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Hello! I have been lurking for quite some time in this sub. I am raised in a traditional society, so many things in rpw resonates with me. I am very shy and introverted and I find it very hard to approach people in general, more so with guys. I always feel inadequate compared to other people, no matter how much I do. Right now, I am trying to embrace my femininity by learning to dress nicely ( I used to don't care much about it) and improves my cooking skills.

Back before finding this sub, I always wondered why western women are the way they are today. I just never thought how toxic feminism is these days. It makes me very grateful to be raised in traditional society.

Anyway, looking forward to meet everyone here.

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Welcome to RPW! I used to be very much like you, and I recommend you practice, practice, practice! Practice talking to people--start with women and men you're not attracted to (sounds mean but it's true). And then move on to men you're interested in. The stakes are lower and rejection (which will probably be few and far between) will hurt less. I used to be really shy and have no confidence, and now I'm neither of those! I have confidence in myself, in part from throwing myself into the fire when it came to socializing and building skills, in part from being in a good relationship, and in part from things I've learned on this forum. You will get there! You just have to be willing to push through the discomfort.

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Hello y'all! I've been a lurker for a few years.
I don't contribute content because I'm a man and so far I haven't seen much that I could add value to.

Throughout the changes over the years, y'all have done a wonderful job of encouraging and helping each other. I'm consistently impressed and often touched.

So I just upvote to give kudos.

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Hi. Orbiting wannabe RPWoman here. We'll see how I do. I feel horribly out of place and unsure what the base RP means to me yet.

Love the support and energy here. I see a "room" full of good women. Thank you.

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Feel free to ask questions! Even if you need help setting goals for yourself.

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Hello! I'm a 26 year old, pregnant SAHM to a toddler. I've been married for 4 years (already, wow!!), I've been with my husband for 11 years total. I'm happy to have found a sub that resonates with how I want to live my life and improve myself as a wife and a woman!

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Welcome! I hope you enjoy your new custom flair. =)

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Sweet, thanks! :)

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Hi! I just started lurking around here a month or so ago. I'm a 33-year-old woman in a LTR. Mostly feminist-identified, but intrigued by the ideas presented here. I still take issue with certain things and attitudes I see here, but agree with the general evolutionary aspect of the conversations, which is what keeps me reading. Also just started reading Surrendered Wife at the recommendation of some folks here and, I must say, it's pretty incredible so far and has really opened my eyes to the negative aspects of my personality in relationships.

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Oh... been meaning to do the flair thing, but can't seem to figure out how to do it with the app. Do I need to use an actual computer?

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You can change your flair from mobile if you select View Desktop Site from the menu. The flair option will be the right sidebar near the top, right under the option to post a thread.

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Thank you!

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Hello again. I'm 36, in a 17yr relationship. I also rarely have anything to add, but I enjoy reading this sub. Femininity isn't a bad word here, and all the posts show such decorum. You don't see that every day online. Keep up the great work!

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Wow, 17 years! That's amazing!

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Hi guys! I've posted maybe once or twice in my two years of lurking here. I am a junior in a large state school in the US, planning on entering the medical field on graduation. I love my university! I volunteer as an EMT and in a children's hospital nearby. I'm active in greek life on campus, which seems to be a different culture at my school than many women who post in this sub. We do a lot of community outreach, are generally religious, and are not hard partiers :)

I'm in an LDR of almost two years with my amazing boyfriend, who goes to college almost a 10 hour bus ride away. We visit each other as often as possible, and have plans to move in together after graduation! This sub has been a great help in all aspects of my life! Largely in my relationship, but also in my relationship with my family and friends. So happy to meet y'all!

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Oh a college LDR! I'm in that same boat. It's nice to see another junior in college that it's in a committed LDR. (:

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I'm not in college, but I am in a LDR! Stay strong! It's worth it for the right man.

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deleted What is this?

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Welcome! This is something I think about often. I can't find the post right now (I'll look for it later and PM it to you) but there's been some really helpful breakdowns about the multiple waves of feminism, and the earlier ones really resonate with me.

I'm realizing my answer isn't entirely helpful, but I can say that you are not alone in these thoughts! If I find that post I'm thinking of, I'll send it to you!

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Peeks out from corner

H-Hi... you lovely ladies. WOPS!, ''don't pet the unicorns'', ehh! H-hello fellow people!! Hehe!

I've been lurking for a few months, learnt alot from reading all the stories and articles here...my goal is to be able to identify a desirable redpill woman in reality and claim her properly and live the rest of my days happy.

Since i'm a 21 y/o inexperienced beta-omega male I've kept my mouth shut on here (besides talking about nutrition and excercising because I know alot about that subject.) and out of respect it will continue to stay shut until I have something valuable to contribute. I feel part of this community even though I never get to interact with it. :)

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Read TheRedPill subreddit. Just ignore everything about being with multiple partners

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TheRedPill teaches us how to abuse the loopholes of bluepilled women in order to fuck them. It's not my goal nor do I have the morals to allow myself to get into that.

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Then ignore those things and take in the information about self improvement and being more masculine. I also have morals too and wouldn't do that myself, but from the way you wrote your original post, I can't imagine a fulfilled man writing like that

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That's now how I usually write :) I wanted some reactions.

Good point. But the self improvemant parts I've already found elsewhere. We all know what to do, it's just a matter of willpower.

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Married Red Pill might provide the middle ground you're looking for.

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Lurker here for the last couple months. I check the sub pretty regularly and find the different outlook refreshing. I'm interested in implementing some of the advice here in my relationship, but I don't feel "red pill" enough to contribute to the sub in a useful way.

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Hello everyone, I found this sub in November and it really resonated with me. I immediately started devouring all the information I could, reading books, etc. I comment a bit but not too much because I'm still a newbie. However, I have to say my eyes have been opened to so many things beyond relationships but also about society in general and I'm so grateful! So many things are destroying relationships, hurting men, women, children, families, and causing so much pain. So I'm happy to see this sub is growing and people are trying to be kinder people.

I got married last year and my husband and I have an incredible relationship. However, after reading The Surrendered Wife, I realized it could be better and that there were times when I was unknowingly disrespecting my husband or saying things that weren't kind and supportive. So I've cut all that out, started embracing my femininity more, and our relationship has just soared! I'm so happy to be here! I plan to post a Field Report in a few months and share some more.

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Yaaaaay that's awesome! I want to be like you!

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Looking forward to the FR!

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Hello! I'm a ~30 y.o. gal with lots of field experience. I differ from some RPW basics, in that I'm not concerned about extracting commitment in the marriage sense. I am childfree and don't want my own any day.

Naturally, I'm a feminist in the traditional sense as I value my freedoms extremely!


Feminism shouldn't have anything to do with our love lives and the nature of femininity/masculinity.

That's why I'm here. Women have so much power. It's fantastic. Nothing to be afraid or ashamed of!

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Red Pill Women grows much faster than competing subreddits, and we stand to surpass 20,000 subscribers this year at the current pace. Thanks again everyone for participating in our sub!

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Hello, I've been reading RPW for approx. a year and posted here a few times using two different accounts (but forgot my passwords lol).

I'm 20 yo and currently single (or in a monk mode of sorts as I'm trying to improve my looks and personality, as well as cultivate my hobbies) but I had one boyfriend whom I dated for 7 months. I always felt odd as I never understood feminism but I felt like I was the only against it so I never spoke about it. That's why I'm so glad to finally meet like-minded women! It's like a breath of fresh air! I also really appreciate the quality advice here and I find evolutionary psychology fascinating. I live in Denmark which is super feminist (maybe even more than US!).


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Hello from Europe! I thought I red pill might be something for me - until I saw this muslim red pill girl blog. Then I started to vomit. Here it seems non muslims are the majority so I might stay around for a while.

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There are a few members who have vocalized they won't be having children. They certainly aren't a requirement to be RPW :-)

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Welcome! I hope you enjoy your new user flair!

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Hi! I'm a relatively recent lurker, been around for the past month or so. I'm a married 26yr old who was raised very conservatively but I don't buy into the viewpoint that a woman's only worth is measured by her uterus- which is unfortunately a belief that was tied to a lot of the red pill type teachings of my youth. I don't post or comment because, like other commenters, I'm not sure I'm 100% on board with all of the beliefs of this sub, but I do strongly believe that men and women have different strengths and different roles and I appreciate the guidance this sub has as I try to improve my femininity. I was skeptical about reading the surrendered wife but I resonated with it a lot more than I expected and aim to try to re-read it every month this year as I try to put some of it into practice.

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Welcome! I hope you like your new custom made user flair!

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Hello from India, I'm turning 18 in two months and I've been lurking on this sub way longer than I've had a reddit account. I really love the advice on this sub, and I find that it fits a lot of my beliefs regarding successful relationships. I'd say I'm currently in monk mode, with no desire for any relationship for the next few years as I spend that time getting amazing grades in college and building my resume to study abroad

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Hello I'm 26/female/in an LTR? It hasn't even been two years lol does that count? Anyway I mostly lurk to see what I agree with and can apply to my relationship.

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Just found this sub while dealing with the lowest time of my life. I come from a very feminist background, in a very liberal city. I have been so depressed , questioning my identity, and feeling disgusting while totally disregarding my self care. this has been a great place to find.

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Welcome! We're all about self-improvement here; if you're ready for a turnabout it's a good place to have landed.

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Thank you! I am so ready. Honestly, I have been trying to follow self-improvement for a while, but many feminist based self-improvement is not helpful at all. Based on "just eat cupcake in front of a mirror!" mentality. This has been a good kick in the butt and very refreshing.

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Seriously! How are you supposed to "have it all" when you're told that just getting out of the bed every day is a huge achievement? No wonder so many middle aged women take anti-depressants... they set the bar too high and try to compete with everyone (being best at the job "to show all the men", snag the hottest boyfriend "because I'm 100% deserving!" despite the nasty attitude) and then experience perpetual hypergamy because their perception of themselves doesn't match up with reality... Self-improvement, logical thinking, and introspection are everything!! :)

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Of course I think there are people who legitimately need anti-depressants, but personally I was over medicated to the point where I could not function properly, they made me gain weight, and I actually felt worse. I find this reddit's focus on how there is always hope for improvement AMAZING, instead of just wallowing in my own self hatred with other people enabling me.

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28 F in an LTR lurker, poking in to say hello! I'll admit that I'm most likely much further left leaning then must are here, and I identify as a feminist (which lumps me into an unfortunate category). However, I find RPW an excellent tool for relationship advice, and a feminine perspective that feels fresh (and is different from the narrative I hear in my graduate studies), and has helped make my relationship as strong as it is. I feel that often I am stuck between two worlds, liberal, grad student, gamer, and my femininity and nurturing that. I don't comment because I feel that my perspectives are not true RP, and it's not a space to cause dissension, but I love how warm and encouraging the community is with each other.

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I just wanted to say hi, I'm a fellow lurker who often feels stuck between two worlds as well. I think that one of the most beautiful things that I've learned over the last few years is that you don't have to fit in a mold, you can wear as many different tags as you want and it's ok if you surprise people sometimes. I have a degree in a hands-on scientific type of field and I'm proud of being a woman who can wear steel toes to work every day and add value to my team with my brain. On the other hand, I love cooking and making our house into a true home and refuge for both myself and my husband. I game, but I also love to read a good book. My northern friends think I'm a hard core conservative, my southern friends think going to college in the north turned me into a bleeding heart liberal. I won't eat lamb because eating babies makes me sad, but I can skin out and process a deer like nobody's business. The thought of abortion makes my heart hurt but I support birth control all the way. Point being, it's ok to pursue being the best version of yourself that you can envision and it doesn't have to match up to anyone else's picture in order to be valuable.

I'm sure you already know all that but I just wanted to affirm that being stuck between two worlds means you can have the best of each of them .

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Welcome! I made you a new custom flair. I hope you like it =)

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Hey all! I've been a lurker for quite a while now. When I joined this sub I finally understood why my parents are so great together (they've been married 36 years) and how to emulate that in my own life to find a partner.

Due to the self-awareness this sub allowed me to have, I found a wonderful man I am going to spend the rest of my life with! So thank you all for that :)

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I'm so happy to see such a nice subscribers number. Hope more women can figure out how the red pill will work out for themselves. I wish I had known about this sub sooner!!

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Hi there. My husband actually recommended this thread after finding it. He found the philosophy talked about in The Surrendered Wife very interesting in how it can be adaptable to many lifestyles. HE also said a lot of women here were. He just said a lot of you were happy, independent, and that this sub looked interesting to him as a very mature and friendly opposite of a lot of other stuff on more 'feminist' subs.

I'm childfree myself (I don't hate kids). I recently got interested in quick ideas to help boost my SMV for my hubby and his for me, though winter is being a huge problem (and I never learned anything :( )

I'm a nerd and I'm hoping to eventually become a safety inspector for homes and businesses so I can help my hubby most to a dream home and start a small farm.

Edit: I also like collecting recipes to help cook with my husband.

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Hello! Im a week late on this thread but figured i'd introduce myself! I've been lurking the red pill/manosphere for several months now - but only discovered this forum yesterday! I was so excited to find a place where a bunch of ladies are talking about this stuff! I like to read the guys perspectives but obviously couldn't relate to it as much. So this was exciting to find!

I'm 25 yrs old with a 14 month old daughter and a boyfriend of 7 years (maybe one day we'll get married, neither of us particularly cares at this point and its not currently a priority.) I live in my hometown of san francisco after spending 6 years in new york (bronx for school then the suburbs where my BF is from.) Having partnered up and having a child quite young (by my hometowns standards), i've felt like a bit of an outcast at times and questioned myself on whether i missed out by not having wild and promiscuous young adult years. But taking the red pill has given me confidence that i took the right path for me and has offered a perspective on life and relationships i never found anywhere else.

I look forward to reading the comments hear and sharing my own experiences, ideas and questions!

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I have always been anti feminist and into traditional gender roles.I didn't know anything like this existed and am happy for the resource.