5 Cliches About Women That Are Mostly True (self.RedPillWomen)

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It's my own work, but the first article I've written for Buzzfeed, and I would appreciate some WINS, if you like it - thanks!

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You forgot to include the link.

Side note: Didn't realize you frequented this neck of the woods, Janet! Nice to see you here.

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The PMS thing is a good one - It's considered incredibly sexist to suggest that a woman is on het period when she's bitchy, but my god, those hormones are insane! With me, I don't get crazy and agressive, just really really depressed and teary and desperate.

And as for the crying: I cry easily, but I couldn't cry on command even if I tried! Are there really women who can pull it off?

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Are there really women who can pull it off?

iirc, in a piece about Jody Foster many years ago, the director had asked her to cry for the next scene. Foster replies 'Full tears or just one tear that stops on my cheek?'

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she's an actress.

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I can, but I try not to use my powers for evil. ;) The waterworks are just strong, so it doesn't take much for me to lose control over the systems.

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I appreciate it when I'm called out on it. It is always done in a supportive and concerned manner, so it helps me calm the heck down and apologize profusely for having such poor control.

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I did like it. On the tears, biology for sure: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=Shani+Gelstein

Shit tests - men need to understand those. It really used to drive me totally crazy. You know, 'you're putting the butter on your knife the wrong way' stuff. Now, it doesn't bother me much, or at all, because I know what is behind it. I take it as a compliment and a challenge.

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The penis size thing - it needs to be long enough to hit the cervix.

Does Kegel help with that? Because if it doesn't that should be mentioned imo.

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The penis size thing - it needs to be long enough to hit the cervix

Really? I thought that hurt.

I'm a dude,btw, but I remember the first time it happened and it freaked the girl out. I felt both bad about it and a little proud-I wonder if there's a 19 letter German word to describe that feeling...

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It's called the A-Spot. Three major erogenous zones for women are the clitoris, the G-spot, and the A-spot. Everyone knows about the first two, but the A-spot is politically incorrect to talk about because you need to have a huge dick to stimulate it, so people just pretend like it doesn't exist. If you have a huge dick, not only do you make her feel more full, but you can stimulate all three erogenous zones simultaneously, which can cause her to have some seriously intense orgasms if you know what you're doing and aren't just pounding away at the cervix.

I think the women who say size doesn't matter either have a low sex drive, haven't had a good experience with a huge dick, or they are with a smaller guy and trying to convince themselves that they are satisfied. So I do agree with the OP that size matters.

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It's like scratching an itch that feels the most satisfying right before the moment you scratch too hard an it hurts

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So one can touch it, just not too hard? This is a weird conversation, but I'm honestly interested. Your analogy made sense, thanks.

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This is a very accurate description. The girl I'm dating likes it really rough, to the point that it actually took me time to build up to how hard she really liked it because it made me uncomfortable. TMI I know but it will help prove my point.

If I take too long to finish or go too rough for too long she will have intense and very painful cramps after we're done. she saw her gyno and he told her I was "jarring her cervix". I've gotten to a point where I can build it up so to speak and only go 100% for her to finish so that I'm not hitting it for too long.

I hope this personal example helps.

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I'm too embarrassed to get into what it feels like and why it's important.

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Or you could do us all a favor and get over your embarrassment. You are anonymous on the internet after all.

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it depends on the woman. perhaps i'm a bit sensitive up there, cause it's definitely not a good thing when mine gets hit.

but the "need to be filled" is very real and i cringe whenever i hear people say size doesn't matter. it does.

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Yeah, I have the same thing. Some positions are really uncomfortable for me because I feel like he fills me up too much and hits the cervix, and it's a very unpleasant feeling. But I don't want to condemn him to only missionary, so I try to put up with it.

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I agree with the 1st and the 4th one, but I think the rest are generalizations that get thrown around too easily.

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Amazing!! I learned a lot from that (about neoteny, women's tear ducts, etc). I think you wrote it in a very balanced way and anyone should have little problem agreeing with the points you made IMO. Thanks for sharing!

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Welcome Judgy!

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Haha great article and very true!

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That's a really nice article. Clear and concise too. Also a lot red pill truth there for sure

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Wonderfully written article. Looking forward to more :)

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That was a terrific explination for the layman: Easy-to-read and succinct. Noice.

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Well I enjoyed it. You got some very active and angry folks in the comment section. Good stuff.

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Great article. I will send this to a few of the friends I know that need it (male and female) to help circulate it.

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It's certainly an opinion piece. And you're certainly free to disagree with it. But somehow, her citations to biological functions/characteristics and the added qualifiers (e.g., there is more than a grain of truth to these stereotypes versus these stereotypes are 100% true and apply to 100% of women) are just a little bit more credible than your condescending, name-calling, sour grapes and #notallwomen response. That's right, you're less credible than a buzzfeed article. Perhaps you should try to make a point rather than insult people for having an opinion you don't like.