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I will be completely revamping myself and would like to know if anyone here wants to join! I am 21 and from the UK

What changes I’ll be making: 1.) Learning how to cook delicious nutritious food and drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. Hopefully I will lose weight and it will help clear my skin

2.) Regular hair and beauty treatments (at home)

3.) Starting and sticking with a strict fitness plan and cutting out junk food completely

4.) Working on confidence and self esteem

I would love for somebody to do this with me. We could encourage eachother and update one another what positive changes we’re making through this journey. Message me if you’re interested :)

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If your goal is to lose weight you need to track your calories

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    It’s still cutting calories

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      If you don’t eat below your tdee you won’t lose weight.

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      Yes, but for some it is easier to lose weight by eating smarter than it is to keep track of calories all the time (not everyone has the kind of energy needed left for self-control after a hard day).

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      I’m sorry but this just isn’t right. I have a bachelors in human physiology, and the latest research indicates that the old idea (a calorie is a calorie, burn more than you consume) is just wrong. Your hormonal profile responds to what you eat and your body acts accordingly. Insulin is what makes you fat, not fat. It puts your body in storage mode when you eat simple sugars, and trains your body to burn fat when you eat healthy metabolically available fats.

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      99 percent of people in 2018 are obese and fat due to over eating not because they don’t eat the “right foods”

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      Can you back that up with a study?

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      The Case Against Sugar is not a single study but a pretty well researched book that hits on this idea quite a bit. He has another one called "Why We Get Fat" that I have not read but I believe is more of the same.

      From a lot of what I've read the science is going more in the direction of what u/alisonrw is saying.

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      Cuts out legumes too. Pure pseudoscience.

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      Good luck! Your post has given my friend group ideas, so thanks!

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      I would love to do this with you - 25 and also from the UK and could do with a push in the right direction! Messaged :)

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      I'm 26 and also interested! It could be cool to start a whatsapp group with whoever is on board?

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      I’m down!

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      I’m 23 and so down! I want to learn how to do hair and makeup!

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      Hey Im 26 and interested!

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      Hey I would also to love to do this with you to help me get back on track with my fitness and diet. I also want to build beauty and hair care habits!

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      Super interested! How do we go about it?

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      25 and have just recently gotten back into fitness! Would love to be a part of this :)

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      28 from Canada very interested as well to get a group chat going! :)

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      If you need cooking advice message me.

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      NYT didn’t conduct the study, they wrote an article about the results of a peer reviewed study.

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      I'm 22 and down! (: