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submitted by Willow-girl

I thought the man left this morning without kissing me good-bye.

I actually went running after him, wailing. LOL

Turns out he was just going out to get more wood for the fire. Whew!

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Hmmm... is "wood for the fire" a metaphor here? (✿´‿`)

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No, actual wood for the woodstove, lol.

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Reading this got one of those genuine girly "awwww's with a smile from me.

I should be so lucky to know such a thing in the future.

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My exact sentiments!

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Well I hope you girls find yours quicker than I found mine! lol

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Thanks Williw, you're too sweet ;)

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You sound unhealthily co-dependent and him demanding kisses is controlling and sexual assault! /s Oh wait, this isn't /relationshits...

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If any problems come up, its a red flag in a red city filled with red people taking selfies with their red dogs using red cell phones with little red flags on them, END THE RELATIONSHIP IMMEDIATELY.

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Aww that is very sweet. I had a similar experience the other day I cried when my husband left for work. I was just so sad at having to be away from him for eight hours.

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I can't wait for him to get home from work! Only 3 more hours. 😩

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2 points for being naturally feminine and caring:-)

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Aweeeee :"D

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This is too cute.

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Puppy dog syndrome. A true mark of madly in love people.

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LOL at all the comments, thanks for the kinds words girls (and guy). Not sure we really qualify as role models though; we are kinda redneckety, LOL!

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we are kinda redneckety

Pshhh I may be a New Yorker now, but I will never forget my central PA hillbilly roots.

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LOL, I guessed from your username that you must be a Penn State alum. :-)

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Heck, yeah. WE ARE!

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Awww :)

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Aww! I know the feeling <3 so adorable.