DISCUSSIONDo you ever realize how lucky we are? (self.RedPillWomen)

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Do you ever just sit and think about how lucky we are to have found this way of life?

Maybe it’s not for everyone but RPW has made me very very happy for 5 years.

I read Fascinating Womanhood five years ago and it changed my life.

It’s made me who I am today.

Who else here is really grateful? How has RPW improved your life??

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My SO literally had to carry me to and from the restroom this weekend. I had foot surgery and the recovery hasn't been as smooth as the surgeon anticipated.

He woke up 3 hours than he wanted to in order to go to the nearest open pharmacy to get more ibuprofen for me. He cooked every meal for us, and did dishes (he made me promise I'd never make him do dishes).

He had to go home last night. I texted him to thank him for spending his entire weekend waiting on me hand and foot, even though I couldn't do anything for him in return. He responded with:

'You allowed yourself to be waited on, and that made me feel good. It bodes well for our future'

He loves me and dotes on me so much and I'm just so thankful for RPW. He often says that I gave him something he didn't know he wanted (he'd been dating rabid feminist types before).

Edit to gush about FW: I wish I had the money to provide all troubled women with a copy. Applying those lessons got me celestial love. I am SO adored.

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Omg I love all of this so much.

My only thing with FW is that most people are SO unreceptive.

Like I’ve given away so many copies at this point.

Total waste of my money.

Most people adore my fairytale relationship but they won’t listen to my answer when they ask how I got it.

The only thing I can do is lead by example.

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Some folks just aren't ready to hear it. It's the same with weight loss. Everyone wants the secret. The 'secret' is to eat less. That's it.

I have a dreamy SO, a dreamy relationship. He's a wonderful leader, very paternal, and smoking hot. Women want the 'secret', but don't like the answer.

What's crazy is how EFFORTLESS it is. I get pretty much everything I want. He takes such fantastic care of me. I don't feel like I'm working hard? Once I shifted my mindset, it all started to come naturally.

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I agree! It does come naturally, with time.

I think for me the thing I constantly have to work on is my mindset.

I’m a pessimistic sh*t by nature so I have to learn to work on that.

No one wants a complaining, whiny ungrateful woman.

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I constantly have to work on my 'independence'. My parents were gone a lot, and I've spent most of my adult life single. I'm used to being on my own, so sometimes I have to remind myself that I shouldn't do it all on my own. Example: being cared for this weekend! It was mentally difficult for me at times to sit there!!

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Ha I’m the opposite. I love being taken care of. I find myself tempted to be resentful for having to work at all.

My husband currently doesn’t want me to not work and we don’t have kids or even a pet so if I didn’t work, I would literally sit around the apartment all day and do nothing so I see his point.

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Mine tells me that his goal is to have me in curlers with my feet up 😂😂😂.

I'm a highly productive individual. I relax by doing, so that sounds scary to me, hahaha.

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I think it’s also a maturation process.

Both my husband and I are very young (23). It’s scary to be in charge of providing completely for someone.

I can feel for him if he’s holding back a little from taking that leap.

Even though he would die before he admitted it, I wonder sometimes if he is holding back a little from his role there.

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My SO is very early in his career, so we may be a little ways away from me getting to prop my feet up. But that's his goal for our life together, and I love listening to him talk about it and plan.

In the meantime, I'll keep going to work and putting back coin 😋

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I love that - that’s exactly what we are doing to.

I think I’ll prolly work another 5 years max.

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Make hay while the sun shines, they say. Having a second income while it's available can only help.

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'You allowed yourself to be waited on, and that made me feel good. It bodes well for our future'

Please see this post it explains why being useful to you fulfills a deep need within him. By allowing him to be there for you, he was able to fulfill this need.

Through your appreciation of his efforts, you fulfilled another deep need of his

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As a man, can confirm. Nothing makes me happier than taking care of my woman when she needs me. It's a deep, almost paternal instinct. Unfortunately, many women take advantage of this instinct to dump excessive amounts of emotional, dramatic crap onto their man. Never do this. Help him conserve his energy by dealing with what you can deal with, and know that when you really do need him, he will always be there.

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Inversely, there is nothing more disheartening and frustrating than watching helplessly, due to a medical issue.

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Hey, I am new here. What is FW (and all the other abbreviations)?

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Yes. While I've always naturally had a "red pilled" frame of mind, I spent years feeling like there was something "wrong" with me for having this visceral resistance to third wave feminism and modern intersexual dynamics. When I discovered RPW the world no longer seemed so upside down.

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I also was semi-traditional but I also am easily influenced by my peers.

Had I not found this way of life when I did, I easily could have become a blue-haired feminist.

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FW is my Bible. I studied it deeply two years ago, lived by its rules, and always refer to it whenever I'm feeling depressed. It's the best self-help/therapy book IMHO, especially since it's written for an old-fashioned traditional woman. Plus it's written in a refined style - instead of slang or hip internet blog posts - which speaks to its authenticity and grace.

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Ohhh I never thought of it as a book to help with depression, can you elaborate?

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The femininity part! Teaching you how to be, or at least reminding you - fine character, honest speech, gratitude, domesticity, trying your best, aiming for high standards, charity, childlike curiosity, fine morals - referring to parts like compassion, education, avoiding self-righteousness. Developing refined speech and manners (mindfulness!) Changefulness - letting emotions out, allowing yourself to be cute, happy, bright and letting it out. How to deal with anger in a childlike manner - instead of nagging.

These mannerisms can be applied to your own life - taking care of yourself, taking care of your living space, humility, peace and serenity, positive thoughts.

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I love this. I try to read in it at least weekly.

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I discovered this philosophy a little over a year ago and have since abandoned a new age belief system, replaced it with a Christian leaning one, lost 40 pounds, reigned in the way I express pain, and have learned to STFU. Mine and my SO's relationship has improved dramatically. I also didn't buy into the idea that I need to go to college to be somebody because in my children's eyes I'll be more than a somebody, and as a result, no student loan debt. We are very lucky.

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That’s very smart. My college was paid by my employer so I don’t have debt either. People should go to college if there’s a ‘need.’ Getting in massive debt for a degree in “underwater basket weaving” is just dumb.

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I wish I had been more open to RPW years ago, it would have saved me a lot of heartache and trouble. That being said, I'm so happy to have made so many big big life changes! Everything is better in my realtionship, my friendships, my whole life is new and fresh. I feel very lucky to have found some guidance.

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This is the only place and other subs I feel normal. I open my front door and I'm bombarded with crazy Feminism.

My sister is the only other female I know who feels exactly the same as me when it comes to RPW way of living.

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I literally don’t know anyone in real life who lives the way I do.

I treasure this online community.

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I would extend that thought to all the other genuinely good things you have now, not just good information in a sea a disinformation.

Don't wait until you've lost something to appreciate it.

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Mmmmmm so true.

When I find myself hating some aspect of my life, I realize it’s because I’m not practicing gratitude.

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I’m reading surrendered wives. Does that jive well with this sub?

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If you're referring to The Surrendered Wife, yes!! It's recommended reading.

We have lots of other book recommendations if you need them 😋

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Ha yep I meant that! I’m halfway through the book and joined a fb support group about it too.

Is that basically what being a redpill woman is then? Because I’d be down !

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There's lots of resources in the sidebar. Give them a read, and stick around!

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Sounds good, I’ll go do that :)

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Completely. I love looking at my boyfriend and knowing I can make him happy and take care of him in a way that he needs. It’s like I’ve tapped into his head. I daydream about cooking for him and keeping his house clean, making sure I’m a soft landing after a hard day at work.

It’s amazing to know you can love the person you love, well. It’s amazing to know I have the tools I need to give marriage with him the best shot possible.

I think about it a lot too :)

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Irrelevant (stated in OP) and unnecessarily preachy. Removed.

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I'm so glad I'm redpilled I could almost scream imagining if I wasn't haha. And I was always redpilled naturally as it relates to sexuality. Which is the only redpill I can think of that you better make sure you have it in your early teens or else it might be too late and you can't take it back. So I'm super thankful.

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I don't personally see it in terms of luck. Everyone in any particular environment has exactly the same information available to them. I am the one who has chosen to develop an understanding and to utilise the information. Luck is receiving a positive outcome by chance when something is out of my control, so I really don't view myself as 'lucky' as I am in control of how I choose to educate myself.

How has RPW improved my life? It has given me the ability to not only understand reality but to accept it.