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Ok... So I saw this in a female-centric sub that is quite feminist. There was this post about a guy who made a mini vanity for his girlfriend so that she has a place to put on her make up when she stays over at his place. He even bought some new make up for her, and painted the words "You're already beautiful" on the mirror.

What a sweet guy, right? Supporting his gf's love for make up and thinking that even without makeup, she's beautiful!

Nope, apparently he's a jerk who is perpetuating the idea that women wear make up for men. God, what a chauvinist pig! Didn't he know that saying "you're already beautiful" to a woman is offensive?

Also, men who use public transportations are also sexist scum.

Never mind the fact that they have balls down there, or maybe the fact that no one was using the next seat, or maybe he just wanted to be comfortable. Oh no, by sitting with his legs apart, a man is establishing his dominance over women! Instead of politely asking them to move, they deserved to be publicly shamed for their sexist ways online via doxxing! Besides, why should women ask them to move anyway?! Us girls are entitled to public spaces in the first place!

Also, telling a fat, lazy, bitch to lose weight is sexist! Never mind that she's jobless because she can't fucking stand, her cuuuurves are fighting the patriarchy! Fuck your beauty standards! The airline, advertising, and clothing industry should change to suit MY curvylicious body! I'll just shamelessly beg for my living expenses! It worked last month, it would probably work again!

This is why these women are miserable. They are never happy with anything. They feel that they are entitled to things. It's always me me me me me me me me me me.

Why should I wear make up for men? Why should I ask men to move? Why should I lose weight for men? Anything that is done FOR men is evil, but the moment you change that to "I'm losing weight for me! I wear make up for me!" Everyone will be like "u go grrlll."

This is ridiculous. I can never understand how someone can still take modern feminism seriously.

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Well, to be fair it was just some random redditor, not the guy's gf.

However, some other redditor went the extra mile and went through the OP's previous posts. She pointed out what a scumbag the OP is because he comments in /r/gonewild and is probably just fishing for upvotes. She said that they shouldn't be praising him cause he looks at porn :p

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    Porn is not good for men, but we can't help it.

    the reason it's bad: sex is an act possession, but the women in porn have nothing left to take, so like a drug habit the porn has to get increasingly hardcore and extreme just to get the same high, up until desensitization (which isn't good).

    Porn has enabled men to become the docile consumers we are.

    Being upset that men look at porn is stupid, but I think we should still be against porn.

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    oh noes, a man who looks at porn! who could ever imagine such a horrific thing?

    Clearly, he doesn't actually like that girl.

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    Nothing makes me more angry than women judging guys for watching porn.

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    Really, though? Porn's a very normal thing for people to enjoy. Nothing wrong with that. The women in porn are "objectified" by choice. They know what they're doing. They're not being "oppressed" in any way.

    Porn is not evil.

    Also, poor man. :/

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    Those chicks are insufferable. That thread about the makeup vanity made me want to unsubscribe from that subreddit.

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    If only they put all the energy and creativity they spend fabricating reasons to be offended to more productive uses...

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    Such a wonderful back-handed compliment to give: "Oh my, you're so creative and hard-working! I bet (insert nice charity here) would love it if you gave them a hand with social media marketing and such!" (as opposed to just bitching about stuff for no good reason)

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    I love when women say that don't wear makeup to look good for other people. I just laugh inside.

    As for the public transportation thing, it's a classic case of failing to understand that men are not defective women.

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    Seriously? That was such a sweet and thoughtful thing for him to do!! Ungrateful brats...

    Feminists are seriously looking for things to be upset about.

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    I see we frequent the same subs. I had the same reaction to each of these stories. They can't ever be happy about anything o.O I can't believe the hate for the vanity. For all their talk about how independent they are I would like to see them make something on that level.

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    Exactly this. It just reeks of insecurity.

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    the bit about taking up space on trains is ridiculous. it's really uncomfortable for a lot of men to sit with their legs together or tightly crossed due to our testicles. this just speaks of woeful ignorance of... well, men and their experience in general. these girls probably grew up with a single mom and were taught to despise men at an early age, bless their hearts.

    it's like a guy complaining that women are evil agents of sexist oppression because they take up extra space with their purses. nevermind the fact that purses are necessary for women who commute all day.

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    I remember I was once preparing myself to sit on a train bench. I was laying low and re-arranging my body to make my genitals and such comfortable. As I was doing this, this old woman, very much post-wall sits in seat in front of me, and this random guy who had never seen this woman before starts cussing at me, telling me I was disrespecting this lady.

    Really, this guy was willing to get his teeth knocked out over some strange old-looking mummy. From that moment on I never sat on a bench anymore, not on the train, not on the bus. I position my back against the wall, lay my eyes on a book, and I never look up, not even when attractive young women are looking at me, and if something happens like say, a thug coming in and assaulting the people -I will continue to stare at my book.

    No more ''good man.'' I'm only going to take care of number #1 ME.

    ''Theres a rise of Women Agaisnt Feminism which will diminism the facade of the Feminist movement...how can females advocate Feminism when there are females that are agaisnt it? Gotta get everybody on the same boat bub''

    Feminism will not decrease at all. There are women rising against Feminism but that's because there aren't that many suckers lurking around for women to marry. There are very few men in college, for example. Women have to make do with the few men who aren't fed up with women, and there are vast areas in Europe and in the USA where men have mysteriously vanished from. That is to say that men are dropping out from society and I predict it won't take long for western civilization to collapse completely, like Rome did in 432A.D

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    Eh, to be fair this subreddit does talk a lot about Feminism as well, just from a different angle.

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    Sounds like obvious jealousy to me, to feel the need to criticize such a wonderful thing. I'm sure her imaginary boyfriend would have written just the right message on his handmade vanity for her LOL

    Also about the feet. To be honest I find it a bit rude when anyone takes up two seats on a crowded train, but a) I would never let it bother me and b) you can SEE an empty seat in the background hahah

    Some people just want to be angry I guess.

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    Lol at the women calling the guy a fake and accusing him of being single and making it all up for karma. They're definitely not jealous.

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    Theres a rise of Women Agaisnt Feminism which will diminism the facade of the Feminist movement...how can females advocate Feminism when there are females that are agaisnt it? Gotta get everybody on the same boat bub

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    UK male here. A group of us have a poker night about once a month. Any females invited always ask who else is coming. If they are the lone female, they don't wear makeup.

    There is an unwritten rule here about not getting 'dolled up' for the school run. Women needing to go straight to work after dropping off the kids get a pass. One woman in her 20s still had the 14yo 'I need to flaunt my legs and boobies' vibe and would be dressed like a tart for the school run. (Actually a walk.) The other mothers hated her.

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    Just out of curiosity what sub was that in?

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    Almost everyone here is referring to feminism in a very different way than it would be viewed in Arab, African and some Asian countries. In those countries there is a different concept of feminism and hardly anyone cares for it. I'm not saying all countries, just a majority. I mean many women are forced to marry men three times older than them and because the government's okay with that the women can't do anything, also women or even girls at the age of 16 or 17 are forced to have kids and grow a family. So yeah. I know because I'm growing up in a society like this

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    It is in a much better state than it was 30 years ago though

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    You have to keep in mind, it's makeupaddiction. Think about it from their perspective, even if you don't have a feminist bone in your body, but you're really into makeup, you don't want to hear a statement that dismisses your hobby. They don't take kindly to people saying that OP is "already beautiful" or "looks better without makeup". It's always down voted, and rightfully so.

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    I never understood why that thing about guys sitting with a wide stance on the train become a popular feminist rant. It probably started as a sarcastic joke/troll and an excuse to post tons of crotch shots on a blog because that is guaranteed to generate lots of page clicks. In response to that, I remember reading a pretty thorough study showing that women occupy more space on public transport by far, mainly due to their purses and handbags.

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    I don't get how one person being rude in public tars the entire male gender as oppressive. I take the bus everyday, and I bet I could find photos of women "taking up too much space". Hmm. Perhaps a project.

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    DO IT.

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    Thinking about it. I'm too polite to be taking pics of people (especially, probably fat people) and don't want to expose people's identity for a joke. But if I can learn to stop the shutter sound, and some face blurring techniques (not hard) I may become a creeper like that.

    I really may try. You in? We need a hashtag for this for Twitter ;)

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    You should make a tumblr blog instead called "Move, bitch!"

    I'd LOVE to see how tumblr feminists would react to creep shots of women taking up too much space on public transportation.

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    I'm envisioning a larger perspective. Women just being generally rude people, and using it as examples of how hard men have it, or alternatively, how the Patriarchy is NOT keeping us down. Basically, examples of pussy-pass, but direct plays on the shitty "men suck" memes that are in constant circulation. Obvs., women taking up too much space with bags, etc. would be included. Can you think of other obvious examples?

    as for reaction:, I would guess they would lose their shit, I would be banned, I would be mildly upset by the death threats for being a horrible person, I would forget about it and go make a sammich for my man.

    And then I remember I'm lazy. No wait, not lazy at all, just I have far more interesting things to do than making a tumblr that I know will be attacked. Perhaps someone else will though. We can all share it :)

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    hahaha "Move bitch!"

    That's great.

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    You know how there's women that leave their purse in the other seat, because they don't want a guy sitting next to them. Might get one guy in a blue moon who calls a woman out on that, but that guy gets shut the fuck down fast.

    It's the same thing in reverse. Except ya know, these guys get no protection, and wide spread publication shaming them, because only women get personal space. Ever notice how it's pretty much always an attractive guy. Op's link, top guy with the face shown; he beats 30 something year old single women off with a stick dressing like that, screams I'm stable and have a job. Those jump to let a guy take that seat, he just doesn't want another one of those random late 30 something women sitting next to him.

    The balls thing is polite fiction you say so you don't have to deal with squawking over it, you'd need to be running some bowling balls to need two seats worth.

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    Because the feminist viewpoint from a sociological lens is to view every form of inequality through the power still between male and female.

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    I saw that battle station too and I choose to not look at the comments. But I thought it was really thoughtful. I don't understand either why everything should be politicized!

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    When I go to that sub I also try not to look at comments and just look at the pretty pictures hahaha.

    But seriously, I don't know why everyone is so hung up on being politically correct. I live in an Asian country and I never see this. The only time I see or hear about this kind of behavior is online.

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    that comment has 143 upvotes? Please PM me the subreddit so that I will know to avoid it

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    They really look for things to be angry about, don't they? Gotta love those attitudes.

    It's especially not oppressive to tell a fat woman that she needs to lose weight. She needs to hear it, for her health's sake if nothing else. Being healthy while fat is very temporary. I love how they often chalk up their joint problems and whatnot to something other than having a massive amount of weight (note: fat, not muscle) on a frame that's not meant to support it. Lovely, really.

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    I saw that last night and thought it was really sweet. Luckily I saw it when it didn't have 100+ comments so I missed out on that. I did however see the user who really dug back in his history to say something about him posting in gonewild. Who cares? Thankfully a few other users also said who cares and one even said her SO posts comments on gonewild time to time, but I doubt she got a response back because feminists only care about making a big deal over petty things.

    It's sad. This guy obviously enjoys his girlfriends genuine interest in makeup so he wanted to do something nice to show he notices and cares about her interest. He wanted to make her getting ready space comfortable for her because he cares. How do people not see that? It's so sad jeesh. Have fun being miserable.