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So I’m not sure this counts as a full field report but I wanted to share this little moment. I started reading and following RPW a few months ago and around the same time moved in with my SO. The ideas surrounding feminine behavior and embracing a feminine role in your relationship really appealed to me and I have been trying to apply them in my life.

The other night I had a lovely epiphany and it may seem a little silly but stay with me! So, my SO finds he has had a hole in his favorite jeans. He looks around a bit for new ones but doesn’t have much luck and we are trying to save money at the moment so he doesn’t want to spend too much – I love how responsible he is on this front :) I’m sure to many of you ladies this wouldn’t be a big deal but I offered to mend the hole for him. I haven’t stitched in a long time and never in front of him but I remembered how and recently got a little sewing-kit to rebuild this skill. It seemed like a little thing to offer but I could not have predicted how happy he was and how content doing this little act of service for him made me. Now, I am not the world’s best seamstress by any stretch but as I was sitting beside him on the sofa stitching I just felt this contentment wash over me - I felt so pleased and proud that I could add this special value to his life and that he so valued me for it. I also felt feminine in completing such a task and empowered by that.

When he tried them on he seemed so amazed and proud and said he couldn’t wait to show everyone at work – we had to laugh because he won’t really be able to show anyone due to the “delicate” location of the hole! But it just showed me how me doing this seemingly small thing – a thing which a few months ago I might not have even offered to do due to a misplaced fear of betraying some sort of principal of “equality” – both made him super happy, me super content and led to an atmosphere of laughter and lightness in our home. It inspired me to keep working on ways in which I can develop feminine skills which are often underappreciated in mainstream culture but can bring such a lot to homes and relationships. I’d love to hear how you ladies develop and use these in your homes!! Thank you for this sub which inspired this and for reading :) 

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Yay! That's awesome! I also love to sew and have done this before I ever knew what RPW was. Definitely a feminine act of service and I'm sure your man appreciated it.

I'm in a new relationship and we do not live together, but when I stay at his place my SO loves to cook for me. I'll offer to help him cook ("Would you like me to help?"); he may ask me to chop vegetables or just sit down and wait for him (he's in the zone!) As soon as we finish eating I'll gather our plates/silverware and wash them. The first time I did that he was impressed because he hates doing dishes and I didn't expect to be waited on/have to be asked to help.

Before sharing a home together, it's a delicate balance of respecting their space but also contributing. Now that you live together you'll have plenty of opportunities to show off your feminine skills, so keep us posted!

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I think dishes sounds like an ideal way to contribute without over stepping boundaries - you're allowing you SO to do something he loves while making it even better by removing the downside. And ensuring that your time at his leaves only positive memories (nothing spoils the next day and memories of a meal like dirty dishes to do!) Thank you - I will :)

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This is exactly what happens with us! He won't let me touch the stove and if at first I wanted so badly to cook for him, now I love to watch him enjoy himself preparing delicious meals for us. And just like you I love to wash the dishes, so our routine is similar to yours.

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Thank you for the smile reading you gave me and the overall sweetness of your post. I miss girly and sweetness, it's so nice.

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You're welcome and thank you for your comment :)

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That is amazingly sweet!

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Aw, yay! I love to hear this type of thing.

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Thank you, I'm really pleased I shared it now :)

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Thank you!

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I ironed my husband's chef coat for a job interview. We've been married 10 years & he didn't even know I owned an iron. The next morning I get a "good morning my love" text (very unusual). What a great return on 40 minutes of my time :)

I kept ironing wrinkles into it...

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That's really lovely,I like to sew my own clothes and all the old feminine arts.

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That's so sweet! I really need to learn how to mend things

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Thank you :) It is a useful skill and not too tricky if you are just going for simple things to get started. I was really lucky that my mum taught me!

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That's absolutely awesome. I'm very happy for the both of you.

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Thank you!

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I'm glad to hear this! I think I remember some of your posts around the time you first moved in together. Sounds like you are progressing nicely :)

Just the other day I sewed my husband's wallet back together because he refuses to get a new wallet lol. It's the little things that count

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That was me :) Thank you, things seem to be going well so far, just want to make sure I don't get complacent and keep improving :)

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yeah stuff like that often feels good, I opened a bottle for a random classmate and I knew it was "beta" but I felt so good about it xD

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This is so sweet.... :/