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Source: http://www.thefemininewoman.com/
She wrote a book on the 17 triggers that make women extremely attractive to men. This is a summary of the book - triggers and some methods I found to be good for getting the desired traits. Feel free to add more if you know.

1. Hip to waist ratio 0.7

How to get it?

First of all, exercises that make the butt bigger - squats, hip thrusts, lunges, dead-lifts, walking... You should avoid alcohol and processed foods which make weight stick to the waist and stomach. You could use Golden Maca as a supplement since it helps with getting curves/not losing them so much while losing weight. Wear dresses that fit you well and give that hourglass shape. You can accent this by putting a belt on your waist.

2. Lateral Hip Shunt - Pushing Hips Sideways While Walking

How to get it?

Heels. Get good heels and you're done. They will make you walk this way and it will turn into a habit easily. You could also try taking up dance such as salsa or take zumba classes or something similar.

3. Clear and Soft Skin

How to get it?

The most important thing is to take good care of your skin. Check out /r/skincareaddiction. Besides that you could get a hygienic treatment which really makes skin much clearer. Supplements which also help are Vitamin B and C (careful with these two as they increase appetite; Vitamin B will also make your hair grow faster), Collagen (also helps with reducing cellulite), Zn (also good for cognitive functions and reduces fatigue; good for hair too). Water and juice fasting also helps with this.

User u/Cock_Klepto reminded of very important thing which is wearing SPF creams. This is probably the most important step in skincare and cannot be stressed enough. Makeup can help with this, but it needs to be done right - right colors, texture and amount.

4. Sexy Butt

How to get it?

Besides the workouts I've already mentioned, it's very important that your posture compliments your butt. It doesn't matter if it's perky and shaped well if you don't have that pelvic tilt. Also, don't buy into this trend of having huge disproportionate butts if you don't have one, you are not a sexual object that's there to make some fetishes come to life, that's reserved for prostitutes and other women who base their work on being a sex object. Any butt shape is fine as long as you make it tight with exercise. Like mentioned before, Golden Maca will also help with curves if you want more. There are push up jeans that will make your butt look amazing, so try to get at least one pair of those.

5. Long Shiny Hair

How to get it?

As mentioned before, Vitamin B, Zn and Collagen will help immensely with this. My hair grew little over 10 cm in a year from these supplements, it really works. Also, good shampoo and mask will help with keeping it in good shape so that you don't need to cut it as much. I suggest using Castor oil for improving growth, as well as coconut oil with honey for shine. Make sure you use some products that will protect it if you are treating it with heath. Don't use fake extensions because it's obvious and does nothing, unless you have a lot of money to do it right. In order to draw attention to your hair you can play with it, that always looks good.

6. Outstanding Posture

How to get it?

If your posture isn't good, you can jump form a 6 to a 7 in a matter of seconds by fixing it. It's crazy how such simple thing affects the way we are perceived so much. Good posture requires strong muscles so you should work on your back and core. Check out Ballet Beautiful : Posture on Youtube or do some yoga. Heels help with this too. But, you will need to be mindful until it turns into a habit, imagine that someone's put strings on you and that they are dragging them up. Make sure you aren't collapsing when sitting.

7. Soft Feminine Voice

How to get it?

Try talking in different voices, sing, practice. Check out ASMR videos and observe how they talk (you don't need to whisper, but the melody of the voice should be similar). It's better to be to quiet than too loud if in doubt. Obviously, no cursing. Also, even if your voice is the most beautiful in the world, it means nothing if you're talking bad about others, complain too much and so on; it's also important what you say.

As u/cerahh points out, voice training or even a coach is a good idea.

8. Sparkling Eyes

How to get it?

The whiter the eyes the healthier they look. This can be achieved with proper diet and fasting. In order to accent this you can use makeup. For the sparkle, try to see the good in the person whom you're talking to. There is a big difference in the way our eyes look when we look at someone with love as opposed to something else such as bitterness. It's not said for no reason that the soul is in the eyes.

9. Heavenly Scent

How to get it?

If you're fat, you need to lose weight. Poor diet also causes bad smell. Sure, there are deodorants and perfumes that you should use (Yives Rocher has great price/quality ratio), but in LTR there will be a time when the natural smell cannot be hidden (taking a shower together, for example). Your natural smell will show off the state of your health, so make sure that's fixed.

10. Seductive Lower Back

How to get it?

If you have the luck to have back dimples don't waste that by being fat, because they look amazing and most guys like them. Do exercises that focus on this area (45 degree hyper, dead-lifts, squats...)

11. Luscious Lips

How to get it?

First of all, there's no need to get implants or anything similar unless there is a really big problem. If you do decide to do it, make sure you know what you're doing and that it looks natural. On average men spend 3 sec/10sec looking at female mouth, but 6.7/10 if she's wearing a red lipstick, so try to find a shade that suits you. Lip gloss also does wonders. You can use face exercise to make your lips more pout and to make sure you are pouting when smiling.

12. Feminine Dress Code

How to get it?

Shop like French girls - don't buy too much clothes, but more expensive clothes that are fashionable all the time, last long and fit well. This is also a good incentive to keep in shape for a long time. You can use color theory to see which colors you should wear. A good rule of thumb is to find a celebrity with similar skin and hair and see which colors they wear. If picked well, the color of your clothes will make your teeth whiter, eyes pop, skin will look better. Bad colors will accent all flaws. Other than colors, you should care for how they fit you. Again, a good fit will accent your waist to tip ratio, make your butt perkier and so on. Guys know how you look naked when they see you, there's no need to show everything. But, you shouldn't be hiding everything too. If you want to meet a guy, or are going on a date, it's good to put an accent on your legs or cleavage (not boobs, but the crack) or butt or back, but make sure it's just one thing. You shouldn't dress slutty, but you should also try to be sexy.

Check this out too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzTlQJlDLfw

Many women pick clothes based on how the clothes look ("this skirt is so cute, let me buy it"). DO NOT DO THAT. You are the one wearing clothes, not clothes wearing you. Don't look at them separately, look at how you look in them.

13. Flirtatious Tongue

How to get it?

This basically means that you should stick your tongue as a way of flirting. But, this is a very strong and obvious signal, so keep that in mind when using it. It could be sticking it a little bit with a smile when flirting, licking your lips, or even doing it as a kid does in a joking manner. See what fits you and use it. It works strongly on man's subconsciousness.

14. Heels

How to get it?

Like said here many times, heels are awesome - they improve your posture, make your hips sway, your legs look longer... Invest in a good pair that is comfortable and of good quality. Nude heels are great investment as they go with almost everything and come together with your legs.

15. Cheeky Wink

How to get it?

Wink can mean many things, which is probably why it's attractive. You can use it as a way of greeting or saying goodbye, when flirting and so on. Again, practice and see what fits you and your style of communication.

16. Cleavage

How to get it?

Note that it's not big boobs, but cleavage. Men can't distinguish between a butt crack and boob crack and it's probably why they are attracted to both. Invest in a good push up bra. You can accent it by wearing a long necklace and you can even contour it if you want. The crack is what's important much more than the size of your boobs, so don't be too harsh on yourself when it comes to size.

User u/jack_hammarred points out that a good alternative is "cakes on the plate" since it can be achieved by any woman.

17. Alluring Sexual Confidence

How to get it?

For men, it's known that they get more attractive to other women when they have a lot of sex, but for women it seems to be the opposite. For some reason, the more guys a woman says no to, the more alluring she becomes. There is a great self respect in that that just shines through. It gets even bigger if guys see you saying no a lot (as long as it's not done in a bitchy manner). There is nothing sexier than saying no to a guy, especially if it's done in a playful manner. But, going to his apartment getting naked and making out and then saying no, there's nothing more off putting.

As u/jack_hammarred says:
Confident sexual allure is a great one. I think a way to actualize this is to view your femininity, sexuality, and body as powerful. This probably ties into energy types (I'm 1&3) so it may be skewed based on my internalized definition of femininity. But. :) Your body is capable of amazing things... it's alive for God's sake. Your body and your mind and your heart working together? Good God, Lemon. Even at rest, and no matter what specific body type you have or how close you are to your physical goals, you have the things men (and some women) want. Desire. Fall in love with yourself, and see the things you have that YOU want and desire. That is power. Tap into that perspective... people can sense when you're feeling it. They react to it.

These seem like common sense, but I felt it was nice to formalize it and have it in one place. Again, feel free to add more methods and tips on how to improve each one if you know any.

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I used to think that some pelvic anteversion was a bad thing. Then I stumbled on Gokhale Method website and it changed my view. She presents the nuances well. Check it out

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I agree, an anterior pelvic tilt to some degree is perfectly normal, and not a bad thing unless it causes problems. It's even included in the four types of postural alignment in Muscles Testing and Function (by Kendall, McCreary, Provance, Rodgers, Romani, fifth edition page 64 to those geeks like me out there), though the ideal body type (when it comes to being ergonomic) doesn't have much of a visual tilt. Point is: don't worry about your posture being "bad" in terms of health if you have a pelvic tilt. And don't sacrifice your fine health by forcing a pelvic tilt all the time if you don't have one. (Besides; forcing an anterior pelvic tilt will force your lower back to curve (increasing the lumbal lordosis) and your stomach will look bigger :-) I believe the 'perky butt' must be made in the gym)

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Anterior pelvic tilt and rounded upper back from sitting over their cellphones all day will take you from a 9 to a 6 in 4 years or less. I've seen it happen over and over again.

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How is smiling not one of these (but sticking out your tongue is)?!

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Good point.

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Agreed, I think that clean white teeth are a sure sign of health. And a bright smile is worth more than you could ever communicate through words.

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Very true :)

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I so love that you mention looking at others with love and how a lovely voice is useless if you're using it with ugly intent.

I've been thinking about taking voice lessons! I've heard my voice sounding much better when I'm actually tired and too mellow... most people on the phone can't tell my mom and I apart, and when she's very excited or passionate I know the sound of her voice can grate a little so I'm sure I'm the same. My voice is already bright and high, I'd like it to pull a bit throatier to give my boyfriend more auditory space to relax.

I agree that boobs are boobs... especially as far as men are concerned. But check out another kind of cleavage called "cakes on a plate". Here is a particularly lush example. Personally I find cakes on a plate much more comfortable, in that often times boob sweat is unavoidable (with touching cleavage) and disgusting. It's more supportive as well. Also, the boobs are separated and therefore uniboob is unlikely. It's also something that may work better large scale given the many different kinds of breasts! Personally I prefer the look and find it more classy... it seems it takes better fitting lingerie which usually signals better quality and more refinement.

I'd like to again warn everyone to consider the medical implications of frequent heel wearing. But I will say wearing them more frequently has done wonders for my posture long term.

Edit to add: Confident sexual allure is a great one. I think a way to actualize this is to view your femininity, sexuality, and body as powerful. This probably ties into energy types (I'm 1&3) so it may be skewed based on my internalized definition of femininity. But. :) Your body is capable of amazing things... it's alive for God's sake. Your body and your mind and your heart working together? Good God, Lemon. Even at rest, and no matter what specific body type you have or how close you are to your physical goals, you have the things men (and some women) want. Desire. Fall in love with yourself, and see the things you have that YOU want and desire. That is power. Tap into that perspective... people can sense when you're feeling it. They react to it.

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I'd like to again warn everyone to consider the medical implications of frequent heel wearing.

Yes, this is very important to bear in mind. I wore heels everyday throughout my teens and when I was 21 I started getting really sharp pains in my knees whenever I took a step in them. I had to go see a physiotherapist to recover from the mess they'd left my knees in. They are much better now and I can wear heels when I go out for special occasions but most of the time I wear flats (even when I do wear heels I now bring a pair of flats to change into). They have given me a good posture and I do walk properly because of my years of wearing them but the pain they caused me was absolutely horrific. It's been 4 years since I went to physio and I still can't go jogging.

[–]jack_hammarred 2 points3 points  (1 child)

Dang! I hate that you've gone through that. How have you amended your fitness routine given that limitation?

I have a bad knee from a horseback riding incident and struggle to do high impact cardio. Even leg day if I've stressed it. Ive reinjured it several times, actually. I've found spinning to be an excellent low impact high intensity form of cardio, my knee has actually gotten much stronger! I'm back to my squat ORM pre-reinjury!

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Sorry to hear that. It's awful when one accident can impact your life like that and makes it harder to be healthy and fit.

Well I do stretches and Pilates daily as my leg muscles are very tight. The physio said she thought I was born with tight leg muscles because I mentioned I had problems keeping my legs locked and straight from a very young age so my knees have never had a proper break (when your legs are bent the bones touch each other and when they're locked they don't touch). Wearing heels simply exacerbated an already existing problem. I think it will take a few years to heal properly or may never heal at all. I'm hoping it is the former.

I can't do squats. Whenever I try my knees start to hurt long before my muscles get tired so I don't bother. Luckily there are a lot of exercises on offer that work those muscles and don't require me to strain my knees but they're isolation exercises rather than compound so I have to do a variation. They do work though and I have a great booty. Cycle spinning is fine for me and I also do kick boxing for cardio which keeps me fit. I'd suggest looking up the Body Coach's easy on the knees HIIT workout as that's one you can do at home if you're not feeling a gym day.

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"Cakes on a plate" is the only kind of cleavage I can achieve, due to mine being far apart. Thanks for bringing that up.

As long as they are well supported, they should be pleasing to the eye. I have a few tight, thin (but not sheer) t-shirts that make my boobs look AWESOME. No skin showing, just fabric that outlines my curves nicely. Shirts like these should be considered as well, as it is not always appropriate nor practical to have your breasts showing in certain situations.

[–]RedDetergent 1 point2 points  (4 children)

Could you post an example of what you are meaning? It sounds very nice. I would like to try to find something like that for myself, I use a lot of skirts with tops, but don't like to show too much cleavage.

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Sure! I actually couldn't find an example via searching on Google, so I took a picture of myself, lol. I hope that doesn't break any rules. My face isn't showing.


As you can see, the shirt covers up pretty much everything, but it's tight, so you can still tell I have boobs. I think the extra coverage actually makes them look bigger. I'd normally pair it with a cute flare skirt, but I didn't have much time to get ready this morning.

The neckline is important, too. It's high, but not so high that it looks like I'm not wearing women's clothing anymore. I got this from the Gap a couple of years ago. They have good basics, but their sizes run large, so you may have to size down if you want something to be formfitting.

[–]RedDetergent 1 point2 points  (2 children)

Thank you! Love your picture :D

I do have some tops similar to the one you are wearing, but I have pretty small breasts so I don't get the same effect. They actually do look bigger when I wear a higher neckline, than a "cleavage neckline", though. Maybe if I try someone with a thinner fabric. I don't think there is a Gap store in my country.

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I get it. Believe it or not, I was flat chested for most of my life. Then they kind of just appeared when I was 18. I am about 50 lbs heavier than I used to be (yay for medication-induced weight gain), so they have gotten a bit bigger (about 2 cup sizes).

I remember when mine were small that trying to show them off just made them look even smaller, at least when I wasn't wearing a push-up bra. Do whatever you're comfortable with. You said that you don't particularly like showing cleavage, so don't. However, if you're with a man and you know that he likes seeing it, don't be afraid to show a little skin.

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I don't think I will grow any more, sadly. Since I was a little girl I have always dreamt of big boobs. hehe :p

I think my man actually think I dress too descent sometimes! Maybe I should try to show a bit more cleavage around him, every time I have some cleavage I catch him looking at it and then giving me a smirk (when we are alone).

I think I have a hard time knowing what would be showing skin in a slutty way and showing skin in an elegant way, so instead, I don't. I dress in formfitting clothes, showing of my mid and hips etc. But never anything too short or a lot of skin. Well, sorry for rambling on about everything and nothing.

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I totally agree! Granted I'm Romantic, but I find anything that gathers or drapes around/between/below the boobs to be super flattering in a modest way. #bountifulbosom

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Thanks for tips, I will add them later to the post. :)

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Please if you go to a good hair stylist, extension look real af. If done correctly extension can look great and help your hair. I wore extension for a little bit while I was trying to grow my hair out. Plus Coconut Oil can do more harm than good to your hair if your hair is protein sensitive or if you overuse it. Also, minimize heat usage as well as coloring dyeing.

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Added that. :)

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Hormones influence where you store fat, I think that's how it works. In the end, the root is just making you more fertile and that can be seen in your looks. At worst, it won't do anything.

I don't think anyone here thinks they should have a pink hair. :D

But I will add makeup and sunscreen.

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Actually maca root balances your hormones which determine your fat storage. So it does work, it also increases your sex drive.

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    I've been taking it for 3 years and would recommend it for balanced hormones. The weight will not necessarily go to your butt though, but to where ever you body stores fat, either boobs or hips. For me it was boobs but also my butt. It shortened my period by 2 days and increased my sex drive. It's not expensive and worth a try.

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    I work on all of these but I can't bear my voice nor my accent :( I've checked out voice training exercises and I've been practising whenever I can and it always sounds drastically better and more feminine when I do what they say but it's hard to remember to talk like that everyday. I think I need a voice coach.

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    Please ladies, don't wear this lose pajamas style loose pants (if it is called as pants). You look like a walking waving flag.

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    I was concerned about my posture and many of my friends admitted I should fix it. After a little digging (ok it took me weeks!) I set up my workout plan and got myself a posture bra. Not only I look better but also I feel f*cking amazing now! Totally worth it!

    [–]fetchyminx 3 points4 points  (6 children)

    I feel like I should get a boob job and just get it over with already.

    [–]aussiedog2017 8 points9 points  (5 children)

    Honestly, I don't think most women need them. Men love breasts, period. And it's a huge investment that needs to be maintained on a regular basis. I think having a proper BMI and good hair/skin are far more important than cup size because they show you are a healthy mate.

    [–]fetchyminx 1 point2 points  (4 children)

    Yeah but when I lose weight they'll probably get smaller than they already are

    [–]aussiedog2017 5 points6 points  (1 child)

    I honestly wouldn't worry about that. Health is totally more important. At a healthy bmi (if you aren't at one already), you'd be far ore attractive than someone who isn't healthy but has large breasts.

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    Yeah and there's always push up bras too..

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    Maybe, maybe not. Some people lose 'em and some people only wish they did.

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    Mine have always stayed the same luckily..

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    Yeah, you're not wrong. There's push up bras for that.

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    Hey, anyone taking Golden Maca or have any experience with it? I read it affects the body similarly to estrogen, and men also experience benefits from taking it (sperm count, sex drive) and it has a wide range of benefits.

    [–]Gardrothard[S] 3 points4 points  (1 child)

    I've taking it while losing weight. I lost 3.5 cm in waist but my boobs and butt remained the same. Another girl tried it and says her boobs got bigger.

    [–]jack_hammarred 2 points3 points  (0 children)

    Congrats on your waistline! That's amazing!!!! I don't need more boob, after buying a bunch of new bras, but the smile on my boyfriend's face would be worth it. Thanks for sharing!