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I thought I would give an update to my last post, because I think the advice I received was absolutely spot on.

Link here: https://www.reddit.com/r/RedPillWomen/comments/39wliu/how_to_talk_about_ttc/

I ended up waiting awhile to talk to my husband because he was traveling abroad for work and this just wasn't a conversation for Skype. A few days ago I asked him if we could talk about babies and gave him the reasons detailed in my previous post. He came back and said he had also been thinking about it and wanted to wait to try until late spring/early summer 2016. The biggest thing is he wants to go on a safari before we have a baby so we've started planning for an Africa trip this winter. He also wants a few open issues at work to settle before we try and save up some more money since a lot of our savings were spent on the house.

This conversation was a big lesson for me in accepting his guidance and decisions, because it was hard to hear that he wants to wait another 8-9 months. Rationally and logically I know he's 100% right, it's just hard when I want to have a baby so badly. I understand and accept his reasoning and his decision and to be honest I'm happy he is able to look at the situation so rationally. I now know that he is also really excited about a baby. He's even started planning the nursery and mentioned he thought spring would be a good time to try so the baby would be due in late 2016 and I wouldn't have to be super pregnant in the hot summer here. So thoughtful he is.

So for now we will enjoy our new house, our cats and take an awesome trip.

Thanks again for the excellent advice.

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aww im so happy for you, that plan of events sounds wonderful. I'm so glad things worked out for you and you kept the faith. I know those cute little suckers are like magnets, so i understand your eagerness. Good luck! :)

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I had a baby a couple of months ago and I had that same feeling around age 27. My husband and I waited and it was a good decision. That's great that he's planning on a nursery. You have a good amount of time to read and plan. It's a great time to start making sure your body is ready for a baby. Are you taking your prenatals and keeping good nutrition/exercise?

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I started taking prenatals a few months ago and I think my nutrition is pretty good, but have been slacking on exercise since the move as we were working in the house and yard all day every day, but I'm picking it up again. I'm also planning some medical check ups to make sure everything is okay.

We've both started reading, planning and budgeting. He already wants to start buying furniture for the nursery and has brought all of his childhood toys over from his parents house. I love how excited he is.

Congrats on your baby by the way!

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What a nice plan, I am so happy he desires kids to the point of planning the nursery!

You have a great man!