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Hello, my name is Goddess_of_Light, and I'm a recovering riot grrrrrrl SJW Feminazi.

I say that with all sincerity. I was the girl with the buzz cut, nose ring, boy clothes, nasty attitude, 2 divorces, no college degree working in the restaurant industry, single 1/2 time mom, and not awesome personal hygiene. So, what happened? Jeez.

I met a man. Like, THE man. He is a man's man. He's a therapist, woodworker, fisherman, strong absurdly attractive fit American-Italian, ruthless honesty, integrity, leadership, a house, a boat, ALL of it. Like, the total package. He's 30 and never been married, no kids. And in spite of all the things above he picked me. The way he recounts it, he said he saw something special when I played music in front of him (the one place I had allowed my true feminine power to actually come out).

I've been lurking this site for months. I've read The Surrendered Wife. I listen to Alison Armstrong like my life depends on it. I think the craziest thing is, by being with a man like him, I started naturally gravitating into becoming the woman I am today.

It's like, I intuitively wanted to please and support him even though it went against EVERYTHING I grew up believing and had bought into. I slowly allowed him to be the Man (because he's the kind of man who essentially just commands that with his presence) and I naturally fell into becoming a woman. I'm completely sexually available, not from a place of obligation, but from pure joy. I dress and act feminine, even dyed my hair blond and lost 15 pounds. Took out the nose ring. Got a job at a law firm. I keep the home spotless. I support him at every turn without being critical. I am receptive to all of his gifts (even when they don't look the way I "think" they should) And the fucking insane part is how much I enjoy it. Like, I'm so happy.

There is still, however, this internal conflict that pops up. I suppose it's natural after living with rigid feminist ideologies for as long as I did. I started looking for answers and stumbled across Alison Armstrong, who explains the biologies of the sexes and how to work within that framework - and I was so ANGRY because she was so RIGHT! But, the evidence is clear. In my relationship. I didn't know LTR bliss like this existed. I didn't know just how much I was craving to be taken care of and to embrace the power within my femininity. These things may have become intuitive at some level, but I'm hungry for more.

I'm starting to really grasp how much of a fluke it was that I landed the package deal, and I am determined to rise to the occasion. There is still that small SJW voice (He's not trying to be helpful, he's trying to insult you!) that tries to derail me, so I come here with an open-mind and mild apprehension.

I've read these posts and you are some of the most caring, dedicated, supportive, considerate AND accountable, non-victim, courageous women I've ever seen. I am so inspired, and I'm committed to becoming the best version of myself and fully embracing all of these things that still seem amazing, but so foreign to me. I would be honored to be a part of this community and to learn and grow with you wonderful women.

That was a super round-a-bout way of introducing myself, but I want all of you to know just how excited I am that I have found my people!

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I have had a shitty day. Two things made it better: I was able to help a homeless woman and reading your post.

I'm not virtue signaling. This post was literally one of the best things that happened to me today, and I wanted you to know what class it's swimming in.

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Thank you - the love and respect here continues to baffle me. I'm so excited to be part of such an amazing community.

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Welcome to the fold! Glad to have you here. My man found me in a tree when I had dyed turquoise hair. He said that when he talked to me I seemed sweet and normal. The right guys luckily are able to cut through the crap and see the potential in certain women.

Believe me, I was a diamond in the rough five years ago! Emphasis on rough. Cursed like a sailor, bawdy jokes, played an aggressive sport full of women who were terrible influences, rainbow damaged hair, ill-fitting clothes, tried to act aloof and dominant...I was a mess. I'm happy you found your way here. Enjoy the climb!

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It's so good to find other former rough women here - makes me feel a lot better. Thank you for the welcome and I'm excited to learn more!

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I relate so hard to this line:

I think the craziest thing is, by being with a man like him, I started naturally gravitating into becoming the woman I am today.

That's exactly how I feel. It's like, in the right environment, what seemed inconceivable became easy and natural. It always blows my mind how hard my ex BFs had to fight for what I immediately felt compelled to give my current BF.

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Yep, when you meet the right guy everything else falls into place.

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As a lifelong "feminist killjoy" you give me hope!

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I'm telling you, as I'm sitting at my desk dressed like June Cleaver I still hold on to that identity. It's very hard to shake. The funniest thing I learned in Alison Armstrongs work is the number one thing that destroys relationships is women not being receptive which is the HARDEST thing for me to get past. When my man is offering some sort of help just wanting to contribute to me and show me his value, I still immediately take it as an insult and drum up this 'I'M SELF SUFFICIENT AND INDEPENDENT AND DON'T NEED YOU" in my brain, which in turn just hurts his ego and does me no favors. Learning how to just enjoy being taken care of is a lifelong battle.

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What was the title of the book by Alison Armstong that you read, if you don't mind sharing?

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It might be The Queen's Code. I have just finished it and was debating posting about it as it resonated with me in a way that Laura Doyle's books didn't.

OP - I'm truly happy that you have found your captain!

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I've read this one as well and LOVED it. The writing can be a bit strange, but the concepts are so spot on!!

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Yeah, I found the narrative annoying, but the messages were great once you sifted through it. The friend who takes 'notes' saved it for me.

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I wanna know as well!

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There are so many! Understanding Men has been a huge help, but my favorites are the audio books "Out of Sync" (but they're a bit pricey). She is a genius when it comes to instinctive male/female roles and how to work with, instead of against them for a happier relationship.

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Congrats. I've had a similar journey. Enjoy it!

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Not allowed by the rules.

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It kinda would be fun to see what we all look like.

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/u/teaandtalk is correct. You post was removed. Doxing yourself or asking other to dox themselves is against the rules. Thank you for understanding.

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Since the rules don't say "no asking", I assumed sharing a faceless photo of "typical outfit before vs after" or "stock photo example of before vs after" would've been ok to share if she wanted. Oh well.

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I've been with this man for 3 years and have never had even the faintest desire to be unfaithful. I make as much as he does now, so while I appreciate the response, it's completely inaccurate.

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    Who hurt you?

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    No one as far as marriage is concerned. ...never been married. :)