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Hi!! I mostly lurk here, but post a little on my main account. I've been browsing this forum the last six months or so, and have been with my SO for over two years. My thinking naturally lined up with much of what's here, but actively reading has definitely helped me to remain more present and cognizant in my relationship.

Anyway, I'm dating the best man ever. Fit, hard working, successful, hilarious, and treats me better than I ever could have imagined.

We both worked our tails off this year, and are splurging on a nice trip out of the country at the end of next month. We have been emailing back and forth a ton lately - travel arrangements, bikinis he likes, forwarding restaurant menus, etc. anyway, I guess his big fingers goofed because he accidentally (??) forwarded me an email chain involving some guys at the office.

They were all planning a guys night out, bitching about their SO's not letting them have any fun (one actually said "ugh women are the worst"). His response was "sorry fellas, think I'm gonna sit this one out since my girl always has dinner on the table at 7 and just texted me a pic of some lingerie, looks like we might be a little tied up." Following were several men basically saying "yeah yeah, we know you like her, shut up" and variations of. So I know this isn't the first time :)

Ladies, if you're with a great man TAKE CARE OF HIM. I always have food on the table, the place is clean, and I look put together when he gets home. I also do little things, like taking his dry cleaning, or scheduling appointments for him. My man is busy as hell, but because I help him through the week, he has more time to relax on the weekends. Without fail he always takes me out on a sweet and thoughtful date night every weekend. I help him take a load off, and he loves showing his appreciation.

Anyway. I love this sub & how it's helped me find immense happiness in my relationship, thought I'd share something silly and happy :)

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He's totally oppressing you, you are being abused! Get out while you can!!

But seriously, being valued for your efforts and knowing you earned it is so satisfying. Keep it up!

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I love traditional gender roles, dammit. 😊 thank you xo

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    Right? The girlfriends and wives of all his miserable friends must have much more liberated, fulfilling lives. =P

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    So much yes to this!!

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    A similar thing happened to me a while ago. I was at my bfs house and a few of his friends cameover, he's 21, but they're ~25-30, and some of them are married. I was asleep, but I woke up and listened in on the conversation, it was one of the best feelings to hear him saying that I make him happy. While some of the other guys were complaining about their gfs, I was being complimented and it was very warming.

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    I love that! :) good for you

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    are you working? how do you get dinner on the table by 7. any tips?

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    Good question! Yes, I do work full time. However, my schedule is pretty flexible & I don't have kids either. It's all about priorities and time allocation, so you'd have to see what you can rearrange. Biggest tip for food, though, are things that are slow roasting & not as labor intensive on busy nights. A couple nights mid-week my go to is a whole chicken on top of some veggies in a cast iron skillet. Takes 6-7 minutes of prep, then it's in the oven around an hour & I can use that time to work out, get the house clean, etc and it's usually nice and crispy when he walks in the door. If you want my "recipe" it's:

    Preheat oven to 400. Grab your cast iron and throw in some veggies (roughly chopped carrots, potatoes, brussel sprouts, onions, really ANYTHING at all will work) then I coat them with salt, pepper, olive oil (or butter, or your oil of preference), garlic, and whatever fresh herbs you have. Take your whole chicken, rinse it, pat dry, coat in oil/butter and season WELL with salt and pepper. If you're fancy chuck a handful of garlic and herbs inside (maybe even a lemon). Then just plop it on top of the veggies. The juice will soak into the veggies and make them yummy, and since it's got room all around from being on top of them there's no need to keep watch or open the oven and flip. Just pull it out when the top is nice and crispy and brown. In my oven it's around an hour. You could also get a meat thermometer and stick it in the thick part of the thigh, and pull out when it measures 165 degrees.

    Cooking is my favorite hobby, maybe I could make a post with my favorite week night meals. The above you could do with any veggies and protein, but with a whole chicken he usually has enough for lunch the next day. And whole chickens are so cheap. You can keep the carcass and make stocks, Etc :)

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    GOOD FOR YOU!! It's not always easy, but it's ALWAYS worth it!

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    Recently the mister sat me down for serious talk.

    I was really rather touched, because I grew up not being noticed, and my career path was back end support so my departments always spent money and never made money. You know you are essential to the making money departments but you never get lauded for bringing in big paydays the way others do. It's my lot in life and I am content with it.

    So when he told me he appreciated everything I do, from making sure he's fed well, to emptying his coat pockets and making sure I put his essentials away so he can find them at need when I'm not available to refill the pockets, to swapping the shoe trees for him (and occasionally putting his shoes on for him when his back is bothering him,) I was dumbstruck.

    He notices. He appreciates. It's... Wonderful.

    I look forward to the stories about his coworkers wives who say they hate me because of the tales he tells at work. It's happens about once a month.

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    This is so touching, thanks for sharing :))

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    he accidentally (??) forwarded me an email chain involving some guys at the office.

    They were all planning a guys night out, bitching about their SO's not letting them have any fun (one actually said "ugh women are the worst"). His response was "sorry fellas, think I'm gonna sit this one out since my girl always has dinner on the table at 7 and just texted me a pic of some lingerie, looks like we might be a little tied up." Following were several men basically saying "yeah yeah, we know you like her, shut up" and variations of. So I know this isn't the first time :)

    Haha, this is awesome! And so true, guys really do appreciate a good women and we will be positively beaming about her to our friends. Congrats on your success! This is the kind of heartwarming read I love.

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    Thanks! A positive story is always nice to share, I think :) I brag about him all the time, too.

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    I honestly don't get the mentality of spouses that rag on their guy/girl. All it does it make them look like a shitty person and you like a docuhe for choosing to be with such a being.

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    Totally agree. If we go to office functions at his place the men and women are almost always separated and it's just a big bitch fest on both sides. How does that help anything, or why are you even together!? I have never and will never air my dirty laundry like that.

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    It is :) he leaves me "thank you" post-it's sometimes and I always save them!

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    How sweet!!!

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    Guy here. First post in this sub. If my woman is taking care of me like that and i can tell shes genuine. I want to do twice as much in return. Good on you.

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    This is it! And if we both want to do twice as much, it just keeps the goodness going! I think it's easy to get resentful and say "well if he's too busy for me I guess I'm too busy for him too" and then you both kind of get apathetic and resentful behavior can set in. I am understanding of his schedule and constraints, and he's understanding of mine. I think the big thing is RESPECT :) and we acknowledge we are both trying our best.

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    Good question. I think what I meant by that was just because I am a source of happiness & really help him take a load off, he looks forward to doing nice things for me. Not saying everyone is like that though. I'm not the biggest believer in "love languages" but if I was his form of expressing gratitude/happiness is definitely gifts or acts of service. He stays busy thru the week, but he knows I work hard all week to help him run smoothly. In turn, he makes sure he carves out Friday or Saturday night for us to get quiet one on one time. We're both foodies, so for us it's usually a yummy dinner somewhere (not meaning $$$ every weekend, just a good place to try or whatever) so I get a night off from the kitchen. For other couples it may be just spending time together, a sweet thank you note, a foot rub, whatever. Does that make sense?

    He's always been very kind and good to me. But I'd say I noticed he turned the sweetness up a notch when I started taking over some of his menial responsibilities. I never asked for it, and I don't even know if it was completely conscious on his part. Like I said, I think the happy giving is cyclical. Hope that clears it up :)

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    Aww, so sweet of you to share. WE ARE OUT HERE! :) i know plenty of great women, married or single, don't give up entirely. I got fed up with the dating game for a long time. Gave up on looking & focused on myself ... Bumped into my man at an event. Happy accident!

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    Stop looking.

    That's when she finds you.

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    Yeah duh, posting thirsty messages repeatedly on a subreddit for women doesn't seem to be working.

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    Toooootally agree :)

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    In movies maybe but unfortunately real life doesn't work that way 99% of the time

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    Yes it does. Concentrate on yourself and improve your smv. Women will be drawn to you.

    Each one that piques your interest could be one of these decent girls, because they are drawn to value (they aren't stupid and it's instinctual). Learn the value of yourself and it will be perceived by others.

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    Totally agree with you here. Bumped into my man at a charity event. A smart woman can sense a confident man from across the room. We get hit on by losers left and right, and it takes 5 seconds to see a man of caliber.

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    I think it does. If you're actively working on yourself and plugged into your community appropriately (if you need help here then meetup.com is a great resource), you'll find yourself surrounded by people you might want to spend time with. Maybe even a nice lady :)

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    "Stop looking" doesn't mean sitting around in your basement jerking off and playing vidya, it just means not going out with the intention of finding a partner. You should be going out and being social as a part of being a high value person anyway.