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I've personally changed to conservative on several issues, but there are things I'm always going to be liberal about.

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Such as?

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Well, first a conservatism kinda took over a lot of my views, which haven't changed much: fewer and more straightforward taxes, greater punishment for bad budgeting or using the money for something else (like when money for kids lunch programs are spent on a lunch for shareholders).

Second, the lack of jobs for a long, long time angers me severely. My cousin-in-law was shot recently and the worst part was that it was due to violence that is seen as 'normal' in places where he and a lot of my in-laws live. Unemployment in my state is said to be going down, yet people there (and me) remain jobless. It contributes to lack of education, horrible infrastructure, poverty, horrible upbringing for children (like my nieces and nephews), and crime.

This and the prices of food, basic clothes, job education, internet and phone service (which other countries are declaring as necessities), make me wish the country would focus more on its people than on helping others in other countries.

Worst is the refugee problems. I feel bad that I don't really care for sanctuary cities, at least how they work now, anymore. I also feel bad that I now don't care for refugees unless they've come here for a job or very specific health reasons (ones they can tell you exactly what they have and where exactly to get help). Heck, my favorite comic book character is an undocumented refugee (mostly due to bad writing that he never registered), but when they get better healthcare or more donations in the name of 'help', it angers me.

I'm still pretty liberal. I love the environment, but I don't want to be some uber-vegan who lives off angering other people. I'm also strongly for Planned Parenthood and sex ed.

Feeling like this used to be so simple, now it's hard to find anyone who's okay with what I think.

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That makes sense. Most conservatives that have feelings that seem callused about the environment just think that the earth can take a solid beating and keep on doing fine. Most are not aware of the subtle things that can and do happen.

I'm a centrist myself because all the extremes are not realistic.

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I don't fit in with liberals, I don't fit in with conservatives, i have no idea what libertarians are doing these days

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Hollywood style liberals get media attention, and a college environment is Peak Liberal because it's a group perennially between supported 100% by parents but not yet exposed to the "real" workaday world that is most of adult life.

In the business world, life remains very conservative. This guy in the video starts with several false premises and runs with them as if they're true, resulting in a niche-appeal product serving those who feel that conservatism is an outsider, beseiged minority. The video doesn't discuss culture in a way that's useful outside validating a niche audience. This isn't sociology, it's more like clickbait.

It's about as disingenuous as the annual "War against Christmas" story that sells like funnel cake despite Christianity being the dominant religion in America for its entire history including now.

For conservatism to be considered a counter-culture, it would have to emerge from outside of, and challenge the dominant culture. In America, conservatism has been, and remains a dominant aspect of much of our culture. It's going through a sea change now, mainly because the dominant Baby Boom generation is aging up and attriting away, and that generation's norms and values aren't a viable off-the-shelf product in today's "market" for young conservatives. It would be more accurate to say that modern conservatism is struggling to retain market share and appeal to a new generation of consumers, than to try to define it as a counterculture.

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Well, I think the fact that conservative culture is struggling is the reason why it is not the dominant culture anymor, isn't it? The latest generation is the one who define the new culture, and since gen z are mostly conservative, therefore, conservative became the new cool, and thus, the new counter culture.

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since gen z are mostly conservative

Aaaah, this might be an important element of understanding what's going on. You seem to have conflated

Generation Z is the most conservative since WWII


gen z are mostly conservative

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I can believe that conservatives are more attractive. Just look at the rallies for liberal ideas and you'll see very large ladies shouting about how every body is beautiful. I don't think I have to tell you that this promotes unhealthy practises ergo making people less attractive.

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I could point to all the trailer trash rednecks and say look how ugly conservatives are. People like Milo and this Paul Watson guy, they just pick the lowest hanging fruit of the extreme SJW tree and present it as "the left'.

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No the point is that the SJW side of things promote unhealthy lifestyles. Fat is beautiful etc. Yes their are ugly people on every spectrum of politics but there's only one side that tells the story that you don't need to improve yourself to be attractive. Wouldn't it make sense that that side is the least attractive?

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LOL, The Atlantic had an article recently about universal healthcare. The photo accompanying it was of progressive protesters demanding single-payer. Almost all of the people were noticeably overweight. I pointed out that most of the protesters might benefit more from simply putting down their forks and getting some exercise than they would via subsidized healthcare. (There is only so much doctors can do to overcome poor lifestyle choices.)

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Generation z is simultaneously the most conservative and the most liberal -- they are, to sum it up, the most polarised. Income's the most unequal. Political parties of the soft-left and soft-right persuasion are losing ground -- witness the near-death of Labour in Scotland or the rise of Syriza in Greece. In the media, the centrist networks are losing viewers to their more extreme counterparts. We are segregating by politics. Our economies are getting more and more geographically lopsided.

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I'm sorry for asking, but is this really true? The circle-sharing? From a European perspective this sounds unbelievable.

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My girlfriends professors cancelled classses the day after the election because too many special snowflakes were triggered by Hillary losing

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Oh jeez. We're doomed!

I've read some of the threads on the male RP sites about angry progressive wives who gave their husbands a hard time after Trump's victory. Found it extremely funny as I'm a Libertarian who voted for Trump while my bf is as liberal Democratic as they come! (We have pretty much agreed to live and let live where politics are concerned.)

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Yes, the wives withheld sex as a punishment against their husbands for Trump winning the election.

And why shouldn't they? They're not sexually attracted to their hubby's dadbod, and they can get sex from a higher SMV man anytime they want, so of course it makes sense for them to weaponize sex and use it as a tool to encourage good behavior and punish bad behavior. Beta husbands need to be trained like Pavlovian dogs to continue their primary function of providing and submitting to her will.

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What you just described there sounds like something straight out of 1984 novel...

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It's also interesting to me, since a lot of young people also come from single parent households and broken families. Maybe there's a psychological aspect to this, where the kids are seeing what their parents are going through is what is taught in colleges, and that there is a significant different between fantasy and reality?

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Also the government sells itself as a virtuous parental figure, so I could see why this causes children of broken families to become hyper-political and "progressive"

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Does it? I still don't see the point. Providing for a single mother will cause a drain in resources that they could be using to further develop the country. Why not just leave them? Or better yet, train them to make better decisions so that they don't get into a divorce?

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People who are dependent on the government are easier to control.

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I actually enjoy the fact that hegemonic masculinity is being increasingly seen as taboo by western culture. It turns the hegemonic alphas into bad boys, which makes them even more appealing to women. The feminists are working in our favor.

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All of this crowd just now labeling themselves this way or that way, based on politics of the moment, are absolutely sheep to me, incapable of thinking for themselves or seeing the bigger picture, and they will wishy-wash again in the future following whatever comes next. Think for yourselves people!

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This is certainly an interesting phenomenon. Is there a word for the feminist take over and permeation of all forms of media and government?

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TRP calls it "the decline"

the left has gone anti-fact, anti-logic, actively trying to suppress free speech, first labeling it racist/sexist, then hate speech, and increasingly trying to ban things which they find offensive. men aren't dumb... after watching 2 generations get divorce raped, men have abandoned marriage, and now the marriage rate is in freefall.

  • conservative states are averaging 2-3x the marriages vs liberal states, and a lower divorce rate (per marriage). liberals tried to push propaganda saying liberals get divorced less than conservatives, but their number was a lie... the number of divorces per thousand humans, not divorces per marriage. when you adjust as divorces per marriage, liberals are over 2x the divorce rate of conservatives.
  • the number one predictor of divorce is the female's sexual partner count. at 5 partners she's already at 50% probability of divorce, and at 16+, she's practically guaranteed to get divorced. both CDC data and UVA data confirm this, and UVA confirmed there's no correlation between men's n-count and divorce rates.

this is all while the number one predictor for success of a child is growing up in an atomic family, meaning there's going to be a tiny slice of society that has a ridiculous advantage over the rest, simply by being born into an atomic family. the rest of society is fucked, and being born to a single mother is worse for child outcome than being born black or even being born with most low grade disabilities.

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I want government, social programs, business models, etc. based on cold hard facts. Everything else is magic thinking, and I'm not interested in that on either end of the political spectrum.

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Absolute truth...people don't want to accept reality as real, but this is 100% unvarnished truth.

Traditional values work. They are the bedrock of a functional society. Kids need a good mom and a good dad. Then need solid standards and core values that are not wishy washy.

Reality is not subjective. People try to make it subjective because they suck at life and want to feel better about themselves.

Reality is exactly what you just said.

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Decline in Christianity steadfastness led to decline of traditional values being used.

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Conservative in the U.S. significantly outnumber liberals and have for quite some time.

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I'm sincerely surprised to see Milo mentioned here. Love it ^