OFF TOPIC#womenagainstfeminism gets it right. (time.com)

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I'm really happy to see a big name publication denounce many of the ridiculous parts of modern day feminism in such a level-headed tone.

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I saw this supposedly fantastic rebuttal of WAF. I don't remember where it came from, but basically the author was talking about how not identifying as a feminist as a woman in a developed nation is somehow "letting down" women all over the world. I am not a feminist and I don't think feminism is needed here. Thing is, I rarely hear feminists actually doing things for women in countries where they are legitimately nothing more than property.

I think women should have the opportunity to get educated if that's what they want to do, and women should not have to have kids if they don't want them. All that is great. But where I live I know no one can stop me from doing anything just because I'm a female. My gender is all but irrelevant. I'm not going to stand around talking about the equality we already have here in my country and search for things to be offended by. I'm not interested in searching for sexism everywhere, whether it exists or not.

Give me a plan for how you intend to change the lives of women who are murdered for getting raped, or have acid thrown on them for ultimately inconsequential things, and can be beaten and killed without repercussion. I am all for that. But get out of my face with western feminism. I don't need to be a feminist to stand for basic human rights. Where the human rights of women are being violated I absolutely support groups that are working to improve those lives. But you are disingenuous at best if you try to claim you must be feminist to oppose females being tortured, killed, and enslaved, and that areas where that occurs are a main focus of today's feminism.

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Okay, well to be fair, I spent a lot of time in East Africa growing up --Africom dad-- and spend lots of time there now (I've grown fond of the place). So I have to say I have absolutely seen people out in the field working on these things, many of whom have described themselves as feminist (men and women).

I'm of the same mind as the WAF ladies --I live in the West and I have what I want, so I'm fine.

But, that said, I've met women who didn't know their pelvis wasn't supposed to hurt, due to constant bladder infections. I've met women that didn't know they weren't supposed to be beaten, or sold into marriage, or raped. Fistulas, due to birth at the age of 14, and then exile because no doctor wants to touch a 'leaking, broken woman'. Those women are picked up, treated and given new lives by people who do describe themselves as feminists.

And to be frank, I have very little issue with activism/poverty centered feminism when its employed in these areas. Where sexism truly exists and those who believe in equality and sex education for women are making it a much better place. So I cannot hate that shit completely. I've seen it up close, and I've seen people who believe in equality making it better.

But yeah, WAF I think has a lot of very valid points for women in the western world. And actually seeing how women in Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, and the DRC are treated, I really wish the western brand of feminism would shut the hell up about not having room on the subway.

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I think we're sort of making the same point. I guess I just didn't articulate it well. I do think feminism can be good in some places where it is actually needed. That place is just not here. I don't identify as a feminist, and the great majority of feminists I know who are located in the US and are active in feminism are talking about bullshit like men "taking up too much space" and expanding the terms "harassment" and "rape" until they are completely meaningless. They can get extremely heated over a guy shouting that she has a nice butt as he drives by in his car, but bring up FGM and they'll act outraged for a moment before moving on to more BS complaints.

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The problem is I don't see the need for feminism in the countries where rapes and homicides of females happen because what is really needed is human's rights.

If a woman's life is not valuable just think of how disposable a man's life must be. I am ready to bet that for every woman raped there are more men killed - in war, on jobs, even in simple fights.

I don't have data handy with me and I don't have time to look for it, I just mean that violence against women in thirld war countries sticks out like a sore thumb while we easily forget about all men dying, including child soldiers.

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It seems odd that this subreddit would take issue with feminists lecturing women on how to act, when it advocates that women be told how to act by their spouses.

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I think you've got the wrong idea - nobody hear is advocating anything to begin with. We don't want to convert anybody, that's not our goal. The purpose of this subreddit is to act as a support group for those who believe that their significant others are the leaders in their relationships. RPW is a group of women who see themselves taking a backseat to leading in their relationships - not in society in general. We don't submit to everyone, just to our significant others, not because they are men by default or because we want to be bossed around, but because we trust the leadership ability of our partners, exclusively in our relationships.

We don't want to be lectured by our SOs. They aren't there to boss us around. They're there to lead the way, and it isn't based on blind trust. It's not like they didn't have to prove themselves to us that they are leaders, they absolutely did. This is why we picked them to be our leaders and why they picked us to be their support system. I'm sure that if one of us truly and vehemently disagreed with what our SOs actions were, we would discuss it with them. It's not like they don't want our opinions or feelings or think about our wellbeing in their decision making.

Again, we trust them because they have proved themselves to us. It's not like they picked us out of a line and said, "you there! I'm your boss now" and we're like "hooray! Yes! I'm so happy you picked me to boss around!"

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probably because none of us are married to feminists...?

lol bye

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I'm not sure I take your meaning.

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A spouse is voted for by an electorate of one. Most feminists are a bit closer to Jihadis: they demand at the point of whatever weapon they can obtain that you convert to their belief system or disappear. And nobody's quite sure where they got their entitlement to your domain.