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So I posted something on TIL, it got deleted. But before it got deleted it hit the front page. Im getting a lot of crap and hate mail and am worried people might try to doxx me. If you don't see me post for a while just know I probably deleted my account It was a study about male domestic violence victims. So to my fellow RPW if you get some hate in the next few days I'm sorry. Just be prepared for a bit, and mods please be at your ready

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I was reading the thread on my ipad, noticed that (other than yourself) there seemed to be zero insight from a female perspective.

I went to my pc to log in and address this, and lo and behold the post had been removed.

I checked out your username, and managed to find the thread again, but nonetheless, this is really tragic. Those guys were pouring their hearts out. There is nobody to listen to them.

I PMed the mods of TIL in protest because I'm seriously disgusted. This is a prime example of even the simple discussion of mens rights, in a civil fashion being squelched. Thrown under the rug. It is an injustice.

Is reddit truly this shitty now?

Edit: And now she needs to delete her account. There is something horribly wrong with society that when someone brings up facts that they get mercilessly harassed.

This is genuinely upsetting.

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So much for equality. Anyway OP always seemed really nice. I hope she'll be back on this sub soon.

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It's a shame that she'd be harassed like that. She did seem nice.

I'm truly flustered. And nothing will be done about it either.

More than likely some twox ragers complained repeatedly. Because clearly guys can't be victims in regards to domestic violence.

It's so infuriatingly depressing and unfair that I can't put it into words. Meanwhile any thread where the ladies are victims will get universal support, and the OP will get gold.

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To understand this, we have to realise that it's never been about equality. I could rant on the topic for a while, but to what end?

In personal conversation, it is usually considered rude to present a dissenting opinion, no matter how tactfully presented. The reason is simply that it implies that your audience is wrong and therefore stupid. The only time anyone listens to any opinion other than their own is when they actively want to.

The public doesn't want to hear about men's rights, so any mention of it will be shot down and the speaker ostracised. In private (without social pressure to conform) though, more men and caring mothers will listen if the issues pertain to themselves or the ones they love.

The best avenue for men to get help is via mentorship from older, wiser men.

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I recently experienced similar on a much smaller scale for a post in /r/askwomen.

Apparently you only count as a woman if you agree with the hive mind. It just goes to show his entrenched these ideas are in the cultural gestalt. Simply disagreeing is too dangerous to tolerate.


Here is the link to the np version of the thread: http://np.reddit.com/r/todayilearned/comments/2kd06j/til_male_victims_of_domestic_violence_who_call/

Here is the link to the /r/undelete post about it: https://www.np.reddit.com/r/undelete/comments/2k5ztd/43045597_til_that_in_a_study_of_domestic_violence/

Link to /r/MensRights discussion: http://www.np.reddit.com/r/MensRights/comments/2kdbio/til_male_victims_of_domestic_violence_who_call/

I also read through the article itself. It, at first glance, appears to be well-designed, and addresses the experience of men who utilize various methods of help-seeking when affected by partner violence. Unsurprisingly their experience is rather bad. OP does not seem to be editorializing any more than any other TIL article using research papers.

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Why is it that "BluePill" people are often antagonistic and petty, while "RedPill" people seem more lax?

While both will always disagree, downvote, etc., I've only ever seen reports of feminists and bluepillers trying to doxx redpillers, and none of the reverse (if there are any cases, please do tell).

When I see arguments in comments by the two, the BluePiller is usually the one responding with more personal insults, while the RedPiller is usually just responding with barebone points.

I think the type of personality that internalizes redpill truly cares less about what other people think, and draws validation from internal sources. Thus, no going batshit insane when someone disagrees with you.

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Facts are "mean."

Or so I've been told quite a bit when I care more about facts than feelings.

the type of personality that internalizes redpill truly cares less about what other people think, and draws validation from internal sources.

Couldn't have put it better.

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The redpill is about getting your own shit in order. Everyone else's is either unimportant or secondary.

The bluebell is about consensus and a belonging in a group. If one of the members leave, then the group is weaker. So having opinions which aren't approved by the group is punished.

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    RP: Heroism, overcoming great odds. Personal responsibility, Aiming for excellence admiring and emulating the great

    BP: Wishing the odds will go away. Victimhood, tearing down the great, Redefining and destroying excellence.

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    Agreed. RP is about making sure information is accurate and true. BP is about changing facts to fit a certain narrative. When people don't believe the false "facts", they have to resort to namecalling, doxxing, insulting, censoring, etc.. so people will "believe" what they say.

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    because feminists depend on lies... they can NOT have an open debate... facts would ruin them, and then how would they try to leech special treatment and pity once there lies are exposed?

    Thus sexist blue pills will act like babys, hoping they can ruin any conversation and turn things into a flame war.. anything to avoid someone pointing out how they may be wrong.

    Red-pills are open to argument.. they want the truth.. thus they wont attack you for debating

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    Some people have questionable traits and shortcomings. Actually, it's probable that most people do. Thus, since feminists are people, some of them have questionable traits and shortcomings. That should come as no surprise.

    OTOH, characterizing all feminists by the actions and words of some of them is, itself, a questionable trait/shortcoming. I'm a MRA sort of guy. THE biggest problem I see with MRA guys is the tendency to see all feminists as jerks. There are lots of feminists who aren't fair to men; but there's a lot in feminism that's good for all of us.

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      I don't think you have done your research... Please don't give any credit to a hate group like feminism. even if a few misguided women claim it was about equality... feminism has always been a hate group... look at feminist comments 60 years go about making prostitution or alcohol illegal.... they stated they wanted prostitution illegal to make it more easy to leech off men using sex... they stated alcohol use made men abusive, due to alcohol use, even though women hit men more often even back then.

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      Because Red Pill people are results and action oriented. We care more about what happens in real life and less about feelings. If someone disagrees with us and chooses her own path, we are perfectly fine with that. She'll deal with the consequences of her actions as we will deal with the consequences of ours.

      Blue Pill people are dominated by their own feelings. They don't care about what actually happens, as long as they feel good then it is the right thing to do. That is why the don't care if they do things that are illegal, such has harassing people in real life. If it feels good, then it must be right. They will choose to believe that stuff like diabetes doesn't exist because they don't feel sick yet.

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      Blue Pillers are legit trolls. When their sub first got made they weren't hiding the fact that they were planning raids on TRP. BPs would discuss covert ways to try to change the narrative or fuck with new people to get them banned. They'll deny all of this of course. They're just "mocking" red pillers, right? They're not actually bullies, right? Ha. Ha. Ha. My best guess is that they're mostly SRS types. They don't play by any rules. They're intellectually dishonest people who are ruthless manipulators of language.

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      Use another account, if you're posting in non-RP subreddits.

      You might subscribe to the red pill network, but you already know that its reputation is shit outside the network. So why provoke hatred from the bluepillers? They need not know, and you need not show or tell. So, create another account. An account which has no history in the redpill network, and start a new conversation.

      Edit, Added: It's a truth generally acknowledged by redpillers, that if you talk about TRP-truths without the TRP-terminology and without the TRP-reputation, then they will agree with it, because it's human nature.

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      I just saw it and commented. People are dicks. Chin up :)

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      Or cunts. If I may be crass.

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      No excuse for Doxxing. People are horrible sometimes. Good luck to you!

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      If you want to find evidence for domestic violence victims that are men, just look at homosexual relationship. Domestic violence happens to men here, so why can't it happen to men in heterosexual relationships?

      My gay uncle was in a rocky relationship and while he was literally twice the size of his little French BF, the BF suddenly attacked him in the shower, pummeling him with his fists. My uncle was stong enough to just take it until he could get safely out of the slippery shower (but imagine if he slipped he could have been seriously hurt!) He told his BF if it ever happens again he's calling the police and leaving him. Well the next time he got attacked he found himself on the floor and he said his instinctual brain wanted to reach for a nearby glass and smash it into his BF...but his training as a paramedic held him back and he had the strength to escape and had the willpower to follow up with his threat to call the police and leave him.

      Even though my uncle was the physically stronger one in the relationship, he could have been seriously hurt if he had fell while being attacked in the shower, or he could have done some serious damage to his BF if he wasn't able to curb his self defense instincts.

      Domestic violence is no joke no matter who the "stronger" one is.

      Another example, my college roommates little sister had a raging case of childhood bipolar disorder. This would sometime result in her trying to beat up her mom. When this happened the mom would call the police to report that the girl had attacked her, simply as a preventative action bc if the girl told the police that her mom had attacked her (and angry kids aren't afraid to say what they can to get what they want), then mom would be facing child abuse charges when all she was trying to do was defend herself against her hormonally imbalanced tween. Again, the physically stronger one can still be the victim of physical abuse, and is at more of a risk if they fight back to defend themselves.

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      , just look at homosexual relationship. Domestic violence happens to men here,

      I think the standard line would be something to the effect of "Of course men are violent in homosexual relationships. Violence comes from men, and right there you've got two of them."

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      Don't feminists usually love gay men causes though?

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      Only when it furthers their own aims.

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      I'm a bit late to the party, but as bad as it is that you feel threatened (and I'm sorry that it happened to you), the rest of the lurkers or anyone who hasn't considered this being a possibility to happen to them should take this post as a warning that if you regularly post in RPW or other RP-centric subs, you should have an alt for other subs so that this kind of thing can't happen (and alts for other subs that get similar hate). If you post an unpopular opinion, someone will probably go through your history to see what else you have an unpopular opinion about or to find any identifying information that they can.

      I had an account on Reddit for 2 years and deleted it out of similar concerns. Now I have this one and an alt for posting in other subs, if I get the itch to.