'Marry and Be Submissive' book a hit in Italy, draws feminists' ire in Spain (washingtontimes.com)

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Isn't it mostly women who would buy that book in the first place which was written by a woman? So feminists are now protesting to ban books written by women that women want to read. ..... slow clap for how amazing their stupidity is.

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Considering how many arch feminists are lesbians, it's no wonder that feminism is eating itself...


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How to make sure a book goes viral? Protest against it...

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They may also be pushing legislation to ensure that all books receive mandatory sensitivity training twice a year to ensure they don't inadvertently trigger people who trip and accidentally read the entire work.

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This book is only available in spanish and italian, but I've been thinking of translating it into english. Would anyone be interested?

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A thousand times yes !

I hope it will eventually get translated in other languages too. I would love to translate it in French, but sadly I speak neither Italian nor Spanish.

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Please do.

I'm wondering if similar books are floating around in their respective countries/regions. Like a guide for wives in Japan, or Russia, or Argentina.

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I would love to read translations from the books in every region, if such a thing were to exist!

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I'm already on it. Is there a proper subreddit or thread we could use/start for the project?

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Thank you for doing that :)

Hmm, I can't think of an appropriate subreddit besides this one or r/femininearts.

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Please do, my girlfriend (she doesn't have a reddit account, she uses mine for browsing RPW) was super interested in the book but bummed it's not in English!

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I am curious to read this book. No one taught me about my true nature and it might be to be submissive.. Sounds sexy, I would give it a try.

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    When, of your positions, it seems to you that his is completely wrong, for the two of you, even for the kids, maybe, still keep trusting his clearness of mind. This may seem to be an unbearable effort. You will be afraid, because abandoning your beliefs is scary. But you’re not jumping into the void, you’re jumping into his arms.

    Good read, thanks for the link :)

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    I like these beliefs but my upbringing just makes me hang on tight to my old ones and wants to scream "NOOOOO IT'S NOT FAIR HE IS NOT RIGHT YOU ARE WRONG TO TRUST HIM" but then I think and I let go and know I trust him like he trusts my decisions in the areas that compete me.

    It's a feeling that untangles my guts. It feels great.

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    Does anyone know of any American equivalents to this book? Edit: Would 'The Proper Care, and Feeding of Husbands' have the same ideas? I have seen someone reading that book before.

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    Interesting, the ugly (spanish) women (srsly most of them are gypsy tier ugly) are hardcore feminists while the pleasant (italian) and feminine ones are the ones doing better sociosexually. Hmmmmm, almost like they're delibaretely trying to prove stereotypes.

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    Feminists really believe that we need to be "liberated". Ugh, what ever happened to live-and-let-live? If one is happy leading, let them lead. If one is happy to support, let them support.

    Why do they care?

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    I bathe in feminists' tears

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    I can't even begin to take this seriously. It's just pathetic.

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    Good to see there is still hope in this world.