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I recently stumbled upon an extremely off-putting article titled "We're just too clever to find a boyfriend! It may sound insufferably smug, but these women say their high intellect means they struggle to meet someone" (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-4919208/The-women-clever-boyfriend.html) that drove me to make a video analyzing it (if anyone is curious: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NszNrz0WX5s), and while it is seemingly obvious that the reason these women can't get the relationship they want is because they're just blatantly smug and condescending, the article does bring up the fact that current academia and higher education is dominated by women. The result of that, according to the article, is that these women are now frustrated because they're "too smart" for the so-called simple laymen, and that is somehow the men's fault. On a societal level, are we beginning to see a phenomena of so called "educated" women raising their standards (and egos) so high up, they're going to spend their entire life alone, searching for a fantasy?

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Hypergamy. If no one is above them, they won't find a partner.

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This. Women date across and up dominance hierarchies. Men date across and down. Women with degrees almost categorically only date men who have an equal degree or higher.

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Why do men do that?

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Men have to choose between the women who are interested in them. Women are generally only interested in men who are better than them.

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Why aren't men that picky though?

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Oh they are, just about different things. Your degree is not attractive to a man the way being a doctor or lawyer would be attractive to a woman. What men care about, ranked from most important to least important:

  1. Physical attraction. A banging body is what really lights men up in terms of attraction. Not only do men tend to prefer people who are more attractive, they also have a lower limit threshold, where they will not date anyone below that threshold. A man would be equally enthusiastic about dating a Emna Watson, and a women who looks just like her who works at Denny's due to physical attraction. They actually might be more inclined to date the latter. Which brings us to point 2.

  2. Attitude. A man doesn't want to jump through hoops for a woman. This is why a woman as beautiful as Marilyn Monroe couldn't keep a man. A woman like Marilyn Monroe can be super high maintenance, where as her clone who works at Denny's has lower expectations. This is actually what can be off putting about women of status or education. They expect more from you, while only offering, at best, the same level of attraction that can be attained from the art major who lives in a studio apartment. Attitude is where men will compromise on attraction. They will take a less attractive person if she has a better attitude.

  3. Hobbies. This can be things like knitting, playing video games, riding motor cross or doing gymnastics fall. It is also where having a career falls. These are things that might make you slightly more interesting, especially if you have something that you really excel at. These are nice-to-haves, but they are definitely not required and they can be pretty much anything.

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Underrated post. You nailed this. I'll also add, this is why some men find the idea of a celebrity crush silly. Status doesn't usually mean anything to us, and I can show a woman that's just as hot as any celebrity/model that works at a store in my mall or works out at my gym.

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expanding on attitude:

Men date down because women date up. Picking a woman with a "lower" status means relative to her you have a "higher" status, satisfying that need of her and significantly reducing the chance of a "branch swing" on her part. If she is equal or higher status than the man, her hypergamy has a pretty descent chance of triggering, which can be devastating to the man in more way than one (divorce).

Dating down is thus both about convenience and risk avoidance.

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Top-tier men are picky because they have enough options to justify it. The rest of men are essentially fighting over scraps of attention, so they more or less have to take what they can get.

Edit: Here's a good read to give you somewhat of an idea of how this works, especially the part where women rated around 80 percent of men as below-average (see the "Female Messaging & Male Attractiveness" graph, particularly the dotted line) https://theblog.okcupid.com/your-looks-and-your-inbox-8715c0f1561e

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I feel like even if you're average, you should just work on yourself and find the best rather than settling with someone you're not satisfied with forever.

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You just described the general sexual strategy used by women perfectly: Find the best man you can find and be monogamous to him. That's the foundation of RPW, and it's why self-improvement is given so much attention here.

For men, it works a bit differently, but that's outside of the scope of RPW.

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But some women don't even have to work on themselves and they will find a 5x better man because men set their standards low.

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It doesn't really work like that. Men aren't setting their standards low. They still pick from the best that they have available. Most men just don't have that many options to begin with.

Most of this is in the sidebar reading.

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There is an often repeated observation on TRP: When a woman has sex with a man of certain SMV, she will never again lower her standards below that man.

Thus, women would rather be "plated" (or attempt to be plated) by a top tier man than date someone who is perceived to have less SMV than her.

The end result? Lots of leftover men who are willing to compromise, and lots of women who aren't willing to compromise.

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Any girl can catch a dick. The trick is to reach the end zone without fumbling it.

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it's a statistical/evolutionary phenomenon. the "cost" of bearing children for women is much higher than the cost of getting somebody pregnant for men. men can get many women pregnant, run away, etc. women are stuck with the baby, limited in the number of children they can have, are vulnerable during pregnancy, can die in childbirth, etc.

of course, as individuals, everyone should be "picky", meaning they should work on self-improvement and have high standards.

i believe the original commenter vehk-et-vehk was making reference to some information often brought up in Jordan Peterson's lectures. have a listen to this, the relevant information begins somewhere around 4 minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8FzPbyA_qQ

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I would love to see some data on this......

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The Wikipedia entry for hypergamy is well-cited. I'd probably skip over the "Feminist analysis" section, however.

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These women are academically talented, but these "qualifications" and learned/rote knowledge work toward their benefit for employment and NOT relationships. If a woman does not possess the basic personality of kindness, warmth, and femininity, she is useless as a candidate for male-female interpersonal relationships.

Additionally, if they are not in shape with a nice body/feminine form this is another FAIL. As candidates for wives and mothers, they must desire to ACTUALLY BE wives and mothers. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a career, being intelligent and hardworking, but men are NOT trying to have sex with your degree/technical certification. All that knowledge is useless if there is no compunction/aspiration to be a wife or mother. The young girl working the counter at Taco Bell has a better chance of locking down a man than these "so-called intelligent women."

On another note...the very men they are seeking were with these same women studying side by side at university. Their BEST chance for finding someone similar/closer to their interests and preferences was right under their nose and they missed the boat.

Susan Patton, also known as "Princeton Mom" suggested women take advantage of the opportunities while working toward academic achievement. She was vilified for thinking, much less encouraging women to be as strategic toward finding a husband as they were about pursuing a career. Why I Told Female Princeton Students to Find a Husband.

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These women are looking to be intellectually stimulated by the same person who stimulates them sexually and romantically.

I have a graduate degree and a strong interest in social and political issues/theory. My husband is a skilled tradesman with a high school diploma and zero interest in things beyond his control. Trying to bait him into deep talks about the world is frustrating for both of us, so I save those talks for my very dear and intellectually similar best friend, a colleague or two, and my siblings who are also deep thinkers.

My husband and I have plenty of connection over our shared humor and less intense discussion of the world. We are physically attracted to each other and work splendidly on well defined tasks. It would be unfair to expect everything from him.

Edited for spelling (which he also doesn't care much for, lol)

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Me and my wife are exactly the same. I'm a scientist/researcher and she's an aspiring hairdresser. We have plenty in common completely unrelated to my field of study and research-based interests. These women cannot comprehend that people can be equally interesting as they are even if they're not similarly educated and it's honestly infuriating, it's such a high level of asshole-ry it's maddening.

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Most researchers I've known personally have spouses who work in completely unrelated fields. The one couple I knew who collaborated in their research were recently divorced. I appreciate that when I explain my research to my husband he gives a pleasant "that's cool, honey" rather than questioning the methods or statistical analysis used. Peer review is often anonymous for a reason :)

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EXACTLY! I'd be so ticked if she started analyzing my stuff rather than just give me a "that's cool babe" haha

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These girls are exactly like the Rick and Morty fans that think they're smarter than everyone else lol. I'm glad you joked about that during the video, made me laugh.

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I find that women who think they're "too smart" for a man usually just amounts to him being "too dumb" to agree with her opinions.

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I was bothered by "In 10 years women will be smarter than men, in terms of how well they’re educated." Having a doctorate in gender studies and $300,000 in debt certainly doesn't make you smarter than a plumber with a HS degree making $300,000 a year.

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I've encountered women like this, I dropped out of college and started a business and do very well financially. But I have dated a few women that when they ask me about where I went to college and I tell them I don't have a degree they flat out tell me it's a deal breaker.

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High earning plumber earn about 80k, unless they own a business and hire out other plumbers

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The plumber who works for my company makes 300k+, but he does specialized work at 5-10 job sites a day. I based it on him, but I'm willing to admit he could be an anomaly.

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I bullshit with a lot of the plumbers called into work. 50-60 is common, job postings for Municipal and Federal Plumbers was 80k.

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But there is room in the trades for motivated people to do well, usually by going out and starting their own company. Some of my more well off clients are blue collar, they just work hard and didn't take on student debt (which can hold you back from some oaths imo)

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But there is room in the trades for motivated people to do well, usually by going out and starting their own company. Some of my more well off clients are blue collar, they just work hard and didn't take on student debt (which can hold you back from some oaths imo)

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Still better than $300k in debt and a gender studies degree

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I hear starbucks pays $12/hr in some cities.

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You can get those without the gender studies degree

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I believe their unsuccessful efforts in relationships aren’t due to stupendous cleverness, but the lack of ease in which they’re able to relate to others outside of an academic environment. They may be well-versed in their respective areas of study yet unfamiliar with practical social intelligence

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That particular wording is smug and annoying BUT there has never been a widespread pattern of women marrying those lower income than themselves (or, in times when women didn't work, lower income than their family of origin).

This is not a modern phenomenon, isolated to annoying millennials.

There are many exceptions to the rule, but broadly it cannot be denied that a college education is correlated with higher income (and other desirable attributes, like strong credit, savings, etc.). In the US, college attendance rates for women are increasing, much faster than those for men.

Plus, many high-paying service jobs that cannot be outsourced these days are in fields like education and healthcare (traditionally more female applicants).

All this combines to create an epidemic of under-employed or un-employed men with weak financial situations and chaotic lives. THAT is depressing the American marriage rate.

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Skilled education and healthcare jobs will soon be decreased due robots/tech especially pharmacy type jobs.

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They're way farther down the list for automation compared to many traditional blue-collar, male-dominated jobs. The more human interaction a job requires, the farther down the list; the more mechanical, the higher on the list.

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I think it's a good thing for men AND women. For women, because they effectively take themselves out of the marriage market, leading to less intense competition. For men, because they tend to be incredibly promiscuous, which is great for men who don't want to pursue the family lifestyle.

Everyone wins! Except the uni girls, of course, but who cares.

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Invariably to assert you're too intelligent with such ignorance highlights that there is a larger personality defect at play. Intelligent people rarely bother to say such things.

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I only date women who are smarter than me, said no man ever. Women are getting the to the social heights of men, only to find out how lonely it is at the top when you ignore everyone beneath you.

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I must say, I don't think it's as black and white as most have put it here. Sure, their smugness and attitude is a problem, but the truth is that men do mature later than women, so they might not be completely wrong. I think they should just try dating older men.

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That attitude will get them far in life. But yeah, hypergamy wins the day.

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Very funny video i was loling the whole time

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are we beginning to see a phenomena of so called "educated" women raising their standards (and egos) so high up, they're going to spend their entire life alone, searching for a fantasy?

Yes. Women only want what they perceive as being better than where they are at, regardless of whether that is actually true.

Just like how women say they want to be treated, vs. what actually works on them, are two totally different things.

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The article is asinine in its presentation, but this is part of why young women 20~25 date older men. Men who are older have more experience in life and are more intellectually stimulating than younger men (can be said for all young people, really.)

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    Be polite or be quiet. If you want to disagree with someone, do so in a detailed, neutral tone. Insulting others is against the rules, repeating this behavior is not advisable.

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    To me, these women seem like they just have no other personality traits besides being educated and smart. It seems as if they have been so engulfed in building themselves into the "smart girl" that they're just not interesting any other way.