender divide they feel they are on. If someone feels the need to share their opinion with me, I'll discuss it with them, but if the majority of the conversation then is dominated by a topic that I have no desire to continue to participate in? That person is likely cut out of my life. This holds true across pretty much all lines.

I have a pretty open mind, I'll accept a lot of opinions. But I prefer multifaceted conversations and people who I can reach a certain level of understanding in communication with. A constant reminder of how much someone is "caring for my opinions" is grating.

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It's not just us who find feminist men unattractive. Feminists don't even find feminist men attractive. Look at this article that was posted on RPW recently. You can practically hear the crickets coming from this woman's vagina while thinking about her fiancé. Women want a man who is going to take charge and they don't want one who is going obey whatever she says is "right" and "feminist".

I remember meeting a feminist who was talking about how she had dumped her previous boyfriend because he was "unsupportive" of her continuing a court battle (meaning, to the RP minded, that he thought she would be happier just dropping it, rather than continuing it for many years with all the stress involved), and her new boyfriend totally supported her. She spoke about changing boyfriends with no more thought or passion than changing a pair of shoes.

Feminist women can't have passion for feminist men because if they did it would break their mental image of being "not dependent on a man". And feminist men have to just be okay with that, because if they did anything else they would be supporting the patriarchy.

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It's not just us who find feminist men unattractive. Feminists don't even find feminist men attractive.

True that. In my Gender Studies class (which was really a Feminism class, because we only talked about women's issues) there was this one eager beaver guy who sat up in the front, and was super excited about all the Feminist stuff. He answered every question and knew about every famous Feminist ever. Yet not very surprising, none of the women in the class wanted to talk to him.

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Her fiance was barely even mentioned throughout her entire article. An article about the planning of their wedding. Its all I, I, I, my, my, my, me, me, me. I want, I think, I feel.

Fiance is just a convenient prop in her feminist propaganda wedding.

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You can practically hear the crickets coming from this woman's vagina


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Can you imagine having sex with a feminist man?

thrusts "Do you consent?" thrusts "Do you consent?"

"Yes I do, stop asking me"

"Well, I want my girlfriend to know that I care about her feelings. Oh, by 'my girlfriend' I don't mean I own you or anything. I don't want to sexually objectify you. You can also totally sleep with other guys cause you have to find yourself and I'm sex-positive."

Or doing normal activities with him

"Hey, I baked you some cookies"

"Ugh, sweetie, I don't want you to submit to these patriarchal gender roles! Stop cooking and cleaning, and go out there to work! Be an empowered woman for crying out loud!"

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Can you imagine having sex with a feminist man?

No, I don't own a strap-on.

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y'all ladies give me hope for the future

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Thanks for making me smile with that one.

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passes out laughing

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That was just too perfect.

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Now that is definitely the best response I have ever seen.

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hahahahahahaha you guys are killing me. Stop. I can't take it anymore.

I know this place is only a dream, and I hate the fact that I'm gonna wake up eventually.

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There are a bunch of them over on TBP talking about how much they enjoy this. Well, to each their own and all that.

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sigh I WAS in a relation with a feminist "man" before I found my Captain. Worst 10 years of my life. He was a textbook mamas boy, plus he had dated a nazi feminist before we got together.

He refused to have sex with me if I had had anything to drink...because that was rape. And he would APOLOGIZE to me sometimes after sex if he thought he was "too rough"....he actually cried once because he left a handprint on my ass.

Ugh....I need a bumper sticker..."I survived a feminist relationship".

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    Thanks, me too! :)

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    Right? It's FUN.

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      he actually cried once because he left a handprint on my ass.

      Hahaha, god. This is the kind of thing that you just wish was made up. My sympathies, and congrats on your man!

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      Thank you! :))

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      Lol yeah.

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      Ew, ew, ew! Damn that mental image to hell! I'd rather live a celibate life with 30 cats than have sex with that guy even once. If someone said "Menina, you can sleep with the man in ToastTot's example or jump into that woodchipper," the crime scene cleaners would have to pick my body up with a sponge.

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      That's some serious INTERNALIZED OPRESHUN you have there. Can't you see that the man I just described is the more sophisticated and intelligent version of a man? (Of course, he can't be a white cis maletm though. They're literally the spawn of Lucifer and Hitler and are the ultimate oppressors, no matter if he's feminist or not.)

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      OMG, thank you. You have freed me from my chains. Now I am able to find the most placating, doting, groveling and submissive man of my dreams. Whereas before I might have hoped for some horribly abusive and oppressive life like this, I now know that, in fact, something like this far more fulfilling and equal!

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      Also because women feminists are often too quick to call rape, and try to make the definition too broad. So they get super terrified they might be raping her.

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        Why do you feel it is a good idea to come into a anti feminist or non feminist place(as stated in the sidebar) and begin feministsplaining about how NAFALT? Feminist men even if they behave like masculine or confident men are extremely offensive to women by pandering, white knighting(le female cannot help herself, here I am Mlady), and by believing in a gigantic contrived victim complex which inaccurately makes girls feel the need to be better than men. Feminists are part of the reason traditional femininity is in decline and you just came into a traditional women's sub. Dick or gtfo

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        i want to believe that this is a real post but i'm pretty sure that you're just some sort of word salad artificial intelligence that generates posts based off of the most prominent local buzzwords

        whatever lol i just ended up in the sub out of morbid curiosity, im outie

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        I will admit that you have a point about me being out of place / intrusive here. You've made your point, I should leave RPW alone. Although I still profoundly disagree with what you have to say about feminism.

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        I don't subscribe to all theredpill subs beliefs either but they are certainly an interesting read and have some harsh truths to share. I think people should be less focused on labeling themselves as feminists an more focused on just treating others equitably. Honestly having witnessed internet feminism has made me far less receptive to the concerns of feminists. Labels really hurt what could be a more effective movement.

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        Yea, that seems like a little much for a reply to a joke.

        AMA if you like.

        Why are you here?

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        All right, fair enough, I have to admit that /u/Wahre_Murikanische has a point. I probably shouldn't be stirring shit up on someone else's subreddit. I'll be honest, I just followed a link here and then got ticked off by seeing a really dumb joke that implies all feminist men are submissive (and implying that there's something inherently wrong with submissive men, as opposed to that being something some women aren't attracted to). I should've kept my mouth shut.

        I'll show myself out.

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          Brace yourselves ladies, here come the down votes.

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          Oh this is gonna be awesome...I can tell already. Where's the popcorn...

          Edit: Welp...the verdict's in ladies. We are all victims of rape since we like it rough and our men don't beg for our consent every time we get down.

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          "He was stating what he believed to be facts and was happy to place all women on a pedestal."

          That damn pedestal...brings to my mind one of my favorite Alanis song quotes: "I don't want to be your idol. See this pedestal is high, and I'm afraid of heights."

          News flash! Not ALL women want to be worshiped and serviced too...it makes me extremely uncomfortable for one.

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          Pedestals give me anxiety. I had a blind date one where a guy made no decision without asking me first. shudder That one did not get a 2nd date.

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          I'm so glad I live in Europe. This is just ridiculous.

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          Isn't Feminism worse in certain parts of Europe? I've heard that Feminism in Sweden trumps America a million times. Also, many people imagine America as this Feminist wasteland, but when you factor in our large number of conservative christian folk, we're actually a lot more traditional and unfeminist than other places.

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          The victim mentality is very much a US thing first, though we're not far behind admittedly.

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          Europe is very diverse, for example there will be a huge difference between Eastern Europe and Northern or Western Europe (the last two obviously being much more feminist).

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          I live in Sweden, it's probably different from in the US, but definitely a strong thing here. Scandinavia as a whole is on top when it it comes to "gender neutrality", i think.

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          Ugh. I was just saying this to my husband the other day. There's no quicker way to turn me off than to watch some guy prostrating himself in front of an audience of shrieking harpies, going off on how all men are horrible and "WE AS MEN MUST DO X TO MAKE WOMEN FEEL COMFORTABLE". Ugh. Every chance I get I jump in the conversation. I have a male feminist facebook friend and I'm always quick to tell him that I really do not need defending, except perhaps from his god-awful white knighting.

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          Feminist men manipulate women on joining their cause so that they become favorable towards those women. Oh those poor suckers...

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          I find mentally handicapped people unattractive. Theres a basic animal Instinct that leads humanity to be self preservative. Feminiest Men do not understand that. When you lose your ability to be a mammal because your so focused on Social Structure you more than likely lost your ability to attract a mate.

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          Well said. Feminism is an illness and I was taught as a kid to stay away from sick people :D

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          Over-sensitive SJWs are exhausting. I wouldn't touch one with a ten foot pole.

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          My boyfriend hates Feminism almost as much as I do, that's part of why I like him.

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          I'm more annoyed by men who are "feminist" and tell me how I should feel and think regarding my own rights.

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          ^ This. I had some neck beard over at TBP trying to tell me what I should be frustrated by in life. Oh and apparently I'm a Nazi sympathizer, with no respect for holocaust victims because I like to use the term Feminazi.

          rolls eyes

          Puhleeeze!!! Get OVER yourself, really.

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          This man must not be familiar with hyperbole

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          Well....you know.....feminism.

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          Man here: feminist men are the worst kind of men. I will have nothing to do with them. I don't want those kind of people in my social circle.

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          i am emotionally submissive but not sexually submissive so the sense of innate repulsion isn't that strong for me. but i haven't met any man who is that radical a feminist in real life (and am not interested in doing so). i do like to feel desired and i can appreciate a partner who doesn't give in to my every whim. a bit of aloof alpha is attractive as well.

          i am annoyed by sjw's regardless of gender and i feel like i could easily destroy one in a debate though i mostly try to avoid them.

          the feminist men i know are mostly incels or virgins so make of that what you will hahah. oh, there was one exception who turned out to be a bit of a sociopath and didn't believe in monogamy. he had no problems getting laid though!

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          It depends. I appreciate certain things that are a courtesy and probably better for safety's sake (example: my husband won't have sex with me if I'm drunk even if I'm only slightly buzzed.)

          However when I was single, if I met a guy and he was spouting off feminist stuff left and right or making excuses for exes/women in general I automatically assume that he was involved with a crazy woman that took advantage of him on a regular basis. I have seen it play out again and again with my non-RP girlfriends. I'm pretty open-minded but so many girls use feminism or rather anything as excuses to cheat and hurt other people while riding the cock carousel. I don't want to deal with that kind of drama so it's a big turn off and he would be instantly friend-zoned. The last time I was dating a guy ranting about that kind of stuff, his "feminist" ex-girlfriend threatened to throw acid in my face.

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          Yes. I make sure I don't befriend them in any way, by accident or by choice.

          I also find female feminists unattractive. They make me wish I was gay.

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          I also find female feminists unattractive.

          It's not like they give you much choice in the matter.

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          In my country such men are referred to as males 'who have been sat on by women like a chapati'. This is a chapati >> http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chapati

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          Off topic: Chapati are delicious.

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          I know, right!?

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              In my country such men are referred to as males 'who have been sat on by women like a chapati'. This is a chapati >> http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chapati

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              If he's the type that wants to eliminate MRAs, PUAs, MGTOWs or thinks they must be closely watched, branded a terrorist group and arrested at any opportunity cuz they "will probably do something bad in the future, even if they haven't yet", I just hate the bastard. I hate that kind of person, no matter the gender.

              But if he's the more harmless, beaten down type, I just feel bad. I remember reading an article that pointed out this: the men most likely to follow all those dumb feminist rules, are the ones who need least feminist guidance. And those who need feminist guidance the most, will not listen anyway. So female feminists end up with many weakened, constantly feeling guilty men. I read some of these men's confessions on how mentally rough this is. I have never seen a RPW saying anything remotely similar about the effects of the red pill.

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              I'm sure even feminist women find feminist men abhorrent.

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              What? Why the attack? I just didn't know if it was weird of me, or if I am too quick to not give them a chance.

              You didn't give any indication that they were sexually attacted to you either

              I didn't think this was relevant because I wasn't pursuing them, but yes I was found attractive. Not to all but most women won't be attractive to all men.

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                Okay that makes sense. I just used two examples of the mindset I see.

                I just wondered how common it was in general in case I do find a guy like this that would otherwise be very attractive.