MOD NEWSIf You Post a Question, You Must Stick Around (self.RedPillWomen)

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Lately people have been submitting posts either looking for a discussion or advice and then don't stick around to answer follow up questions or participate in the comments section of their own posts. If you post, you must stick around and participate in the comments. If after 24 hours you haven't, your post will be taken down.

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That, and people who think it's OK to ask for advice, engage a dozen plus people, THEN DELETE THE THREAD so nobody else can benefit from the discussion. Knock that off too pls.

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I find it even more annoying when they stick around and argue with all of the advice. "No, you're wrong. I should definitely stop talking to this guy for using 'who' in place of 'whom.' I just can't be with a man who uses improper grammar." Fine. Die alone.

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Haha! Yes don't argue! You came to us with a problem.

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LOL. I always want to say to those super defensive people, "Yes, you must be doing everything perfectly... so that's why you're messaging us strangers for advice."

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Oh my goodness this. I'm very new, but it seems Un-RPW to ask for advice then argue against all of the advice. It's a game to ask for advice then argue against it. You want someone to agree with you, then get upset when they don't.

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That's a poor example. Grammar is important to prove you know you're shit.

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    I just thought the commenter had low self esteem.

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    Just making a lol

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    evil grin

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    Wait but if they can't not comment and they can't disagree what other options do they have except agreeing? Kinda bad if they don't really agree

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    They can disagree, but they can't disagree with literally every piece of advice and argue their original point solely. If 37 people have responded and there are at least seven original pieces of advice, the OP should at least be willing to discuss one or two. Otherwise, they already know how they think and feel and they're just seeking attention.

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    ah kk, thanks.

    p.s. say hi to superman for me

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    Haha. I think you're the first person who's understood the reference in my name.

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    Just because we don't joke about it doesn't mean we don't get it ;)

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    I actually reconsidered my comment and almost edited to say "commented on." Lol.

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    Ugh ^ this. So annoying!!

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    In addition to what u/kara_el said, there's a saying - I already made up my mind, don't mix me up with facts.

    That's the mindset that's unwanted.

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    Hahaha, I think thats how married women giving advice to single women goes far too often these days.

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    lol love this

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    My guess is that the people who make those posts are either trolling or coming here because they expect to get the advice that they want to hear.

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    I didn't call it on the post, just in case, but "Should I go ahead and quit my job now that we're engaged after three months of dating?" totally came off as trolling for me. The OP has also yet to respond to anyone.

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    Me too. I was debating even responding to that nonsense, but I figured that even if it was a troll, there might be lurker who could benefit from the advice.

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    As well as a bunch of other posts since our exposure in the media... there seems to have been an uptick in trolling activity.

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    It does come off that way but if you read the post history it's a serious person, she's been posting for a while and her story is too consistent to be a troll

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    Agreed. That one seemed like too much.

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    Some peoole enjoy dissenting opinions to challenge their own point of view. Not everyone wants affirmations. Sometimes you are too close to the subject to see it for what it actually is.

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    Good! That really bugs me!

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    What if you submit a post and it is deleted without explaination? Even after you attend to replies?

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    I'm not sure, I've never had that happen. My guess is that it was removed for not following the subs guidelines? But I really don't know, this sounds like a very specific problem.

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    I wish I knew. It was an unpopular opinion so maybe they thought I was trolling. I wasn't. I was hoping to have my mind changed. I did not get that opportunity. Not a big deal.

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    Could be that the post was just not relevant to the sub.

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    I appreciate that, but it was.

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    I've looked into this and sent you a PM.