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I work with a man who is 24 and gay. He has been with his boyfriend for 4 years, they live together, have talked about marriage, etc. Today, when I asked my coworker "Scott" how his bf "Jared" has been, he replied, hesitatingly, that Jared was fine. I gently asked if everything was ok, and he just hesitated, before going on to say that he was seriously thinking about ending the relationship.

Apparently, among other things, Jared is immature, doesn't mind bumming without a job, and since he doesn't really have any dreams of his own, Scott feels like he is just holding him back from his own dreams. And, to top it off, Scott finally blurted "it's like I'm fucking my brother." I paused, to see if he would continue, then asked if there was any passion between them. He said no, that they were roommates; comfortable, but not in the good way.

All the other things Scott was venting about were obviously bad signs, but that quote really struck me. Men don't want to fuck their sisters. They want to fuck someone who burns for them, even after years of familiarity. This isn't news for RP, but I thought it would serve as a good reminder. Don't be his pal, or his roommate, or his sister. Be his partner, his passion, his joy.

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Succinct and well written

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While what you said is true, I think it's a bit male-centric. Here at RPW we try to be worthy of a good man and by extension have high standards for men. Whether or not that's fair or just might be debatable, but it's in our female interest. To place us in the such a subservient position that we always have to just strive to earn titles which should be basic terms of the relationship, while realistic from a man's perspective in today's dating world, would be a bad mindset for women, who, while they do have to try hard, have to preserve a sense of worthiness in order to be able to be selective, so they could tell LTR-material men apart from their instinctive attractions or those they feel pressured to stay with.

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Men and women can't be just friends. I wrote a post about it but I'm on my phone and don't know how to link it from here. You can see it in my history.

Married couples aren't friends either. You're friendly but not friends. You're lovers but not friends. You're life partners but not friends.

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That's complete trash. I have plenty of female friends, and I was friends with the current girl I'm dating beforehand. Not everything is black and white.

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and I was friends with the current girl I'm dating beforehand.

Ha! You just proved my point!

Point is that the intimacy of friendship is very different than the intimacy of sex. You can't have both with the same person.

You can be friendly with as many women as you want, but friendly is not the same as friends. Read my post on the matter then come back and tell me what you think is trash.

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Can you not read? I'm still friends with the other girls. I'll concede I am more than friends with the girl I'm dating, but that's different.

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Is it the same as your male friendships?

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Yeah it's the exact same. We all go to the pub together.

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We all go to the pub together.

So you never hang out with these girls alone? =P But you could hang out with your guy friends alone?

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We hang out alone plenty, the exact same as my guy friends. I don't understand why this is such a revolutionary concept?

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For me, it feels awkward to hang out alone with a woman I'm not trying to date, with exclusion to maybe older women, maybe in a scenario where they could teach me something. I've had single female friends where I wasn't attracted and they started falling for me, or the exact opposite. But then again I lack social skills and have avoidant personality.

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youre the goddamn hero this subreddit needs, too many posts are far too off base

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I think gay relationships have a lot of differences to relationships between men and women. The dynamic is just completely different and I dont think homosexuality or lesbianism really has a place in the romantic side of the red pill. I'm not saying this to be rude or anything, and I have nothing against people being gay, but the dynamics between two women and two men can never really be compared to a heterosexual relationship.

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While I agree that typically, the dynamics are quite different between hetero and homosexual relationships, this kind of situation transcends that. Men and women get into passionless situations, too, AEB /r/deadbedrooms. Just thought his poor predicament could serve as a reminder for us to never allow ourselves to become anything less than the best, most passionate and playful women we are capable of being.