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Hello Ladies,

I've both been lurking the manosphere and TRP here on Reddit for quite some time and had this post idea. Not having my own blog and most forums and blogs are aimed at men, this seems to be the perfect place to post.

I can't help but notice how much content is aimed at men. Everything is what a man can do to keep her interested. Well, I've worked on myself for years and what happens when she doesn't too? I leave her. It's that simple for enlightened men. We have options. More importantly, we know we have options.

I'm going to define girl game here as something you're able to do inside a relationship to maintain his attraction and commitment. Don't think just because you already have a ring you have that commitment. We need things from relationships too.

I'm going to assume you have found a good guy (Note, not nice - good). If you are dating an asshole that is selfish and not RP at all, dump him and find a good guy to do this stuff with.

Here's a list of things you can do to improve your "girl game":

1) Be physically fit.

If you're overweight start working on that right now. Seriously stop reading this and do some fucking exercise and come back and finish reading. Now. Eat less and exercise more. It's that simple. Not going to bang on about this one. You know it, I know it. We care how you look so do something about it.

How: Exercise more. Eat Less. It's pretty fucking simple. You do not deserve more sweets because you did a bit of exercise. Stop that bullshit rationalizing, it's going to kill you early.

2) Blowjobs

Typical man, huh? Yes, exactly.

You have no idea how few women seem to love giving a guy head. The ones that do stand out. A lot. I'm not saying that women don't do it.

Thank you feminism for sexual liberation!

It's just the ones that absolutely love giving it that stand out. Regular, enthusiastic, blowjobs are by far the best way to show that you care to go the extra mile and actually don't mind putting in some effort yourself into sexual situations. Sex is a lot of work for us guys. It really is. Being able to just lean back as you get on your knees to pleasure us is a wonderful mixture of pleasure. You're being submissive whilst I'm relaxing, how can a guy not love that?

How: Let him know you love pleasuring him. Don't just talk the talk on this one. The amount needs to go up too if it's less than once a week. Make it count.

3) Stop being aggressive and bitchy

We could go find hundreds of other women less than a 10 minute walk away that are bitchy to us. We pump and dump them. That's all I want from aggressive, masculine women. Generally speaking, they're a better lay than the girly girls, but I stick around the feminine women that are a cute relaxing ball of cuteness that I just want to hold because she's so god damn cute and she just obviously needs a man there. This should be your aim. Relax out of the aggressive tone and bitchy attitude that the western world has distilled into you. It's not sexy. It makes us want to walk away. Every. Damn. Time. Russia / Asia looks VERY attractive whenever a woman gives us that fucking attitude.

How: Just relax, it's not a big deal. Be aware of yourself. Think before you speak. Ask yourself, when was the last time he was bitchy and aggressive towards you? Men are usually not aggressive towards their partners, stop trying to be masculine with a characteristic that isn't even masculine to begin with.

4) Express yourself when you feel happy or content

It's not weak. It's cute and quite sexy. We like it. Example quotes that could be thought but never stated:

"I feel so happy when I'm with you"

"You make me feel safe"

"I wish you were a sleeping bag so I could zip you open and climb inside you and snuggle all night"

Ok, maybe the last one was a bit too far! However I hope you get the hint. We like it when you show how you feel in a cute way. So many women feel they have to keep this private to "maintain the upper hand" he can't know that you care and feel safe around him! That's weak! Bullshit, we love it.

How: This is pretty easy, just don't suppress yourselves so much. Don't let all the crazy out. I know you're imagining weddings and babies etc, don't go that far. Just express feelings more. You're women. You should be cute and feminine. Seeing a theme recurring yet?

5: Domestic Skills

This is a touchy one in modern publication. We shouldn't like this. It's sexist, misogynistic etc etc blah blah fucking blah. Well, we love it. When you cook us a nice dinner from scratch. It turns something on deep inside us. You can look after us. We don't want a new mother; we can cook for ourselves if needs be. However, it's much sexier when you do. Seriously.

How: Learn some simple recipes. With YouTube and the internet in general there's no excuse for this. Women even brag about their lack of cooking skills these days. Want to know what I think? Pump and dump.

6) Be his whore

Notice the emphasis on his? I hope you did because that bit's important. If you're already in a relationship with a guy and he's quite sexual (ha) he wants you to be his whore. This takes some metaphorical balls to follow through on. Be submissive, ask what he wants in a submissive way. When you get on the bed kneel and ask him what he wants you to do. Let him take you selfishly. Do what he wants (within reason, obviously never violate your own limits for someone else) and don't be scared to try new things. Let him know you're open to trying anything new with him. He wants you to be open about your fetishes and fantasies. I've slept with enough women to know that generally you're actually a lot dirtier than us men are. Stop hiding this. Most men believe you're sweet innocent things and therefore you won't get the sex you want. Be open and honest. Or at least show that you are open to trying new things.

How: For this you need to show your submissive side. I haven't met a woman that wasn't submissive sexually however I'm extremely confident, you may need to show this yourself to get the sex we both know you crave. A couple of tips: ask him what he wants "How do you want me?" when he tells you, reply with a "Yes, sir" or a "Yes, master". You can thank me later after he goes primal on you.

7) Never talk disrespectfully about your man to anybody. Ever.

This is important.

I have dropped a potential instantly for this. Others just allow the resentment to build inside and never express it, let it eat them up and turn beta eventually. Talking bad about your man to anybody, especially with him sat right there, is disrespectful to him. You want a leader? Then let him fucking lead. Don't mock him publicly. This makes us men feel smaller than a hobbit. I have heard many men say that this is the only occasion they have been tempted to hit a woman. That's how much this insults us.

How: Instead of joining in your girlfriend's bitch fests about their partners with the small things that may still bother you, express how happy you are instead. I guarantee they will soon start asking you for advice. This is a winner in two ways: You gain social approval for having an awesome relationship and become the go-to for advice. Your man will love you more for sticking up for him. We want you to be loyal and loving anything below that is an insult.

8) When we're working on ourselves as men, compliment us on it

I love it when I have been working out particularly hard for a few weeks and my girlfriend (oh, yeah, one has me tied up all monogamous) starts touching my arms and chest saying how big I've gotten. I know I haven't really improved as much as she's saying, I love the compliments all the same. It took a lot of hard work and dedication to get in shape. I used to be skinny as hell, less than a stick and it took more effort to gain that weight and muscle than you could possibly imagine. It's awesome and I mean awesome when I get complimented on that.

The same applies when we're working on our actual work. My field (software) requires me to self study a lot outside of work. I need to stay on top of new technologies to remain a linchpin at work. Respect the fact that he's dedicated to his work. Make it a compliment rather than a moan:

"I love that you work so hard, I've got a surprise for you when you're done.." // drop coat to show lingerie.

Don't do this too often, he has to actually study to keep up to date! ...can't believe I just said that!

On a more off topic but slightly related note: If you want a leader, let him lead. Don't ask for him to lead and then criticize. That's a little loopy and backwards. If you can't make a decision and ask for his input: respect that decision. Don't then start mocking him. Instead, thank him and go along with it. It's hard for us men that are naturally beta to mix in those alpha traits. When you start doing this it's very hard to get into the mindset of taking the lead.

How: Self evident. Just do it.

9) Last one, Sex.

I know you can't make yourself want to have sex with him. If you're not feeling it you're just not feeling it. However if this goes on too long you just end up in a fucked up rut of no fucking.

We need to fuck. I really would say it's a need. Blue-balls actually do hurt. Don't be afraid of the good old quickie. He needs to unleash inside of you on a regular basis. I (and most guys) certainly understand that you're not always going to be up for it. However that's no excuse for cheating him out of his relationship he's committed to. It's worse than cheating. Nobody's even getting laid. He doesn't want a friend, he wants a sexual partner. He has friends. He's not fucking them either!

Seriously if the sexual element has been removed from your relationship for more than 4 or 5 days. Give him a quickie if you're still not feeling it. The sexual rut is very easy to get into. If he's not feeling confident because you're not looking very up for him sexually, he won't approach confidently and you won't get turned on... it gets into a viscous cycle. A quick and nasty quickie can break this cycle.

How: Get over this notion that sex has to "happen" that some women have. Grab his cock and ask him to fuck you. If you're in a relationship sex shouldn't be something lacking at all. Ever. He will either resent you or leave. There's no other option.

TL;DR: Read it, I spent ages writing it up.

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as far as Red Pill advice goes. i do like this. women do get little advice on how to be Good Girl Gina, and what advice they do get men causally scoff at... Cosmo..

But i will put this out there. Women, if your man is your prince, treat him like one. a enthusiastic blowjob is all we ever want! but if he is acting like a douche, why bow? why blow for that matter? dont.

My thing is, everything should be 50/50. i mean were not children counting every bj and what not, but we are human, and we notice when we are going out of our way and not getting any in return. if hes the man you expect him to be, be the woman he expects you to be.

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Exactly! I added a disclaimer at the top, the items on this list are not for men that treat you like shit.

It's for real men; men you want to settle down with forever. Who's going to be there for you. Not assholes that want an excuse to treat you like shit because you're a woman. That's just retarded.

The items on this list just help ensure commitment in a relationship you want to continue. If your guy isn't doing his bit don't even look at this list.

I intend to write a post detailing how to bring the "captain" out in a man in the future. I'm pretty sure almost any guy would happily take the reins given the correct circumstances / opportunity.

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Thank you for the post, the language was a bit...erm, rough but other than that, it sounds exactly why RPW exists as a sub in the first place.

These are the values we have and work on every day. The problem is getting other (ie non-RP/RPW subscribers) to understand, consider, and embrace these ideas.

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    You can express concern/unhappiness, and problems without throwing a fit and screaming. The point is that you stay in control of your temper, you don't throw a fit or try to get what you want through emotional manipulation. You have to be respectful, stay calm, and express yourself in an appropriate manner (ie: act like an adult).

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    I think the reason why there isn't much "Game" tips aimed at women is because we don't really need game as much as the men do. Any woman with an average appearance and personality can attract and obtain a boyfriend as long as she isn't ridiculously picky. Whereas there are guys out there with a 8-10 body, a good job and a smart brain who can't land dates. That's because they don't know how to play the game.

    The women who can't get dates are either super ugly, over 40, super fat, have some kind of extreme personality disorder or are completely antisocial.

    Nature has given us the advantage. Men naturally have higher sex drives - a higher craving than we do. Men naturally have a stronger urge to protect and provide us than we do for them. Nature granted us this gift because the society that protects and provides for its females, is one that will have more offspring - and more healthy offspring.

    On top of nature's game, this particular society is also skewed to give women a higher SMV than men. A woman can date a man who is 2 SMV points above her in every way, and he'll still feel lucky to be with her.

    The only thing women really need game for is attracting a high quality alpha male. Even then, this is probably easier than what men have to go through. Here's my advice. It basically mirrors a lot of what you said.

    Step 1. Snag the guy while you are young. Sometime in your 20's.

    Step 2. Try not to slut around too much before landing an alpha. A man with value will not date a lose woman. Try to keep your # of sexual partners below 5 - before you meet the man you want to spend the rest of your life with.

    Step 3. Take care of your appearance.

    Step 4. Work on being good in bed. Give blow jobs. Don't be afraid to be the one on top - a lot of guys like it when a woman's willing to do some of the work in bed. Give him mind blowing, cosmic sex that will erase any desire for another woman from his mind. Usually guys start cheating when they're not getting any at the homefront.

    Step 5. Don't be a bitch. Don't be afraid to tell him your feelings and concerns. But you can do it in a way that doesn't involve yelling or guilt tripping him.

    Step 6. Don't ask him to do trivial tasks that you could easily do for yourself, he's not your Labrador Retriever

    Step 7. Take an effort to be interested in his interests. When you do this, he's more likely to invite you along to social events instead of always escaping you for a "guy's night out."

    But yeah, I agree with a lot of what you said!

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    I agree with all your advice, but I have to disagree with the core of your post here:

    I think the reason why there isn't much "Game" tips aimed at women is because we don't really need game as much as the men do.

    Reminds me of a quote on feminism:

    Feminism is the idea that you can create equality by focusing on the issues of only one sex.

    We don't point out the fact that women must do these things in order to motivate men to do the things she wants/needs, without her having to ask. Put another way, incentives matter.

    OP's advice digs deeper to the heart of the male experience. Each of OP's points is on a subject that society at large is ignoring or plain doing wrong, sometimes with disastrous consequences for relationships. Need proof? How about #6: Be his whore

    [–]LadyLumen 2 points3 points  (0 children)

    True. We shouldn't only focus on one gender, that's unhealthy. That's why Feminism is unhealthy. That's why I think it is good that there is a RPW community as well as dating advice for women.

    However, I was just answering the question that was asking why there wasn't as much of this material available online for women, as there is for men.

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    I have a question about 2). I enjoy giving blow-jobs. I've had 3 sexual partners, the shortest relationship was 18 months ... so I've given a lot of blow-jobs and I think I'm decent at it. Nearly conquered the deepthroating thing.

    I'm newly single.

    I kinda worry that when I meet a new guy, and we start a relationship and becoming intimate, my ability to enthusiastically give a sloppy blowjob will, for want of a better term, make me look like a whore.

    I mean it'd be simple enough for a guy to ask my friends/acquaintances and verify my sexual past so I'm not too worried, but should I tone it down?

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    A bit late but I'll reply. Stop that delusional reasoning, this is every guy's dream. If you're a RPW as described here and able to take it deep in your throat there are not many men that could let you go.

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    Alternate solution to #7 - don't hang out with women who have bitchfests about their partners. Or if you're in a work situation and can't avoid the bitchfest, smile and nod until they're done.

    I've been subjected to plenty of bitchfests and unfortunately took part in a few in the past, and I have never seen a woman say "Oh well I really like Bob, he's so great" and then have the other women actually take that in a positive way. The type of women who do this in the first place don't want advice or help, they want to bitch. And maybe get jealous if you're in a better place.

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    So what you're telling me is I'm practically the perfect girlfriend? Why thank you! I like this sub! ;)

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    I am a man.

    You know, if this is a list written to keep a guy, it's quite sad. Don't get me wrong, your points are good, but all of these should be done without outside motivation. When you start doing them just to please someone, they lose most of the value.

    Also, i don't know if this makes sense, but never be his whore. Be a whore, and only if you're comfortable with it. Being the former puts you in a vulnerable spot if you happen to be with a guy that has no moral compass.

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    I want to touch on #3 here because it stands out for me, as a man, as something that is probably 'less doable' than the others.

    You should obviously treat your man with respect, as he should treat you; but I think there is a biological component at play here that OP is glossing over.

    Something I've learned in the last few years (at the ripe old age of 30) is that while women will occasionally lose their shit, it is highly correlated with menstrual cycles and confidence in the relationship. As well, and it almost pains me to say this, I've learned that simply not validating the direct bitchiness/aggressiveness is an extremely effective strategy that seems to keep everyone happier.

    I have met women that didn't get bitchy at me from time to time; but never have I met a woman that I didn't see the behavior in #3 directed at someone.

    So by all means, if you can just turn it off.. turn it off. If you can't; recognize it as a quirk, as temporary, and as something that is actually somewhat unfair to the person it is being directed at; something that doesn't need to be validated directly. You should be validated directly; not whatever impossible standards you are holding someone to suddenly.

    It appears to me that sometimes women will get this notion that even though it's irrational and they know it they should be directly validated about it; because "respect." Instead, let it wash away like a wave and be thankful when it's let slip on by.

    To any men reading this: I can't emphasize enough how revolutionary this technique has been; simply not taking sudden unrealistic expectations seriously makes everyone so much happier.

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    NEVER EVER let a woman off on the hormone cycle thing. bullshit, women didnt used to have free reign to act like cunts before their period. they controlled it, even taking to their beds for several days if they could afford it. any man that lets a woman do this will get what he deserves

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      my husband doesnt rationalise with me, he doesnt allow or put up with any pms bullshit

      men need to put their feet down

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      Some women can actually experience hormonal fluctuations that influence her emotional state. PMDD was even going to be included in the DSM-V until the last minute.

      However, that being said, there are several treatment options for women who actually do experience these severe symptoms, and it certainly should not justify treating people in any negative way. WOMEN, if you feel bitchy and irritable, take a day off. Go home, lay in your bed, pig out, whatever. If you have to be around people, make as little contact as possible, and just breathe. I know it sucks sometimes, but we need to learn better ways to deal with it and quit relying on the "I'm on my period" excuse.

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      oh im not denying pms and pmdd exist, im denying that women need to have free reign to just be as obnoxious as they want because of it and that men just have to take it

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      I have issues with my hormones including hormone induced Eczema. When I realize that whatever I'm cranky about isn't that bad and it's hormones and skin bothering me I can handle it. Speaking for myself here but there are times where I don't realize I'm overeating due to hormones. Tracking my cycle helped a ton. I just want to say that while we do have to be responsible for our actions it can be tough to see when we're in the moment. I would advise men to use an app or something to track it as well, knowledge is power! Then they can also see when we may be overeating due to hormones or it's a real issue.

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      Not a bad idea

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      you're a lot dirtier than most men are.

      Hehehe, you're right about that. I'm kinkier than any guy I've ever dated. I'm glad that I've finally found a guy who can handle me.

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          Oh do tell more, I'm much kinkier than my husband is too :3

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          I think a lot of us ladies have twisted fantasies. For many men, boobs and ass are good enough, but for us ladies we like to get a bit more creative.

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          Great read! Idk if I would classify this as "game" but rather how women can create and maintain a successful (happy) LTR - since these are mostly tips pertaining to situations in which you are already in a relationship.

          7 is something I need to work on. My roomies often find themselves complaining about their boyfriends and I feel kind of like a jerk saying "oh my relationship is perfect" and instead just throw in a little complaint or two - but why should I be ashamed of being in a great relationship?

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          So, I do everything daily on this list EVEN THE BITCHINESS ): and that's my problem I can't stop snapping at him and our relationship is terrible some DAYS because of it. It's not everyday that we fight but its terrible when we do. Any advice that RPW or even men have on how to actually control it?

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          just control it. dont do it. that is relationship poison. no man who isnt a bitch will take that forever, youll either find yourself in shock when he snaps and smacks you or you wll find yourself dumped. i responded on anothe rthread about your insecurity over single othe rwomen. if you persist in this behavior i promise you he will seek comfort elsewhere. you have to be a mans OASIS not his adversary, he has adversaries out there all day, he doesnt want to come home with one. just stop it

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          I apologize but just stopping it is something I've tried. I don't have an excuse so don't ask for one. I'm terrible sometimes honestly even I don't want to be around me. I had a terrible upbringing and act just like my mother. I'm trying to change and its getting better. I was looking for ways to help, not ways he's going to hurt or leave me.

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          being cognizant of it is the first step. it is the most corrosive possible behavior a woman can exhibit in a relationship. im not trying to be harsh or not understanding, i do understand, and i am always rooting for relationships to work. you must find a way to rein in snappishness--have you considered cognitive therapy?

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          I have but never looked into actually getting cognitive therapy. If I came off as rude to you, I didn't mean to call say you were not understanding. Just as I want to be an ideal woman I try to be submissive as possible but sometimes I just snap. But it never turns into an argument and almost always I apologize (even though that doesn't excuse it) I try I honestly do. But what help would cognitive therapy do? (Just curious)

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          it helps you do inventories of your behavior and see what is triggering you to do or feel the things you dont want to, its much more practical in its approach and actually offers tools to change undesirable behaviors, not just talkign and blaming your parents and stuff. being able to control your emotions is the greatest asset a woman can have internally in a relationship. just that you want to be a good wife/girlfriend is totally positive and it seems your hearts in the right place

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          I guess I'll be the first to say it; #9 needs some SERIOUS revising. So your SO saying she's not in the mood for sex is worse then getting cheated on? And she should give it up anyway cause we "NEED" to have sex? That's absolutely ridiculous. Firstly, if a girl turns me down it better be a good and sincere reason, simply not being in the mood will not cut it, I'll move on. Secondly, men don't NEED sex. It's a desire not a necessity. I can certainly do without and I don't need to beg some girl to let me get a "quickie" what am I, a begging horndog? No. And lastly, if a girl doesn't wanto have sex then I automatically don't want to either cause I'll feel unwanted and I'll naturally unwant her right back. The best part of sex is knowing she wants it and enjoys it otherwise it's just rape. If she's like "I'm not in the mood" and you say "c'mon please" and she's like "fine! But just a quickie" then you, sir, are in a shitty relationship were she lacks some interest in you and you're a begging dog or a beta. TL;DR revise #9 and revise yourself

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          this is the opposite of what we at rpw believe. we believe women should never say no, and not just humor the man or act begrudging aout it either.

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            thats right--thats a good wife.

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                    I think the point he was trying to make is that sex is very important to men. Even if women aren't in the mood, this can't go on forever. They should want to make their partner happy, even if they aren't in the "mood" for it. Obviously this does not apply to every situation, but a woman's constant rejection in the bedroom is not healthy for the relationship. Women want emotional validation and men want sexual validation.

                    And no, this is nothing like rape. This is about being in a functional relationship where you wish to fulfill the needs and wants of your partner.

                    If I came home from a stressful day of work and wished to vent to my bf about it, and he told me to shut up because he's "not in the mood" to listen to me, I would feel very hurt/rejected. I would never want my partner to feel that way if I can help it. If I'm too tired to have sex at night I'll usually follow-up with a quickie in the morning. There is always a compromise.

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                    I'm a guy.

                    My ex made me go through weeks without sex. I brought that up and she said she'd change that. She didn't. I felt like I had to lock my balls up for this girl who wasn't giving me the satisfaction I wanted. I treated her like a princess and was really good in bed, and still nothing. Finally when I had enough I cheated. I should've broken up with her before the cheating but I really wanted her to understand what she made me go through. Weeks later she asked if I've ever cheated and I said yes. We split and we have not spoken since. I feel sorry for the next guy who will lock up his balls for weeks without sex.

                    Ladies, please don't be like my ex.

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                      Guy here.

                      I recently watched Ira and Abby on Netflix. I found myself insanely attracted to the character Abby.

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                      Dear God please don't be that ball of cuteness all the time or we'll slowly die from the inside.

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                      Remember ladies these are tips to improve your game, don't take everyone of them to heart. Guys are different and these primarily help your game and relationship, but not always.

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                      Good post