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Many of you shared that you saw the preview for the new show called The Submissive Wife on TLC. Where I live, it aired last night and I happened to catch it.

What did you think? What did you take away?

I must say...I enjoyed it! The veteran "Submissive Wife" did a lot of things that I really liked.

  1. The Blast Off

The Submissive Wife sent her husband and kids off to work and school with breakfast, coffee, a smile on her face and encouragement. She made sure everyone's day got off to a good start with a pleasant morning. I really liked that, because I know how a stressful morning can really put you in a bad mood for the rest of the day. The husband and kids really seemed to appreciate it too. The husband said he felt prepared for a tough day at work after her send off. It's just a little bit of effort on her part but really made a difference for her family.

  1. The Homecoming

She made sure the house was picked up and she looked nice. She welcomed her husband with a kiss and then got him something to drink and made a snack. She also put away her phone and had the kids do the same. If he had a good day and wanted to talk she engaged him, and if he was grumpy and wanted peace and quiet she respected that too. The husband mentioned that her cheery welcome encouraged him to leave work at work. He said, how can you be a grouch when you receive such a caring welcome home? He looked forward to coming home and spending time with family. She made her home a sanctuary of peace and tranquility for everyone. What husband wouldn't love that? Another great way she was serving her family. You might argue that the snacks and cold drinks are a little over the top, particularly if you work outside the home as well. But, I think the sentiment is still the same. Make your home someplace your husband wants to come home to for rest and relaxation.

  1. Keep the Love Tank Full

The Submissive Wife said again and again that a great marriage starts in the bedroom. She made it clear that she is always available to her husband. She made her husband feel wanted and attractive by being so receptive and open to sex. She kept up her appearance and was playful and flirty. She said that sometimes she wasn't in the mood, but she has learned over the years to get in mood and get in the mood quick. Again, a great attitude and a great example.

Her husband says that his wife chose to submit, but he had to be someone worth following. Her actions inspired him to be a better man. This couple demonstrates that no amount of nagging and complaining will make your husband want to change, but you can change your behavior and attitudes.

When the wife upped her game, he was inspired to show his appreciation and do things that made her feel special. Like this woman demonstrated, we should change our behavior and attitudes not out of an expectation of reciprocation from our husbands, but out of a desire to create our own happiness.

As women we have an incredibly powerful role. Our behavior and attitude directly influences the behavior and attitudes of our family. Little things, like brining a hot cup of coffee in the morning or a cold drink in the evening add up over time. They require a little self discipline and effort on our part, but can pay huge dividends for our family.

Also, I hope that other woman gets her act together. I would feel overwhelmed if I let that much laundry pile up. Why does she need so many naps?!?!!?

And lastly, chicken and tatertots do not a meal make. Learn to cook something for your poor husband.

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And lastly, chicken and tatertots do not a meal make. Learn to cook something for your poor husband.

I giggled at this. I make all kinds of meals from scratch, and guess what the man's favorite meal is... (Vegan) chicken nuggets dipped in honey and tatertots.

Thanks for posting a review! I really want to watch it, but don't have cable. Oh, apparently I can buy it on YouTube or Amazon for $1.99.

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You're welcome! I'd say it's worth $2. I just thought it was funny because this woman thought she had really outdone herself with her meal.

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    And here we see an example of as n appropriate "as a man.." comment. Thank you

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    or Steak and BJ day ;)

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    i get a bj almost whenever i want one.

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    It's so sad that RP forums are basically the only place on Reddit where you'll hear that statement.

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      I was cracking up during that part and about the chicken fingers and tater tots.

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      Oh I know!!! I was like THIS is dressed up?

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      Yes! I mean, I think the point was that she normally just wore PJs and no makeup (so it was somewhat of an improvement), but that made me laugh. "Dressed up? I mean, I guess you got dressed..."

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      I'll definitely watch it then!

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      chicken nuggets dipped in honey and tatertots.

      Please give him a high five for me.

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      What brand of vegan chicken nuggets do you use? That sounds delicious tbh.

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      Looks good, thanks!

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      I really want to watch this but it's unavailable in the UK even though I'm willing to pay.

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      I loved the Blast Off too!! It reminded me of a study I read (from here, or somewhere else) that showed that men whose wives kissed them before they left for work, were happier and more productive during the day!

      And I can't even believe how selfish the BP wife is. She whines about the most basic of chores.. "I get angry because why should I have to unload the dishwasher?" Is she 12??? Her house was so gross too... How she let it get to that state is beyond me.

      And her chores were literally just loading the dishwasher, ALMOST doing the laundry... then saying "never mind" and putting it all back? And then she went back to sleep..? "I don't think of myself as a lazy person" I... never mind.

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      Someone should have asked her why she should NOT be the one to unload the dishwasher. I'm pretty sure the confusion/lack of answer would have been hilarious.

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      "Why does she need so many naps?!?!!?"- LOL

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      Well..it showed her getting up around 11:00 am then doing a TINY amount work then settling in for ANOTHER nap. I mean, I love a good nap, but COME ON!

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      At first I felt kind of bad when I read the nap comment because I have a chronic illness that gives me ridiculously low energy, but wow. I get run down and tired extremely easily but even I can't imagine not getting up until 11 and still needing a nap after just a few small chores. Maybe I'll have to watch that episode sometime when I'm feeling bad about myself! Haha

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      I mainly meant it in jest, but you bring up a good point...you don't understand what someone is going through until you walk a mile in their shoes.

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        Wow I hope that's not the case. I'd like to think that shows don't allow people with real issues to be show at vulnerable times like that, but who am I kidding

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        So I watched it and I LOVE Tara! I live near her and I believe she hosts speaking engagements around here. I'm not even religious but I'd love to see that. I can see how the idea of a submissive wife can sound sketchy, but I don't understand how anyone can watch that and take offense with it. How dare you create a pleasant atmosphere and make an effort to be a good wife rather than bitching and nagging him! Sexism!!!

        The other wife.... yeah.... I thought it was hilarious that she woke up at like 10:30, got up and put away some dishes and then just pulled the laundry out, stared at it and complained, then put it back and went back to bed. "I shouldn't have to do it!" Well you're staying home all day, accomplishing fuck-all, you don't cook or clean or get your kids ready for school.... who should do it? And what are you even doing?

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        My wife attended her talk at North Wake Baptist a year ago and she said it was very good. Apparently she opens up with the sex talk and gets much more "detailed", shall we say, when there aren't cameras rolling.

        Edit: commas

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        Maybe I'll attend one sometime. Like I said, I'm not very religious, but it seems like it still offers some pretty solid guidance among all the biblical stuff.

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        I think its totally doable. If anything, I think the biblical focus on it is more for the uber-conservative wives who need "justification" to take on the lifestyle, specifically the in the bedroom stuff. Tara spoke about "married virgins". My wife and I never had issues in the bedroom. She wanted to attend to hear the ideas about role designations to improve our relationship. It definitely helped. She came home and talked with me about it and its been really great since. Tara talked about "letting go" and letting me take the responsibility as the provider and head of household. I wouldn't say we're like Tara and her husband. My wife let's me lead and she takes care of the family. It works for us and we're really happy.

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        That's great, I'm glad you have found something that works!

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        I haven't seen it but appreciate the review. This definitely makes me want to give it a watch. I try to stay away from the whole reality television stuff as much as possible (except for hoarders. Ha!), but this sounds like maybe it could provide some good ideas and apparently some motivation on what not to do.

        [–]SouthernPetite 3 points4 points  (1 child)

        Do you use Hoarders as cleaning motivation too?

        [–]BakerofpieEndorsed Contributor 2 points3 points  (0 children)

        Haha, exactly! I can't even get through a whole episode without compulsively trying to clean up any part of the house within view of the TV while I'm watching.

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        The BP wife's mother-in-law cracked me up. Reminded me of my own mother, who pulls no punches when she tells it like it is.

        "Well I don't really understand what this 'submissive wife' thing is supposed to be about, because my son is already in that role."

        Ouch. But so true.

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          I couldn't tell whether she was "acting" or just kind of a strange person, haha. But it's quite possible. It is TLC after all...I'm sure a lot of it was scripted.

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          Thanks for the heads up and review - I missed the talk about this show!

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          Can't wait to watch it! Sounds surprisingly good

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          YES...I saw that too. They all said that the 50s were a "simpler, happier time" when you didn't have to "keep up with the Jones." Yet, Dolly was always comparing herself to the other girls and came off as very catty and competitive. They were just competing against each other for who could have the best pin curls!

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          I can't find anything about this. Little help.

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          I am looking for the full episode but thanks.

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          You either need cable or money. Full episode isn't available otherwise.

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          You can watch it on YouTube or Amazon for $1.99.

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          That's expensive. JK JK JK.

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            Maybe, here is the link.

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            I never ever pay for movies/TV/music but.... sigh.... damn you TLC, I can't resist.

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            Oh god I gotta up my game.

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            It's so exciting to know there's a show now! It'll be awesome to have a good visual example of what this looks like. I hope it'll inspire many women, and set off some feminists. I don't have cable, but maybe I can find it online!

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            I watched it this morning and found it interesting. Are there going to be more shows?