FIELD REPORTI was surprised at how much men value women cooking for them (self.RedPillWomen)

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Thursday evening my husband and several of his friends took part in a motor bike charity ride. They camped out and came back around noon today. I had a feast waiting for them when they arrived, I cooked them a large mixed grill lunch, a simple gesture I thought but almost all of his friends commented that I was a “star” a “gem”, they made comments like they wished their wives would do things like this. One even said his wife complains when all the men are together.

I thought this was just a kind gesture to say well done and to end their little trip with a meal together. I was surprised at how shocked some of them were that a woman would actually cook a meal for 8 people.

I felt very appreciated.

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It's crazy how simple things that would absolutely stack the deck in their favor competing against other women are somehow viewed as demeaning.

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Yep - if you're in a kitchen and you looked "lost," it's hugely problematic - especially when faced with a man who knows how to prepare and cook balanced, nutritious meals for himself.

This becomes all to noticeable at family gatherings or similar-type events. Men see it, make mental notes, and likely count it as a mark against you.

I can’t imagine going one’s whole life - either man or woman, and not have the most basic skills of being able to prepare a simple meal.

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I can’t imagine going one’s whole life - either man or woman, and not have the most basic skills of being able to prepare a simple meal.

Exactly. Knowing how to cook simple dishes is a basic adulthood skill. Gender has nothing to do with it.

The fact that feminists celebrate their own ineptitude in order to avoid even the vaguest implications of "servility to males" shows you just how nuts they are.

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And cooking for people is fun! If I could be a professional hostess I totally would.

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Whenever you want to convince someone that an absurd lie is the truth, you must play upon their fears.

For example, many religions have a concept of "punishment after death". But the idea of existence after death is so implausible that they must make "hell" truly terrifying in order to offset its implausibility.

Likewise, feminists need to convince women that even simple, thoughtful gestures are tantamount to slavery in order to combat the natural nurting female instinct.

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My sister in law never cooks, and her husband does all the cooking. He complains about her all the time. They do not have a happy marriage. She is a loathsome person, though.

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Yup! Pack hubby's lunch every day! Sometimes it's just a simple sandwich, sometimes it's homemade enchiladas, stir fry or BBQ pulled chicken. I've also made him pineapple upside down cake & thrown that in. The others guys at the mill are jealous, & his lunches are the envy of everyone in the break room lol. Makes me feel like a rock star, especially since most of them pack their own lunches & it's tv dinner meals because their wives won't cook!

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The male reciprocal instinct is powerful. Do for them, and they want to do for you.

Add to that the fact that a lot of women nowadays abhor the idea of doing things for men, and you can see why modern men are so easy to impress and please. They're starved for it.

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Naked too. My wife and I will be celebrating 10 years of marriage in a couple of weeks and I still want to see her naked.* And I can’t be the only guy in here who thinks seeing his wife prepare a meal in the buff does not rank among the best things of marriage.

I love cooking. It’s a hobby of mine. But it really is great when my wife goes all out on a meal.

Having grown up watching *Married...With Children, I thought I would have lost interest in my wife. I don’t think that trope is correct. If you’re in a committed relationship of any kind with a guy, chances are he really wants to see you naked all the time.

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If Peggy was putting spices into her cooking instead of cigarette butts, Al probably would have been more interested in her.

Totally agree with you though. I regularly ask my wife to make dinner in nothing but an apron.

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As I am currently binge watching Married With Children, I am pleasantly surprised to stumble upon a reference of the show.

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NO MA'AM - the original Red-pilled Men

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I don't even know you, and I appreciate you.

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It is really lamentable that a beautiful thing like cooking is becoming a lost art in just one generation. I personally know more men who cook more in their homes these days than their wives. Don’t know since when cooking became a demeaning thing to ask/hope for.

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The secret to any healthy relationship with your man: respect him (no shout, no orders, listen to what he says, no complain), and take care of him (cook, put order, support, help when he asks). Not that hard.

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we are simple animals

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Great observation OP! I think that my cooking obsession is probably one of the reasons my husband married me! Lol! Apart from the obvious enjoyment of food that men have, he also said once that he “really values it because he knows I will cook good healthy food for our kids one day” xo

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Also, you made your husband look very good in front of his friends. I'm sure he appreciates that.

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Speaking as a man (even though I got called out for this recently

And yet, here you are breaking the rule again. Do not do this. Read all the rules for male posters.

Please do not say “man here,” “as a male” or anything along those lines. Comments and posts that violate this rule will be removed

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    Your penis does not grant you special advice giving powers. Lean on your advice not your gender. The others can follow the rules. Why exactly do you think you are above them? This is rhetorical.

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    I cook (no kidding) 7 days a week, 365 days a year. My husband is sensitive to gluten so my cooking caters to his needs. You bet I got him locked down! Haha!

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    That is great. Yes men are so appreciative about cooking. So sad that many people view that as a constricting task.

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    I cooked great meals for my exboyfriends and they still dumped me. :(

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    Next time find out what the boyfriend's favorite meals are and cook those.

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    My husband loves it when I cook. He compliments my dishes and I like seeing him happy.

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    it's what's kept me from divorcing!

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    That's kinda sad :(

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    Cooking meals is super easy when you've been trained to do it all of your life