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Yes, that's why the woman in the image is an asshole

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and stupid as well.

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Women have no control over their appetite, but have full control over what types of food they take in, the amount of calories, and the physical activity they do to not get fat.

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Just because I thought it was hilarious and you all would like it.

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"Would an average sized rowboat support you without capsizing?"

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Direct link to the image in question:


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Hah! So true

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That was a satisfying read

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You could almost hear the record scratch when he asked how much she weighed.

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How dare men and women care about different things? Haha.

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it's not even really different things. it's having a beauty standard and wanting possible mates to fit in that. just that weight is something that can usually be lost whereas height is something nobody can just change when they feel like it.

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Yep! Biologically speaking, women will want a tall man because he can protect her from unwanted advances .... and bears. :-) Men will want a woman young & healthy enough to be able to bear and then keep up with the children. It's so basic and yet so controversial.

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How does being tall help a man keep a woman safe from unwanted advances?

What does "biologically speaking" mean?

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Hello new person! Here is the definition of 'biology'.

To answer your question, It's an intimidation factor. Which scenario is a bit scarier: a short, thin man or a tall, thin man? At least with the height there is more of a chance for survival. Not always, of course.

Back in the day only the strongest survived. We didn't have over 6 billion people. Only 40% of men reproduced compared with 80% of females. Why? because the female wanted to be protected; she wanted the alpha male. Hooking an alpha male meant that he could protect her from unwanted advances of other men as well as other threats such as wildlife or hunger.

As we all know, men and women's brains are hardwired differently. They have different preferences in a mate just as our sexual strategies are different. We care about two completely set of factors. :-)

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    I hope you feel better after getting all of that out. :-)

    Have a nice day and a happy life!

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      I love it. lol

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      Seeing this post and the comically oriented comments restores my faith!

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      Does anyone have a mirror or imgur link (I presume it's a graphic that's not loading). Seems like the site is having issues serving the graphic.


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      I think my adblock software was blocking the image hosting domain.

      Anyway here's the imgur mirror: http://imgur.com/X13NOli

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      Beat me to it.

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      Hopefully I don't get bout kicked for sharing a link. ;-p


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      Yeah, that's the link that isn't loading. Do you have a mirror?

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      No, but let me do some digging and see if I can find one.

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      I definitely prefer taller guys and I will be any weight/bfp I need to be. It's a small price to pay to not feel like a giant!

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      She's a bit hypocritical!