FIELD REPORTI just want to express my gratitude (self.RedPillWomen)

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I just want to say how absolutely grateful I feel that in today’s society I have this outlet and community of you women that I can access and share my views with. Truly, It is baffling to me as a 21 year old girl that my beliefs are now something I have to hide and be ashamed of our of fear that friends or people will think I am oppressive and anti-woman. As you all know this is the complete opposite of the true goals of RPW and I just want to say how happy I am to have a place where I am understood.

Everywhere I go and all over media and even other reddit forums I frequent people shame and shit on submissive women or women who shower their husbands and treat them like a king. I truly don’t understand it and there is no reasoning with BP people, they just think you are a conservative bigot, even if I have no conservative political views.

No idea even what this post is about I just am happy that this forum exists. It gives me hope and also makes me sad that in these days traditional views and beliefs are a minority

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Agree! This sub and all of you make me feel less alone in this crazy world of ours. I don't post here much, but I'm 24 and from what I've read most people here are around my age and have the same basic vlaues I do, and I find that extremely comforting. It gives me strength knowing I'm not wrong or crazy just for approaching life differently. Very happy for this sub and that it has helped you. This is one reason why I adore Reddit.

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I feel the same way! I'm 20 and married so I find it extremely hard to find like-minded friends:/ I wish there was some kind of online group for young redpill women!

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Maybe create a discord?

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We can't allow you to "advertise" discord on RPW because of doxxing issues.

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Ah that's such a shame

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Most feminists seem to be more focused on fear than love, and a person can't be happy there. Most feminists seem scared of men in general or the majority of men, and can't wrap their heads around the idea that male aggression and anger is often just a way to express pain and still get some kind of attention and humanization for that pain, rather than have it be completely ignored or mocked.

If feminists could see past the covert nature of a lot of male anger towards them, that it is pain that is not allowed to be expressed any other way, feminists would have to examine their beliefs-- and fear of men is a convienent reason to never make that examination. I know there is at least one feminist poster here, and there are women who identify with feminism who don't shut out evidence and new ideas out of fear, but these women remain the minority. Feminism embracing the fear of men has played a massive cultural role in causing pain for men, women, and relationships.

So this subreddit is really important because it is helping undo this cultural damage to everyone, and allowing different views and critical-thinking in the discussion, which further helps to undo that damage.

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We as a culture have to stop hating male virility. It’s like most no longer know the difference between virility and aggression.

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There is that too.. within reason, of course. =P

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RPW will inherit the earth

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I like it too. People on other subs called me a lost cause for posting here. BP ultimately never works like it’s supposed to.

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I am not exactly sure I belong in this thread as a man, but God bless you women. More do not truly realize and understand the power behind a true submissive woman. If they had then they would never be alone. I have yet to find such a gem. The search continues