Things I've learned as a 19-year-old in college (self.RedPillWomen)

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Here are some things I've been changing in my lifestyle that have worked. Follow these rules and you'll definitely earn more respect.

  1. Stop cursing. Every time you say "fuck" or "shit" it's a turn off. Try substituting them for something else like "stuff".

  2. Cook more/bake more if you can. Colleges usually have communal kitchens or if you're living in a dorm with a kitchen, try to cook something on the stove instead of microwaving things. I've started to bring baked goods and share them with my classmates (male & female) and people always have a positive response.

  3. If it's nice out (spring/summer), wear a dress. Yesterday, I was walking around and I had a female stranger at Chipotle compliment me along with my two male classmates. If you make the effort, people notice.

  4. Spend less time on your phone when you walk around & smile. It's so easy to walk around campus, have resting bitch face, and be on your phone. Don't be that girl. You might be that girl and not even realize it. Take more time out to walk without your phone. I've practiced smiling at strangers when I walk and I've been getting compliments and guys are more willing to ask me questions, tourists are more willing to ask me for directions (I live in a big city), and guys talk to me more.

  5. Become interested in something on campus where you're involved with men (aside from baking, artsy stuff). I've been going to pick-up soccer games and been watching more soccer matches to learn more about my favorite teams. I've also been upping my language game and been learning more German and French since those are my favorite two languages. Watching soccer is fun but I also get to surround myself with quality guys who are athletic/masculine.

  6. Never have sex before you know that you're in an exclusive, committed thing. Know that as a woman, you're the gatekeeper of sex and when you give that up too easily, it's hard for a guy to actually see you more as a plate. This was the toughest lesson I had to accept but it's so true.

  7. Never tell a guy that you want to "go watch a movie" because that's basically code for sex before you've established boundaries. You're going to end up having sex.

  8. On Facebook, don't take any pictures with red solo cups, drinking, partying, spring break pictures, etc. It's trashy and if you have any delete them even if there's just one of them up there. You will differentiate yourself between 90% of the women of on your campus. Also, selfies are kinda dumb.

  9. This is kinda debatable but I've stopped initiating kissing when and if I go out on a date with someone. I honestly believe that if the guy is really into you, he'll kiss you first assuming you've given out all the right signs.

  10. Skincare is important. Go to a dermatologist and get your acne/eye bags/other skin problems treated so you look good naturally.

  11. In college, you're going to be tempted to join Greek life, go to fraternities, and go out to bars/clubs. Now, even though I'm a fan of Greek life and I have friends in sororities, none of them have ever met their boyfriends at a fraternity party even though some of their bf's might be Greek.If you do join a sorority, learn about their reputations. Just remember that any place with alcohol is never conducive to meeting your future bf.

  12. Having a boyfriend is never your end goal. You must keep improving yourself as a woman and that's gonna take time.

  13. I stopped drinking two months ago for good. I went from being drunk at pregames to drinking a beer or two to quitting. It's been a journey but honestly, l don't regret the decision. I think it's okay to have alcohol every now and then but honestly, I think I'm better without it.

  14. Don't date a guy based on looks alone and don't justify your plate status because the guy you're seeing is hot. He's hot and he knows it. And chances are, if you're a plate and he doesn't want to commit to you, he probably isn't committing to you or anyone. Again, if you go into something with the intentions of wanting an LTR, leave with those same intentions.

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This is a great post. I'd like to say the smiling thing works great for both genders. As a guy, I use brief eye contact and flash a smile with everyone I walk past. People automatically smile back 9/10. Now, wherever I go, people are smiling at me. I also learn the names of employees that see me repeatedly (guards in the building I work in, cashiers, etc) Their faces light up seeing me and from just saying "hello x." That feels amazing.

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I do the same thing. I'm an RA at a freshman residence and I've learned the names of the cashiers and housekeeping staff and regularly make conversation with them. It's just a nice gesture in this sea of self-absorbed college students. I always notice when others make the same effort.

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That's great. I agree. I hate it when people say "I'm bad with names." It comes off as insincere. People who remember names are awesome and genuine and sharp.

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I'm bad with names and sometimes i still forget names but it really helps to repeat them back to yourself a couple of times when you first meet someone.

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Yeah I agree.

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Agreed. Being charming and talking to people especially strangers is great. It makes you and them feel more confident.

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Girls who remember my name, who are feminine, who keep their phones away, they get preferential treatment.

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Having a boyfriend is never your end goal. You must keep improving yourself as a woman and that's gonna take time.

This is spot on. If you truly want a top notch man, you have to make yourself worthy of him. You must become the mirror that reflects his aura. And a good mirror is a polished one.

Your other options are either to be used as a plate or settle for a beta.

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Yeah, this is a tough one just because I've seen a lot of my friends end up getting boyfriends and then they stop taking care of their appearances and carry themselves in a worse manner.

I feel like self improvement needs to be more emphasized in this subreddit.

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Wow, you just made yourself much hotter than 90% of girls. For me, cursing is a real turn off. I think a good bench mark is to always curse less than your male counterpart. If he doesn't curse, then you better believe that he is going to look down on you if you do.

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Yeah, I didn't realize how much of a turn off cursing was until I recorded myself cursing and kept a journal of how many times I cursed throughout the day. It was eye opening but necessary.

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Well, just do the best you can :) That's all I'm saying and hopefully your skin will clear up/is fine. Have you been to a naturopathist? They can do food tests and see which ones are causing allergies/acne.

I used to have bad hormonal acne and now it's all gone :) Its a journey but you'll make it.

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Stop cursing. Every time you say "fuck" or "shit" it's a turn off.

its only a turn off to guys who dont like swearing.

but honestly, I think I'm better without it.

and thats great for you but everyones different

and don't justify your plate status because the guy you're seeing is hot.

instead of justifying it just dont be one ..dont ever be a plate ...ever

if you want to be a RPW you can never be a plate

plates are bad

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I actually disagree with your first comment. From my experience guys who laugh or think it is funny if you curse, or formulate an environment where excessive cursing is okay..are not the kind of men who you want to be spending your time on. I believe cursing belittles your women like qualities, and it is a very easy adjustment to make.

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Excessive cursing is bad. If you place one in every sentence it sucks. But everytime I hang out with a girl who does not use any it feels weird. I feel that a woman who curses in front of me feels comfortable with me and I find that attractive. But there is a really small line between tasteful cursing and just ugly cursing.

I say this because as I moved on in life I realized that not cursing is just a way of avoiding speaking your mind and filtering your thoughts carefully.

However this is jsut the opinion of a guy who is still moving out of his beta state and would probably not trigger any interest from a RPW woman.

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Different strokes for different folks, really. I work in an industry where cuss words are tossed around all the time, and it's pretty common. However, it's also one where people respect skills and sociability much much more, and being "casual as fuck" can help land the next job if you do it right.

I think a lot of guys assume girls that cuss more are more casual, especially when it comes to sex. Sometimes people's minds go straight to dirty talk. I talked to a sjw who was super angry and couldn't stop cussing. She was moderately attractive (6-weird 8) but her mindset made her that much more unattractive. That was a point where I was turned off by it.

But also, don't ever sell yourself short like that man. You should be labeling your posts with TRIGGER WARNINGS, because you're probably triggering interest in RPW's.

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There's a reason for the old saying about "cursing like a sailor." Foul or nasty language has never been regarded as feminine or ladylike.

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Yup i agree. Cursing degrades a person's character

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Your "women like" qualities? Like what?

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Agreed on the plates part but not cursing raises your smv and gives a man a different perception of you

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I've talked to a few close guy friends on their views on girls swearing, and they've agreed that using the words 'fudge!' or 'rats!' is a lot more of a turn-off than the f-word could ever be. Basically don't swear like a sailor, but don't talk like a Molly Mormon is what they told me.

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Haha it sounds more natural to not curse

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It's all about delivery. Some girls pull off non-cursing swears in a really cute way.

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No, it's an indicator of class and character. A girl cursing is a big red flag for me. This is harsh, but I automatically and instinctively think, "she acts trashy, I should classify and treat her as that."

Further, tonality is really important in red pill subs. Phrasing yourself in a factual and positive manner is part of the culture of this sub and your tone might be a reason why you got downvoted.

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When a girl swears frequently it automatically indicates that she is either a feminist and thinks swearing is some kind of victory for equality, or she wants to be "one of the boys". The majority of the time, frequent swearing is also an indicator that the woman is an easy lay.

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No, it's an indicator of class and character.

What is?

A girl cursing is a big red flag for me.

bully for you

This is harsh, but I automatically and instinctively think, "she acts trashy, I should classify and treat her as that."

I'm devastated

Further, tonality is really important in red pill subs

Is it? Well thanks for the heads up

and your tone might be a reason why you got downvoted.

Its cute how you think I give a shit

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I see you've taken a wrong turn. Here you go. Run along now.

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    haha I mean I don't think guys who curse are that attractive either soooooo yeah

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    This is a space for women against feminism. If that doesn't make sense to you then don't hang around.

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    There are studies that prove people who swear are more honest and real.

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    I find that interesting. I also saw a programme on the pain relieving qualities of swearing lol there is a reason women swear during childbirth https://youtu.be/s_osQvkeNRM I think what a lot of people are missing is that if I say I swear it does not mean I'm walking around swearing at everyone.

    I find it odd that people make an effort to not swear purely becuse of appearance but there is a lot of " keeping up appearances " without actual substance

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    Haha. No. Cursing is not classy in any context.

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    Lol I didn't say it was Imo people who say "classy " are worse that people who swear

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    Why do you think that?

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    This is such a lovely post! I particularly like "Spend less time on your phone when you walk around & smile", if everyone did this then I think everyone would be a bit happier. I know it certainly brightens my day when a stranger smiles at me, and I try to do the same back.

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    Fair enough

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    How's college going for you? I don't think I'll go but I'm just wondering.

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    Hey! Like any experience, it is what you make of it. Follow these rules in life/in college/elsewhere and you're good to go.

    I honestly like college but I wouldn't date/LTR anyone who goes to my college. To be honest, I don't date frat guys (not LTR-material), or guys who are feminists (we've got a lot of them here). Even though I get invited to parties, I almost never go to them and if I do, I don't interact with guys there (not LTR material) nor am I interested in drinking. When it comes down to values, stand by them.

    Aside from the bad dating scene, I do love what I am studying and I feel like I am becoming better because of it. I do have a lot of passions (futbol, art, cooking, going to the gym and learning languages) and I am trying to become the best at all of them.

    I know how to make my Mom's steak. I cook dinners in my dorm on the regular. I can paint. I surround myself by a solid group of women. I do not drink, smoke, cuss, etc. I keep myself active by going to the gym. And I'm nearly fluent in French and will probably go overseas once I graduate.

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    Also note that if you go to a smaller college word spreads very quickly. People are going to know who you've hooked up with. If you've fucked half a frat a lot or hooked up with a basketball player guys are going hear about it. You may get blackballed as far as men you are interested in taking you seriously.

    [–][deleted] 1 point2 points  (6 children)

    Yeah I go to a mid-sized college in a big city so word doesn't spread as easily but if you are really notorious/known for something everybody knows. There are girls who go to frats every week and they've been branded with bad repitations.

    Even though my mistakes weren't to that level, Honestly, I wish I followed these rules as freshman coming into college but even a though I'm a year late, I'm glad to know I still have time to change things around.

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    There was one girl who literally fucked half of two frats and every guy knew that she was a joke. She tried to get me to LTR her but who was she kidding, I fucked and chucked her like every other guy. Then there was a girl who fucked a ghetto black guy and got the clap. Literally almost every white dude on campus knew and she got shunned. When she finally got a guy way above her league to date her he eventually caught on to how slutty she was in the past and she got dumped. These are the type of girls that give Western women as a whole a bad name. This is the reason why I don't even give Western women the time of day beyond casual sex.

    [–][deleted] 2 points3 points  (4 children)

    Ah wow. That's ridiculous. If I've learned anything from RP, it is that men care more about a women's actions not words.

    Yeah, I personally wouldn't be able to LTR someone like that unless she went through some extreme change and even after that I'd still might judge her.

    As a woman living in America (even though I have parents who aren't Western), it's definitely tough for both people like me who want to LTR.

    I look around me and it's like looking at a minefield of women and there's a big part of me that's really not surprised that guys like you don't think Western women can be anything more than a casual hook-up. I also think a big problem is that the women who are "Feminine" esp. on my campus (do things like bake/don't curse/are sweet) don't know how to improve themselves or can't see that they do have flaws (e.g. fat, boring personality etc.)

    I hope that this guide serves as a model for future women.

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    The reins have been released on female hypergamy. Feminism has allowed hook up culture to win (even though they bitch about it simultaneously?), and monogamy/marriage is dying. I know there are a few decent girls out there somewhere in America, but I'm not going to bust my ass to find them (and even they are surrounded by terrible influences). When it comes time to find a suitable woman for an LTR (should I ever decide it is time) I'm probably going to take my operation overseas to Eastern Europe. I'm not playing this game of life by anyone's rules but my own.

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    Hahahahaha feminism. This is true. My parents have been married for 25 years and I'm proud of that. American culture definitely is not helping though and nearly all of my friends have divorced parents. It's ridiculous.

    I myself am thinking about moving to Germany or France. Not sure if finding a serious guy who wants to commit to an LTR there would be easier but sluts have made it too easy for men in the US to not commit. It sucks for people like me but c'est la vie, I guess?

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    German dudes are solid. I don't know about France but I know all American girls dream about the romantic French archetype.