[FIELD REPORT]I'm single, but making these few changes in my life have helped me significantly. And the men in my life have noticed. (self.RedPillWomen)

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  1. Health and fitness - This is huge. I am a really small girl by nature, but going to the gym has put a little bit of muscle on my body and it's made a world of difference to my confidence, my posture, and my mental health (as well as my physical health). My routine consists of alternating between jump rope, weight lifting, pilates and hot yoga classes. Exercising has really changed my life! As for health and nutrition, I started subsituting a lot of unhealthy options for healthier options and I cook a lot more at home. I've reduced my resturant visits to once a month (and it's helped a lot with finances too!). One tip my mother gave me was to eat a lot of raw vegetables inbetween meals. I'm a student and I love having something to snack on while I study. I would usually reach out towards chips and cookies because they were convienent and always around me, but now I make an effort to chop up some carrots, broccoli, etc and throw them into little ziploc bags to snack on while I'm in the library. The increased vegetable intake has actually helped my skin so much. Also, drink water! I keep a 600 mL wine glass around me all the time (it just feels fancier to me haha) and I refill it every hour and constantly sip on it throughout the day. I logged how much water I actually drink and I'm up to 4 liters a day.

  2. Make-up, clothes, hygiene - YouTube is a gold-mine when it comes to makeup. You can find tutorials for absoutely any look for any occasion. Watch a few tutorials and practice, and eventually you'll have a style of your own. I learnt that you can use your bronzer as a crease color for your eyelids and your lipstick as a blush and it's made shopping for make-up so much cheaper and easier for me. As for clothes, I'm a student, so I don't really have a lot of disposable income but I do try to dress nice. Every two weeks I treat myself to either a new shirt, or pants, or shoes, but I only pick one item to really indulge on. This has made me a smarter shopper as I don't just spend money implusely and actually pick the right option after careful consideration since I already know what I'm about to buy. As for hygiene, I'm brushing my teeth 3 times a day, whitening my teeth once a week, and shaving my legs and moisturizing every single day.

  3. Personality and attitude - I've learnt that being a good listener is a very good trait to have, and that's exactly what I do. I put my phone away in my purse or pocket when I'm with someone and the only time I check it is if I go to the washroom or if they leave the room. I wait 3 seconds after someone has finished talking (seems like a long time, but trust me the person you're talking too doesn't really notice) and then say something. I don't swear and try not to sound judgemental. I try to have an open-mind with the person I'm conversing with. Being so calm when I talk to someone has done a world of wonders of how people percieve me. The other day at work I overheard two of my managers talking about how polite and well-mannered I am around angry customers (I work in customer service) and I was beaming. It was such a boost of confidence, it was incredible.

  4. Read, read, read and then write - I've reduced my internet usage a lot and started going to the library more. I read a lot of books on aboustely anything. This is something I feel like everyone (regardless of who they are) should be doing in their down-time. Sometimes the knowledge just comes in handy. You never know what you'll be conversing about with someone and sometimes the topic of what you read might pop up. Plus reading also helps with cognitive skills and reading books in my spare time has helped me retain what I read in my textbooks a lot better since I practice the "skill" of reading on a regular basis. As for writing, sometimes my emotions do get the best of me, and I really dislike holding onto stress as I feel like it's toxic to my health, so at the end of the day I open up Word on my computer and write absoutely anything that comes to my mind. This has helped me sleep better at night because I have an outlet to "vent" too, and reduced my stress because I feel as though my problems don't seem that bad once I have them written out in front of me.

  5. Meditation - waking up at 6am to meditate for 30 minutes has helped me be calmer and more collected. I've taken these skills that I've learned and carry them with me throughout my day. I think carefully before I speak, I breathe deeply all day. I've learnt to respect people a lot more. Meditation is crucial to anyone who deals with high-stress situations such as being a grad student (like myself) and working in crazy jobs (customer service, etc).

  6. Tying everything together and sex appeal - I used to really not care about my health, my body or my style at all, until someone pointed out to me that I look like I wake up and leave right away. And even though it was a joke, it did make me realize that I just didn't care and that needed to stop. Exercising and eating right has transformed my body, hair and skin and people have told me I glow. Men are attracted to healthy women. Whitening my teeth and taking care of my oral hygiene makes me feel so sexy because I want to show off my teeth and smile. Smiling often has changed my perspective on life and I'm so much more happier. Learning to respect people when I'm with them (putting away my phone and listening more) have strengthened my relationships with them a lot. People feel important when they are around me, because I make them feel important. Learning to mediate and read more has made me a more open-minded and relaxed person. As for sex appeal, men want a woman who can carry herself out as a respectful, kind woman. I take my apperance and how I look very seriously, and I am attentive. Men compliment me all the time on this and when the opportunity does present itself and I do have sex, I take those traits with me into bed too. Attentive, and submissive.

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great post! Heck, I'm married and I find these suggestions really handy. You never want to stop being awesome for your man.

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What do you use to whiten your teeth?

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Crest Whitestrips! My technique is very simple too :) I brush my teeth with whitening toothpaste in the morning, after lunch and before bed. I floss and use a whitening mouthwash as well. On Sundays I use Crest Whitestrips on my teeth. You know that pack of 30 strips you can get for 20-40$? I buy one pack and use one strip on my top teeth and bottom teeth, but only on Sundays. I learnt this trick from my dentist. You then have 30 weeks worth of whitening strips, so it's mostly like a weekly maintenance thing. If you keep up with the constant brushing and flossing, whitening once a week is more than a enough (as it has proved to be in my case) Hope this helps! :)

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That is an awesome tip. My gums get sensitive after three consecutive days, so I will switch to this technique.

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Your description of how fitness has helped you is so inspiring. I have trouble committing to a routine, but when I have done workouts in the past I've felt much happier and looked so much better. I'm going to try the things you mentioned! Thanks for the inspiration :)

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Between this thread and the one talking about skin care I feel 100% more motivated to keep going and improve my lifestyle :)