**MOD NEWS**Regarding "Man here...." (self.RedPillWomen)

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No. Do not open your post like this. We don't care. If you have RP advice to give, give it. Men are welcome to post here but you will not get man points. Stop it.

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Every time I read "man here" or even worse, "male invader," all I see is fedora.

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I see a giant neckbeard. It always earns them an automatic downvote from me, no matter how good the rest of the post is.

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      The only thing that matters is the content of the advice being given - not the gender of the person giving said advice.

      Women aren't allowed to 'snowflake' on TRP, men are held to the same standard here. Give relevant input. Comments need to succeed (or fail) based on their own merit.

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        We aren't here to be taught by you. read the welcome message.

        It will change because your posts will be removed and you will be banned

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          Oh. No. Please don't go

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          Considering those guys who write erotica and sell it on amazon easily make 50-100k a book... Might be a good idea.

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          Hold the fuck on..... I've been told by thousands that I'm a Talented writer and that I have a deep sexy voice.... is there actually real money in that???

          If so I will totally write some shit and then narrate it.

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          Of course there's money there

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          Thank you! Men coming in here and explicitly describing sexual acts is one of the things that makes me feel uncomfortable posting sometimes. I don't want to read posts to me from, or talk to, men about their sex lives. I think it's inappropriate. So does my husband. I am really happy to hear women talk about sex from there perspective but there is something more sexual about a man coming to tell a bunch of women what he did in bed. I don't want ANY sexual interactions with other men, and here seems like it should really be a safe space from that but lately.... not so much.

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          Freaking thank you! That post the other day really didnt belong here.

          We all know the one.

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          This "man here" stuff only makes you look like a beta anyway. If you're a serious male contributer get flair and let that be that.

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          I was going to say - I like knowing when it's a male post instead of a female, because as we all know sometimes that advice is distorted by the different ways genders perceive things. But you covered that by suggesting they actually get the flair :D

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          Seriously. Women giving you dating advice is why you ended up here in the first place. You don't need women coddling you to become a man.

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          What's asking the fish? Did I just do it?

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            Relatedly, don't ask the fisherman how to avoid the hook. Talk to your fish buddies. That's why this place is here.

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            fish buddies hahaha

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            Fish are friends. NOT food.

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            i loving the nemo references

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              hahahaha. the school of fishies.

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              Ha, that's great...wise words indeed. Thanks

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              Wifey and hubby are two of my least favorite words in the English language. If they can be considered words.

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              Hubby rhymes with schlubby.

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              This sub is also theoretically full of women who will behave like they're supposed to- so the scared beta men come here to talk to us instead of going out in the real world to hunt one down IRL.

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              For the love of Pete - thank you. When I read, "Man here", my reading brain immediately starts to blah, blah, blah and I just skip to the next comment.

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              Thank you so much for this post, I don't know why lately this sub seems more plagued with posts like that.

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              because MRP thinks they are an LOL "council of captains" and theyve been coming here lately to school the little ladies. Feel free to vomit quietly in the corner

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              MRP = the blind leading the blind, but dang is it ever entertaining to lurk there.

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              MRP=the gross leading the verbose

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              Perhaps it's stepped up lately because they got their asses handed to them in TRP when they tried to claim marriage was "Red Pill on Hard Mode" (cue sound of chest thumping).

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              Stand back the Male Invaders are here

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              What's MRP?

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              I know this will sound negative, but it's been kind of annoying to me lately. I lurked here for awhile and only started posting recently, so I'm not sure I have right to complain. But I joined because I wanted to find a non-religious forum where I could talk to people, women especially, about traditional relationships, how to improve SMV and girl game, etc. And it seems like most people here are men, talking down to women about how much women and LTRs suck. I'm well aware of the risks of marriage for men, but I'm a little annoyed having to defend the basic premise of this sub every time I make a comment. I thought we were all here for similar reasons, not to antagonize each other.

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              I absolutely know the feeling and agree, and this is why I really appreciate the mods here. A while ago, every week the sub got like 4 threads like "How do I find a RPW?" "As a man, thank you ladies!" It was so cringing but the mods do an excellent job to keep this place as clean as possible.

              Even though there were "as a man" posts here and there, I do think it had exacerbated these days which is why this post was needed. If you encounter a poster that is being anti LTR and antagonistic again please do report it, that is not a RPW stance and I'm sure the mods will handle it

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              Why haven't you come to the irc yet, jerk

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              Lol, I will go when I am ready :P chat intimidates me.

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              You can come lurk til you're comfortable

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              Exactly, thank you. Come to the irc

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              Oh my god that looks perfect. Thanks for the tip!

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              If you don't come visit me ill have a sad. Do you want that?? I know you don't.

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              And it seems like most people here are men, talking down to women about how much women and LTRs suck.

              I couldn't have said it better myself. I'm also a long time lurker/recent poster, so hello :0)

              I'm so sorry for the men who make bad choices in the women they marry, just like I am for the women who make bad choices in the men they marry, but we're not here to listen to men talk about their issues. There is a whole sub for that! I personally also really don't enjoy listening to men talk about how ever having an LTR or marriage is a suckers game because my husband is not a sucker, thankyouverymuch. But that might be my own personal issue. Perhaps other women do like to hear that perspective if they are the type who are into having uncommitted sexual relationship themselves.... but then, are those types of women really even here?

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              I got downvoted to hell one time when the "women don't exist on the internet" rule went into play on TRP and all related subs and I hadn't realized (since I was really only a lurker/casual poster at the time and didn't notice the rule change), then when I saw someone doing an "as a man" post I asked of that was allowed in RPW or if the rule applied to men in women spaces too. I'm glad it's finally being called out officially now.

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              There's nothing wrong with being a man and participating here, the RPW sub should have RPW relevant advice, just as TRP should have TRP relevant advice - the gender of the poster is secondary to the content of the actual advice being given and shouldn't be highlighted. TRP doesn't want women to 'attention grab' and any statements of 'I'm a woman' are permitted only within a very narrow context, the same should hold true here. The first step of giving RP advice is understanding who it is for (men and women are different and have different goals and focuses). Men telling women to be plates for example, is not an appropriate suggestion on this sub, because the ladies here are interested in LTRs and Marriage only.

              There are many effective male users on this sub that understand the goals of RPW and give relevant RP advice that is beneficial and useful to the users here. You can be a dolphin for all I care - if your advice is solid, that's the only thing that matters.

              This really shouldn't be a controversial idea, and no, we aren't 'shaming' any male users or telling them to stop commenting. Just understand where the similarities and differences are between RP male priorities and RP female priorities.

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                LTRs and Marriage are the only Red Pill dating strategy for women.

                From the side-bar:

                The RPW sub doesn't say "you have to be a wife/gf and nothing else" - but we only focus on behavioral patterns as they relate to successfully (and positively) interacting with the intention of meeting/catching the attention of a good man.

                The RPW sub is about self-improvement (becoming a better woman) and attracting a good man.


                and increase their female sexual value as much as possible in order to attract (or keep) a good RP man.

                RPW works toward keeping women from squandering sex while working towards obtaining commitment

                TRP and RPW both believe that women should keep their sexual partner counts low, because having a lot of partners decreases a woman’s ability to fully bond and lessens her overall value as potential Long-Term Relationship material with good RP men.


                The fact that you didn't know the answer to this question means you need to actually read the sidebar. LTRs/Marriage, and self improvement are the only things we talk about.

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                  The answers to all your questions are stated in the side-bar.

                  Sleeping around is detrimental to a woman's value. Again this is RP 101.

                  Read the sidebar and do not offer advice on this sub unless you know it is RPW relevant (I've had to remove several of your comments already). This is your only warning.

                  We need knowledgeable users offering insights and opinions, not people that are surprised to learn very simple RP ideas. Please, at least read the effing F.A.Q.

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                  Great response!

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                  But I want my man points.... /s

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                  can we have the same rule here they have over at TRP where when you mention your gender you get banned?

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                  Gender has its place in dispensing advice and information.

                  However attention grabbing is useless and counter productive.

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                  mentioning your gender here or over at TRP is usually attention grabbing though.

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                  Thus why mods exist, lover.

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                  That rule has some specific text accompanying it:

                  It's okay if someone can figure from context that you have a vagina. But don't yell and wave it about... unless you brought enough for everyone. (This rule will be interpreted VERY leniently for RPW regulars.)

                  The reason we wrote it isn't to make the sex of the poster a "don't ask, don't tell" phenomenon. It's to give us something to invoke when someone tries to use her vagina-ownership to "snowflake" or grab attention.

                  Similarly, saying here that one is a man could be a similar phenomenon. However, I have also seen it as a disclaimer, on the order of "hey, fish here, not fisherman, take this with a grain of salt".

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                  Yeah but that's exactly what I meant. It's just been annoying lately, feels like most comments here come from men and they always start with man here..

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                  Dear God, thank you.

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                  Thanks, it was pissing me off.

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                  Let your advice stand on its own merit. Same reason TRP doesn't want women saying "female here" on the main sub.

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                  The majority of times you can gather contextually when a commenter is male, no need to point it out in every single post. It is rather annoying and fills this sub with "man here" opinions. As long as you give RPW appropriate advice, it really doesn't matter. You may like it when someone at TRP stars "Female here/As a female" but it's actually frowned upon over there.

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                  Your opinion wasn't solicited. man here posts will be removed, repeat offenders will be banned

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                    There is RP advice and non RP advice. The sex of the person proffering it irrelevant

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                      Nobody asked for your input

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                      Is the proper response 'Dick or GTFO'?

                      I see this as the equivalent of the maxim that says 'you don't get bonus points for your argument on the internet if you add "I'm a girl" to it'

                      What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

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                      I appreciate it when men and women point out their gender in TRP sub comments. Part of what`s interesting about the discussions is that is often revealed that men and women can have different perspectives on identical situations, so I think it's wrong to pretend all comments are equal.

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                      I don't know about TRP, but in RPW there is a flair for men.

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                      Alright, will do.

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                      You can also get a flair

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                      i like ur username

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                      TBH, I actually like when men start with "Man here.." in SOME instances... particularly for those posts relating to wondering about a man's behaviour/opinions/etc.

                      Sometimes it's nice to hear a reply from "the source" -- in addition to from other RPW :)

                      [–]bicepsblastingstud 9 points10 points  (0 children)

                      There are rare instances in which it's helpful to announce gender. Generally, these occasions occur when someone is trying to explain how they personally would feel about something.

                      However, mostly it happens with posters who insist on talking about how "alpha"/successful/desirable they are. These posts are garbage.

                      An example:

                      I'm in the mindset of this guy, also traveling a lot, plenty of options. I can definitely be won over if the woman is kind but with some personality to her but you'd have to ease me into it, win me over. I'd say a combination of #1 and #2 and good luck.

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                      Is "trans-toaster here" ok? As a trans-toaster, I think it's highly relevant that I receive Internet points for being one.

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                      I have done this before and I am sorry. Please accept my apology.

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                      I'm not so sure about that, though
                      It seems to me that they'd give that kind of introduction to just shed some light on their perspective, and where they may be coming from
                      Of course, I may be wrong

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                      You are. Plenty of men just post RP advice, even that contains indication they are male in it, without this intro. It is there for a reason

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                      There already is a flair for men, but they have to manually ask for it.

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                      And another excellent reason why I love this place.

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                      Go spout someplace else.