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There have been a lot of great posts lately from women who are new to swallowing the Red Pill asking how to be more feminine. Looking the part is easy, but it's the behavior change that's difficult. Personally, I wear dresses and heels more often, but my mannerisms are still about as sexy as decapodian mating rituals (GRAW!). I'd never want to change that about myself, but I can still behave in a feminine, submissive way, and I need look no further than my dog for instructions.


There Are Few Other Creatures So Genuinely Happy to See You

Dog parents, you know what I'm talking about. You come home from a long day at work, and as soon as you walk through the door you're immediately bombarded with doggy kisses ("HELLO! HELLO! HI! HI! HELLO!"). Who doesn't like being greeted this way? No man wants to come home to a shrew that ignores him, or worse, instantly besots him with chores and responsibilities. I'm not saying you should lick your man's face (or other body parts . . . heh) the second he comes home, but I guarantee he'll look forward to coming home if you greet him at the door with a smile on your face.

Greeting him at the door will be easier to do if you're a SAHM. But if you work and come home later than he does, you can still brighten his day by doing the same thing as soon as you walk through the door.


Following the Alpha

Dogs need, understand, and respect a hierarchy. In order for them to be happy, they have to know where they stand in the pack. They need an alpha to tell them what to do, and it is their responsibility to follow. That's not to say that you aren't entitled to voice your opinion if something is seriously wrong, but pick your battles; mutiny is not an option. You should never counter your Captain's directives unless he is doing something tremendously stupid, like gambling away the mortgage payments, or getting behind the wheel while drunk--in which case you should probably find a new Captain if he constantly makes poor decisions. So long as you have a responsible Captain, a good sex life, a roof over your head, and food on the table, what do you really have to complain about?


Dogs Don't Bring You Their Problems

Dogs don't hold grudges, and they don't complain about every little thing that bothers them. When they see you, they are nothing but a bundle of pure joy and energy. Men love feminine women because feminine women bring light to the otherwise cold, dark world in which men have to prove themselves just to survive. They solve problems and do work all day long, so the last thing they want is to do more work when they come home. Men are natural problem-solvers, so if you bring him a problem, make sure it's something worthy of his time and attention. Otherwise, you'll just tire him out.

On that note, this is why having a circle of female friends is helpful. Women understand that 99% of the time you're complaining about something, it's because you want someone to listen to you rant/vent. So if you have a problem that isn't worth bringing up to your Captain, talking through it with other women is a win-win situation for all parties involved. You get someone who will happily listen to to you vent and bond with you over it (girltalk FTW!), and your Captain gets to spend his time with a happy First Mate.


Dogs Are Always Down for Whatever

Our canine friends are enthusiastic to do just about anything you want to do. You can almost see them thinking, "Taking a walk? My favorite thing! Playing fetch? My favorite thing! Chilling on the couch? MY FAVORITE THING!!" A good Captain will choose a movie, restaurant, or $ThingToDoTogether that both he and his First Mate will like. It's your responsibility as a good First Mate to be enthusiastic about whatever your Captain chooses because you're trusting that you two will have a good time no matter what. Femininity is about complementing the masculinity of your man, which you can't achieve if you're challenging him at every turn.


Dogs Are Loyal

I don't really need to explain the Homeward Bound or Lassie kind of loyalty you see in dogs, but I'd like to expand on this in terms of the benefits of dogs showing preference for their masters. My dog respects both my Captain and me, but he has had her since she was a puppy, while I've only been a step-pet parent for the last year. Obviously, she's very happy to see me, but she goes completely BONKERS for my Captain when she sees him. If I'm taking her out on a walk and my Captain is not there, she'll keep looking back at the house as if to say, "But where's Dad?"

Say your level of enthusiasm is at a 6/10 when you're seeing friends (male or female). Turn it up to an 8 or 9 when your Captain walks into the room and I guarantee he'll love the attention you're showing for just him. You don't have to be obnoxious about it, but make it publicly clear that he is special and valuable to you. This, in turn, raises his value in the eyes of others.


To sum it up:

  • Always be happy to see him.
  • Follow his lead, and be enthusiastic about it.
  • Don't burden him with stupid problems.
  • Raise his value--and yours--by publicly showing preference for him.


Bottom Line: Feminists reading this are probably thinking, "OMG rproller is telling us womyn that we have to act like dogs to please men! I'M SO TRIGGERED" This is not a call for women to be lapdogs--figuratively or literally. All I'm trying to say in this post is that there are traits I've observed in my own experiences with dogs that make people happy, and you can mimic some of those traits to make your Captain happy.

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"OMG rproller is telling us womyn that we have to act like dogs to please men! I'M SO TRIGGERED"

If feminists get triggered, or are generally against what you do, then you are most likely doing the right thing.

Keep calm, smile at the feminists' tears, and carry on.

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I suppose it would be in poor taste to get a mug that says "Feminist Tears" huh? :P

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Haha! :D

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$10 says you could find one on Etsy or someone to make it for you :-)

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As I'm reading this I'm thinking, "omg RP haters are going to have a field day over this. But I understand your point and I like it, lol.

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Thanks! I was worried about it's reception on this sub. I haven't gotten any hate mail PM'ed to me so I guess it hasn't stirred the pot that much!

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Feminists reading this are probably thinking, "OMG rproller is telling us womyn that we have to act like dogs to please men! I'M SO TRIGGERED"

Haha, that is exactly what I was thinking when I read this. I can't wait to see the rage from TBP when they see this post. XD

But, besides for that, it is solid advice. The only thing I would say is, obviously, use your judgement. You don't want to be as needy as a dog, for instance.

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You don't want to be as needy as a dog, for instance.

That's a good point. I'd be suffocated if my Captain followed me around everywhere and wanted to interact with me 24/7.

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I totally relate. I appreciate my dog more than people.

I share food with her. I talk to her. I tell her I love her in a high pitched voice. She barks when strangers come around because she was taught that way. When I say no she listens. When she's out of line aka growls at me for whatever reason, my reaction snaps her back and my foot kicks her out of bed.

When I bring company over she sings them songs of puppy love even though they just met.

My dog is my best friend. Only thing she doesn't do is the role that women fill.

Dogs are a good reflection of how nature is within ourselves

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Basically you perfectly outlined the traits I'm looking for in a mate. I would possibly even risk getting into a marriage if a women did these things very consistently. I would even drop the level of attractiveness that I can consistently land while out at bars if a girl even hinted at these traits. Unfortunately the current dating market is a vast wasteland devoid of anyone who would read your post and agree with it.

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Here's to hoping that the political pendulum swings back to something closer to 1950's-era relationships?

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Cheers to that. The 1950's had its fair share of problems as well but at least the gender roles were more clearly defined and men weren't shamed for acting like men.

I think women today are collectively turned off by most men they meet. That's a real shame. Another redpiller wrote to me in a comment today, "things get weird when most women have collectively decided most men are to ugly to get with." Oh well that just means more for the guys that do get it.

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I'm turned off not by their looks per say, but the passivity so many seem to possess. It's in their posture, hurried walk, lack of eye contact. It's weird.

I was thinking today about the 80/20 ratio. I wonder what the ratio was back in the day.

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It was probably better but still nowhere near equal. Women will always lust after the top tier.

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something closer to 1950's-era relationships?

I prefer to look forward, to relationships possible in the society we actually have. We will never go back to the conditions that existed in 1950s America, and it tends to be painted into an idealistic light which also ignores the very serious problems and limitations of relationships of that era.

It's a good thing to realistically incorporate the elements you like from this era into your relationships. Just beware of having a cargo-cult vision of such relationships, as if you can adopt the superficial trappings of them and automatically live your imagined best of the 1950s.

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When posting on RPW please make sure your comments are keeping in line with the sub reddit rules for male posters. Large parts off your comment may be accurate at TRP but are not helpful in this environment.

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I appreciate your respectful approach. After reading the sidebar more carefully, I will excuse myself from the subreddit as this is not the environment I anticipated.