**MOD NEWS**Sexually explicit posts by men will be immediately deleted and the OP will be immediately banned (self.RedPillWomen)

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That is all

Edit: there are no arguments or comments required on this thread. Stop. No.

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Commitment or GTFO.

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$$$$ or GTFO is funnier

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For users that don't understand: getting upset about this and complaining is exactly the same reaction that users are frustrated with when women complain about the "tits or GTFO" rule on TRP. It's the same thing: advice needs to be relevant, actionable for the person seeking help. That means taking into consideration their sex, goals, and flaws. The most FUNDAMENTAL RP idea is that men and women are different - which means advice needs to be tailored to take those things into account. Women waste time complaining and being offended by AWALT on TRP, men waste time here complaining and being offended over the fact that content on this sub needs to be relevant to RPW users.

It's very simple:

  • Your personal sexual preferences aren't the same as 'generally good advice.'

  • Give quality advice

  • don't hit on users

  • don't ask where/how to find a RPW in real life (answer: be a competent man, good leader - improve yourself first)

If you are a male user and you've never had any problems with the moderating team then this doesn't apply to you. Don't create problems where none exists by getting offended for no reason.

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Yes we had to delete several posts on one sex thread from men. I don't understand why men persist in posting on a sub for "like minded women" ever, but at least have the brains to realize a bunch of married redpill women don't want to read your porn

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    no, if an RPW asks a question about SEX, on RPW, looking for insight, FROM RPWs and its explicit, its fine. this is a women's sub for a very small group of likeminded women who literally have no other place on earth to gather, most of whom are married. I know that doesn't mean anything to the nerd, poly, genderfluid, sex positive lunatics of reddit, but it means somethign to US, something fairly traditional. Men traditionally NEVER interfered with the woman's sphere, this is not inspired by feminism. We cannot ban men outright on a publically visible sub, we can't stop anyone from posting here, all we can do is beg men who BELIEVE they respect and agree with us to respect our desire to talk among ourselves and to REALLY think whether their comment is welcome, insightful or necessary and not to "man here....". When women post "women here..." on TRP they get the "Tits or GTFO", and rightly so.

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      A personal opinion: just put up a message (by the female mods themselves) stating men in general are strongly discouraged to participate.

      There are at least 5 threads that have been posted in the past year that talk about male participation. There is even one stickied to the top of the subreddit.

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      Yeah that made me laugh too.

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        There are plenty of men who provide quality RP responses on a consistent basis on the subreddit. Many of them have flairs. Too many guys jump to leave comments in threads without really reflecting on if their input is necessary. We don't delete or have any issues with a valid RP response that is left by a man or woman, the only time we even notice if something is off is if a poster breaks a rule (saying "man here", giving bad advice, etc.). We're very consistent with our message I think you're just intentionally reading past what is being said.

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        It's not outdated - men can participate, they just need to avoid the common pitfalls (example: "dude here", giving bad advice, hitting on users etc). ANYONE can comment - it just has to be relevant and useful. A lot of new RP male users don't consider the different goals RPW users have, and give RP advice that is only appropriate/benefits other men (example: telling a RPW she should work to secure commitment by being a plate and having sex prior to commitment). There's a general lack of understanding that the users here are want to settle down, marry, and have a family. On the other hand - there are also a lot of assumptions that no one here understands or is familiar with RP ideas. We know men have a lot of things to deal with, we sympathize with that - and we want to be good wives/GF's to our men. It's also important to note that every woman here is looking for a good man - someone she can trust and look up to, his knowledge (or awareness) of Red Pill ideas has nothing to do with either of those things.

        For more information see this thread.

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          You completely misunderstand. We respect TRP users, and the sub itself. We understand the process they are going through as well as the goals they are striving towards (whether it's creating an LTR, acquiring sex in general, or simply working on their own personal improvement overall). Useful RP advice for men is often times different than useful RP advice for women. RP men that give beneficial RP advice for women are welcome to post on this sub - it's the men that don't understand where (as well as what) the similarities and differences are that cause problems.

          This isn't about 'what's healthy' - not even sure what you mean by that. RPW is not a collective movement, like feminism or Men's rights - we're all here to improve ourselves and create lasting relationships. We're not a club or a group - we are individuals that share similar ideas when it comes to sexual dynamics.

          "Traditional" in the sense of being feminine, respectful of the man we date/marry (think male head of house, Captain, leader etc).

          Read the sidebar and lurk more.

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            Your comment was talking about 'healthy' male and female participation in gender specific movements, and nonsense about "don't blame men for x, y, z" - which shows you don't understand the overall situation (like the fact that TRP and RPW aren't movements at all). We aren't mad at men, we don't lack respect for TRP as a sub or the users. No one has an issue with "Tits or GTFO" it makes sense and is understandable.

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              TRP and RPW both have the same idea: advice needs to be relevant and useful. Telling a RP man that's interested in spinning plates that he should be in a monogamous relationship is useless and counter-productive. Female users that get ticked off about "AWALT" and rant about how it doesn't apply to them are distractions on threads and they're missing the point anyway.

              Similarly, on the RPW sub - male users that encourage women to be plates in order to secure commitment are giving bad advice. RP advice has to be useful and relevant to the user that needs to fix/address a problem - which means their gender, their goals, and their flaws all need to be taken into account.

              TRP's "tits or GTFO" is the equivalent of RPW's "don't do 'man here'" nonsense (which covers: bad RPW advice, hitting on users, asking "how do I find/meet a RPW in real life" --the answer to this is be a competent, capable man-- and male users that attack RPW users for a myriad of reasons).

              RP users use the expression to convey a simple message: "your advice is useless, so at least entertain us with some cleavage while you spout bullsh-t that doesn't help in anyway."

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              Are you saying thats an acceptable response to "woman here.." advice on TRP?

              No, women who do that on TRP are removed or used to be; I haven't been there in a while.

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              Yes it is, women have no useful Input on trp other than to express trp ideas, which 10000 male posters will do just fine

              Same here. We are all RP, we don't need RP explained to us and we are not looking for "the male perspective"

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              To be clear,if a woman posts a thread about sex, it's ok for a man to comment and offer advice as long as his comment is not sexually explicit? That seems difficult to do if the original thread was sexually explicit. Or are you suggesting that on sexually explicit threads men should not comment.

              I think there are 2 things. The first is the problem you are fighting, which occurs much more often. A man replies with a sexually explicit comment describing what he would like. The second, which I think is not a problem, is when a man replies on the sexually explicit thread with a sexually explicit response that is genuinely meant to be helpful, and is not a projection of his fantasies i.e. pornographic fanfiction.

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              If a woman posts asking other women for advice about sex, I think it's best if men stay out of the thread entirely. However, if they have advice to give, the most appropriate form of response would be one that is not sexually explicit in any way. You guys don't see how many gross posts we have to delete on a daily basis; and these are written by men who are trying to help. We appreciate valid RP advice from all parties but RPW is a space for women first and foremost. There is no reason why any man needs to post a comment in a thread that is asking women for advice in the bedroom.

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              You guys don't see how many gross posts we have to delete on a daily basis; and these are written by men who are trying to help.

              Right and that's part of the reason I'm asking. We don't know what is being removed, so we have no metric by which to say "oh this is what isn't allowed," we simply have to take your word on it. I don't have any plans to write pornography and masturbate to it, I only comment when I believe I am able to offer genuinely helpful advice. But like I originally asked, I'm not sure if any sexually explicit comment is ban-worthy because it's explicit nature could come across as pornographic.

              Regardless, I'm not trying to fight you on your policy, I am simply trying to get a clarification.

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              A zero tolerance policy is the easiest way to avoid all confusion. If there legitimately is a grey area then that can be sorted out between the mod and the user in question but that is very unlikely.

              Sexually explicit content is pretty easy to identify and there really shouldnt be any confusion on the man's part about whether his comment is appropriate or not. If he has to ask, it probably isn't.

              You don't have anything to worry about, you provide great comments on a consistent basis; this rule is for the newer men who are not at your level.

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                Enough that this thread is necessary. Follow the rules and you'll have nothing to worry about.

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                  It's really none of your business. Please stop commenting on this post you aren't bringing any value to the conversation.

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                    The fact that a man would comment on a thread of women trying to discuss marital sex is indicative of the deep penetration of all the problems regarding the sexes today. There can't be ironclad rules about it. If the post is bad it will just be removed.

                    Optimally if you are a man I won't be able to tell from your comment

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                    Ok. The reason I asked is because whenever I see these threads, I never comment because I feel I don't have any useful thing to say. If however down the line I feel as if I could offer something useful, I'd like to be able to say it without being banned.

                    Of course, I would never deliberately write porn as tempest said elsewhere, but I find it difficult to post a non sexually explicit comment in a sexually explicit thread.

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                    You should see what we deleted on that thread. Horrid

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                      We are definitely saying that men cannot post explicit content on our subreddit.

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                        Men have been coming here and basically writing detailed explicit blow by blow (pun, hahaha) porn. I've seen more explicit sex written by men here than in Penthouse Forum, LOL.

                        I think they get off on it. It's gross. Ewww.

                        Now, if you want to chime in (and don't start your comment "Man here!" or any variation) you are more than welcome.

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                          Depends :)

                          We have quite a few male who have participated since the sub was formed; some of them I have given "RP Woman" flair because I didn't even know they were men, LOL! They never announced their gender.

                          If you give good, RP advice, then we welcome you with open arms, and you might even earn yourself a "RP Woman" flair :)

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                            It actually is the explicitness as well. The RPW comment section does not exist for people to practise their erotic writing skills.

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                            it would be better if mods gave him friendly advice to keep on topic/relevant

                            Holy cow, dude - you wouldn't last a second in TRP. They would have you crying on your first comment, LOL!

                            You need to start hanging out there and toughening up :)

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                            Your ability to read and understand what's being said seems to be defective. We have been warning, directing, advising and doing everything we can to convey these things. Users don't pay attention and listen - which is why it's a continuing problem.

                            There have been 5+ mod posts asking, telling, explaining and warning male users that they need to keep certain things in mind when they comment - and it all gets ignored. Doesn't matter if the thread is stickied, or on the sidebar - guys still make the same mistakes. It's not that surprising because new female users also always make the same general mistakes - the difference is that the RPW sub is specifically here to help women get over and move past their bs. TRP and askTRP are the spaces where the male users are supposed to sort themselves out.

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                            RPW: Please use the "report" button to let us know about any inappropriate comments, thanks!

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                            thank you, camille and wing nut. i did not see this report button before. there have been a few posts this week that have given me pause from coming over here. appreciate this moderation and the quick decision making from your team...

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                            You're welcome! Don't be shy about using the report button it makes it much easier for us to see what comments are a problem :)

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                            I think I remember seeing in other reddits that you can leave a message in the comment box. Ah yes, I just randomly went to https://www.reddit.com/r/aww/comments/3jwc3e/rules_updated_rules_for_raww_please_read/ and in the comment text box there's some "reminders" in there. I'm not sure how helpful it would be but maybe we could throw something in there?

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                            We don't know how lol

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                            I know how - I'll work on it this weekend. Let me know what all you want to say in the comment box, please.

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                            Awesome Camille figured out how to lock threads

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                            Automod is awesome :)

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                            Miss you

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                            Awww, I miss you too, but the IRC is not a good place for me right now. On the bright side, I've been sleeping like a rock now :)

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                            Well that's a great bonus , lol it interferes with my sleep everyday

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                            LOL :)