**MOD NEWS**[mod] Males. Read. (self.RedPillWomen)

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Stop doing the following or you will be removed from RPW and possibly TRP.

1.) Patting the hens on the head. While I can relate to how refreshing it is for a feminine woman to confirm RP core values do not forget we are in the business of destroying pedestals. Not only are you failing to do so, but you're substituting step ladders instead. Enough.

2.) RP males: Understand that while both TRP and RPW are built from the same general knowledge base, RPW only has one sexual strategy while TRP has three. They are attempting (and succeeding) at being the most attractive women they can be in order to land an attractive high value man. This man will most likely have no idea what "RP" even means. Stick to TRP, because RPW are actively seeking relationships.

3.) Asking advice. Are you serious? You can't just avoid TRP because you don't like the tone or answer even though we both know it is exactly what you need to hear. You don't ask women for advice about women, period.


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The irony of an "RP" man asking a sub full of women for advice...classic.

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It's always the new guys who aren't used to the language yet.

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d*cks or gtfo

I'm kidding im kidding

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https://www.google.com/search?q=dick+cheney&tbm=isch here, have an entire page full of dick

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Lol! Upvote from me!

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No one wants to see that

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And try not telling the women to PM you to talk in private. Don't be creepy.

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    I've seen it on a few older threads (I think the mods did something about it) and on a very recent one as well. It's just weird and unnecessary.

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    What if we're attractive?

    Jk of course

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    the funny thing is, they would never know because we tend to be concerned about our privacy here. the closest thing we've had to a photo thread was one where some members showed off how long their hair was getting but kept their faces hidden. and many women here do mention struggling with weight although they may just be being modest.

    i suppose some men on reddit like their perfect housewife fantasies more than meeting actual women. much rp. so alpha. wow. /s i've never even posted a 'hair selfie' and i've still gotten a slightly odd pm about my footwear choices...

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    Is it possible they are trolls? We get our fair share in trp, I can't see why they wouldn't come here as well.

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    guys on here do that???

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    This. Please do not tell us that you are "RP" and then immediately ask for our opinions on everything from the inane to the pointless. We are not your girlfriends, and we are not your advisers. You shouldn't be interested in dissecting something your SO said, or why she reacted a certain way. If you are asking us "when did you do x?" in order to figure out when a woman you are interested in should also be doing x then you're missing the point entirely. We do things because of our men. They inspire us, they keep our attraction, and spur our loyalty. It's up to you as the man to set the pace, keep her attention, and set boundaries. You need to focus less on what RPW as a subreddit thinks, and spend more time on improving your value, and getting your ish together.

    You are not going to magically cross-paths with a RPW, and even if you do you still have to be the Captain and keep her in check. So stop asking us where we're 'hiding' - good women are shaped and maintained, they don't just appear out of nowhere.

    Don't come to this sub first. If you have a question TRP and askTRP need to be your first (and second) stops. Then and only then should you drop by and pose a query. Don't use the "well I already know what they'll say" line - if you know what they'll say, why aren't you listening? If you want a different opinion from someone that encourages LTRs - then go message that individual. But don't come to the RPW sub, claim that you're a RP guy, and that you just want input from women. If you don't understand why that's a problem then you need to go read the TRP side-bar all over again.

    Please stop with the "Thank you RPW" posts as well. If you want a good woman, you find a decent one and you make her good. I am a good RPW because I am with a strong, competent man. He has helped me learn things I otherwise wouldn't know about.

    For the more dominant/established RP users, please don't come here and give advice to women as though they are plates. Don't encourage bad behavior ("just leave him already and find someone better"). This sub focuses on finding, maintaining, and improving LTRs.

    We seem to mainly get a mix of new RP users that are still very uncertain and intimidated by TRP and more established RP users that want to walk into the sub as though they're the boss and start handing out bad advice. It's annoying, please stop. Being a man doesn't mean that we will agree with your every opinion, and you don't get to say anything you want just because you're male. TRP and RPW work with the same knowledge, but apply it in different ways.

    Males are absolutely welcome on this sub - provided the comments are relevant and enhance the conversation.

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    I like reading RPW. So we have a list from the mods in ways to not contribute, do you have any ways that you would like us to contribute?

    It's fine if y'all want your own space, I enjoy reading some of this shit (death to feminism, who doesn't like that?).

    Instead of saying "stop doing this!" Why don't you just say gtfo to all males? That seems to be an acceptable way to go, and the general feeling of late.

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    Male perspectives on relationship questions, general thoughts on various concepts/ideas, pointing out mistakes, providing useful input and advice. As long as you understand that RPW are focused on LTRs and you work within that mindset, along with giving suggestions on how a woman can improve- that's all very much encouraged and appreciated. Telling women to sleep around, ditch her SO, or that we are all destined to cheat/incapable of using logic are are not welcomed.

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    Plenty of men are here adding to the conversation; what we are discouraging is men asking us questions on how to be alpha, what to do with their disrespectful girlfriends, and a myriad of other TRP questions. We are also discouraging men from asking where they can find their own special RPW in the wild and from telling RPW to divorce-rape their husbands and destroy their families to get better, more alpha seed for their children (this one was yesterday - yes, a TRP man was saying this).

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    Mods, be more unforgiving towards men, or boys as they apparently still are, who ask advice here.

    The whole notion of asking women how men are supposed to lead women, it's fucking absurd. That's betaboy behaviour and that's not an union between RPMan and RPW. That betaboy behaviour is what feminists are after, I'm quite sure that this sub is not made for betaboys and feminists. Men, who lead women, do they really ask that kind of questions?

    So, Mods, don't hesitate on banning and erasing it, 1984-style.

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    I disagree with this. A good leader often asks the advice of his or her subordinates. Sometimes I am in a situation where for whatever reason, I am the "leader" of a group. When this happens, I like to lead by consensus by taking in as many relevant inputs as possible and deciding on a path forward.

    There are situations where a female is best suited to lead. I recall recently a situation where I was project lead and there was a more experienced female on my team who was the subject matter expert. As such, I set this up where she was de-facto lead and did most of the work. Success followed. In any case, I sincerely value the opinions of women just as much as I do men, though I may dismiss some of their opinions as factually incorrect.

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    For RP men seeking RP advice --> /r/asktrp

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    I loled at "patting the hens on the head".

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    Yeah I dunno why males come here for advice lol

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    SoftHarem is a male moderator on this sub, and it's a term he uses from time to time. We (the ladies on this sub) do not refer to ourselves as hens.

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        The Mod team is mostly women, RPS and SoftHarem are Moderators for both TRP and this sub. We (the female moderators) do 99% of the work on this sub. SoftHarem just happened to make this post.

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        It's a term he uses in jest, and since this sub isn't comprised of uptight shrews, it's not an issue.

        Take care and be well.


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        Im in love with all of you.

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        This shit is so fucking backwards.

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        Strong words, strong tone. Does this mean RPW are strong? Is that a consequence of being with strong males, or a trait of a goal-driven woman? Is the endgame being the partner of a TRP male, or "high value" is the more general definition (rich, attractive, confident, blabla)?

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        SoftHarem is a male that Mods on both RPW and TRP...

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        shhh don't ruin the illusion

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        Why does everyone want to imagine him as a woman? Okay have fun with your man-crush fantasy haha!


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        Oh, my bad. I assumed the mod team here was comprised of females, and the message itself didn't imply the gender of the writer.

        Isn't it counter-intuitive that a subreddit dedicated to females (albeit submissive ones) is led by a male mod team?

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        SoftHarem and RedPillSchool started the RPW sub as an offshoot of TRP, and then looked for RP women to run it. They are here to help when we need it, but they pretty much stay out of RPW business.

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        The team is all female except for SoftHarem and RedPillSchool - they are both Mods of TRP as well. I'm not sure where you got the idea that we're "lead" by either of them though.

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        Why is that counter intuitive? A good person in charge is a good person in charge, regardless of gender.

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        Funny, there's already a post on the sidebar about men posing here.


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        Reminder posts are useful. Be mindful that these types of things may need more than one post to drive home the point, much like many of our other posts have very similar messages.

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        Funny, there's already a post on the sidebar about men posing here.

        TRP obviously promotes lifting but this is a little too strange and narcissistic.

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        Yep, I pretty much figured this stuff out already, when guys come in here asking for advice I just shake my head, and congratulating women on behaving like women, I just intuitively know that that's stupid, if I'm hanging out with my guy friends I wouldn't need some female to come in and congratulate us for acting like men instead of sissies.